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Find Inexpensive Religious Christian Lapel Pins

Updated on April 14, 2015

We see them everywhere--lapel pins on everyone from the President on down--lapel pins are hot and Christian lapel pins, whether a gold cross or a simple button, are no exception.

Jesus is Lord Lapel Pin
Jesus is Lord Lapel Pin | Source

Lapel Pins Say What You Believe In

What do you believe?

A lapel pin is more and more becoming a statement of belief, a categorizer, or indicator, of what you hold dear and true. That makes it easy for others to know 'where you are coming from' right off and that's a good thing!

IF you are a Christian believer, then there are lapel pins that say that right out front.

Such pins are sometimes given out by churches, or can be purchased as religious gifts. Because of the popularity of Christian lapel pins there are available plenty of stock lapel pins with typical Christian symbols like crosses, angels, fish and doves of peace.

In recent times there has been a new interest in Christian jewelry. Of course we have all heard of the popular “WWJD” (what would Jesus do?) bracelets and other jewllery trends amongst teens in addition to the trend to wear cherub lapel pins, Celtic crosses and also Christian Bible verses.

simple cross lapel pin
simple cross lapel pin | Source

The Gift With Real Meaning

A Christian lapel pin is an inexpensive way to give an  affordable gift for a first communion, baptism or confirmation.

Custom Christian lapel pins are also designed exclusively for religious camps, prayer groups, and the Holy Sacrament of Marriage.  As the popularity of lapel pins blossoms, more religions and groups are sure to find themselves represented in specialized lapel pins.

A number of churches on tight budgets have discovered Christian lapel pins an inexpensive  method to thank the  volunteers and community members who have given time and money towards  the work at the church.

The Mormon Church, for example,  gives all of their missionaries lapel pins which  identifies them and bonds them with other missionaries. A number of churches also give lapel pins to their ushers and altar boys and girls. The uses really are endless.

Christian lapel pins are ideal gifts for religious 'pow-wows'  or gift exchanges. To find or browse a selection just visit an online or off-line church supply catalogue or visit your local Christian retailer.  

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      customlapel 6 years ago from Kissimmee, Florida

      Some of the design are really great. Love your hub.