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Kufey; The Miracle of Monkey in Pisces

Updated on July 11, 2014
Pisces: Year of the Monkey
Pisces: Year of the Monkey | Source

February 22, 1980 - The Birth

Kufey was the daughter of Chava Wetzel and Bastian Hunter. Kufey’s mother was Jewish and lived very close to her Kabalistic upbringing. Kufey’s father was not Jewish, but he fully embraced the life in which his beloved wife led, to the day she died.

Kufey got her name from her birth date; she was born on February 22, 1980; which was the Year of the Monkey and the House of Pisces. Both monkey and Pisces have a connection with the Hebrew letter Kuf; hence Kufey.

February 22, 2004 - 24th Birthday

It was February 22, 2004; Kufey’s 24th birthday. Being that it was the Year of the Monkey (Kufey’s birth year character) it should have been a very lucky day for her. She got up and did all the regular things she did almost every morning. She went for a jog on the beach, had breakfast with her cat Walter, and then she got ready for work. Everything was as usual. Kufey didn’t acknowledge her birthday, but what she didn’t know was that her co-workers were throwing her a surprise 24th birthday party at work. They wanted to make the day special for her because she does so many nice things for everyone that works there. Her dad is the owner of the company, but Kufey doesn’t put herself above any of the other workers; she’s just Kufey.

Kufey hugged Walter goodbye and got on her bicycle and proceeded to ride to work. She had only gotten to the first stop light when a car, honking it’s horn profusely, ran a red light and caused Kufey to stop quickly; avoiding the oncoming car, but the truck that was making a right hand turn didn’t see that Kufey had stopped and he hit her full on. The driver of the car (with a honking horn) didn’t stop; he just continued speeding down the road, but he saw in his rear view mirror what he had caused. He called 911 and told them what he had done. He explained on the phone that he was trying to get his wife to the hospital as she had gone in to labor, and she was a high risk delivery because of her heart condition.

Kufey was taken to the same hospital that the man rushed his pregnant wife to. The man’s wife delivered a beautiful baby boy, and they named him John. The doctors think that the shock from the accident actually helped the woman deliver the baby with fewer complications. Kufey, on the other hand, was in a battle for her life.

The man and his wife, Jonas and Donna Archer, were extremely thankful that everything went safely with the delivery of their son and that Donna was alive and well, but they are very worried about Kufey. The nurses tried to keep them informed of how she was doing, but the updates didn’t seem to get any better. Jonas pleaded with the nurse to ask if he could speak with one of Kufey’s doctors; he just wanted a few minutes, that’s all.

It wasn’t long before the nurse returned with a man, but he didn’t appear to be a doctor. He entered the room and reached out to shake hands with Jonas. He introduced himself as being Bastian Hunter, Kufey’s father. Jonas began to cry as he introduced himself and his wife. Bastian looked at Donna and told her that he was glad she and the baby were doing well. Jonas motioned toward the chairs in the room and asked if he and Bastian could sit for a while and talk.

They sat down and Jonas tried to keep his composure as he explained to Bastian what happened that morning. Jonas said, “Please don’t think that I’m diminishing the horrible thing that I’ve done, I’ll never be able to forgive myself for causing your daughter to get ran over. I need for you to understand why I didn’t stop after I saw what happened to your daughter. I called 911 as soon as it happened and told them what I had caused, and I explained to them just like I’m about to explain to you; that my wife has a heart condition, and was a high risk delivery. I couldn’t think of anything else but the urgency to get her to the hospital as quickly as I could. I can’t begin to tell you how sorry I am for the pain I’ve caused.”

Bastian spoke very softly when he said, “The doctor who delivered your son came and spoke with Kufey’s doctors. He told them that it was miraculous the way you came through delivery Donna. He was very concerned about whether your heart could take the stress of delivering a baby, and he felt that there was a strong possibility that the shock from the accident helped save your life. He’s looking at your delivery as a miracle from God, and when Kufey wakes up she needs to hear every detail of that miracle.”

Jonas and Donna held each other’s hands tightly as Bastian continued to speak; he said, “Today is Kufey’s 24th birthday. She is a Piscean born in the Year of the Monkey. The House of Pisces is connected with the Hebrew letter Kuf, and the Hebrew word for monkey is Kuf; and that is where Kufey’s name comes from.

Twenty-four years ago my wife died of a massive stroke while giving birth to Kufey; we had no idea that my wife had a brain aneurism. Chava died when Kufey was only half-way delivered. All these years Kufey has carried a burden of guilt that was not her burden to carry. She feels responsible for her mother’s death, and has regarded her birthday as being a curse. For Kufey to know that she might have contributed to saving a life, is going to mean the world to her.”

Bastian no sooner finished talking when one of Kufey’s doctors walked in the room and said that they were allowing Kufey to wake up. He wanted to know how to reach someone named Walter; Kufey keeps asking for him. Bastian told the doctor that he would take care of getting in touch with Walter. There was something about Kufey asking for her cat that assured Bastian his daughter was going to be okay. Bastian and Jonas exchanged cell phone numbers, and then Bastian returned to Kufey.

New Beginning

Almost a year has passed and Kufey recovered fully from her head injuries, but had endured numerous surgeries on both of her legs. She never complained though, and she even seemed happier than she was before the accident happened. Once Kufey was told the story of the miraculous delivery, she never spoke of it again, but she seemed to have a sense of peace about her that wasn’t there before.

It was like a new beginning for Kufey, and she no longer thought of her birthday as a curse. For the first time ever, Kufey made a request for her special day; she told her dad that she would like to spend her 25th birthday doing something to help make baby John’s 1st birthday even more special; after all, she and John share more than just the same birth date, they share the same miracle of life; John was given life by a mother who knew she was taking a chance, and her life was spared - Kufey’s life was spared and she was given a chance for a new life; it was the Miracle of Monkey in Pisces.


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