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Updated on October 30, 2012


Eternal Lord

Incarnate Divinity

Thou personification of the Self

The Light of Wisdom dispelling the darkness of ignorance

Even as a flash of lightening breaks through a mass of clouds

Lord, Thou incarnated in Vrindavan

In the Eighth day of the dark half of Sravan

Born in a prison

To free the world from the bondage of sangsara

So symbolic was thy arrival

Reedemer, saviour, friend and protector

Thou were many things to many people

To the cowherds, their friend

To Yasoda , her son

To the gopis, their beloved

Displaying the upayakusalata of the Bodhisattva

Thou fits the role to the occasion

The solace of grieving multitudes

The redeemer of the needy

Nirbal ke bal ram

The strength of the weak

Prince, Lord, cowherd

Incorporating all

Succor me in my need

The lost sheep of sangsara

In the Twirling of a Lotus
In the Twirling of a Lotus

A book on Hindu philosophy


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