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Learn lessons from Nature!

Updated on December 21, 2012

Saibaba strolling in the woods!

Nature teaches us many invaluable lessons!

We can learn many lessons from our own life. Life’s various experiences teach us invaluable lessons to us if only we care to introspect. We can also learn beautiful lessons from the nature around us, from the birds and beasts, even from insects like the ants and bees. Let us consider first the nature. Earth holds the entire creation on its surface. Animals never spoil the ecology of the earth. It is man, who plunders it for its own greed. We all know that if we plant but one seed on the earth and water it, it will yield ten fold. What we do to the earth in return is really inexcusable. We dig the earth for natural resources like gas and crude. We mine the earth for minerals. We plunder it in so many ways spoiling the delicate ecology. We bore even the ocean surface in the name of ‘offshore drilling’. Many countries around the world have oil wells amid ocean beds. The pertinent point is that the earth bears us and holds us in her bosom in spite of the atrocities we commit on her.

In the name of industrialization, we cut the trees indiscriminately even after knowing that forest trees usher copious rainfall. We shave the hills neatly of all her green growth and construct factories for sawing the timber that was cut. But the beauty is that the very same tree gives shade to the perpetrators of these atrocities.

Then there is a precious resource “Water”. Human beings are the worst culprits who pollute water sources and flowing rivers alike. We discharge harmful effluents in almost all rivers which cater to the thirst of millions of beings and plants. When the source is afflicted, those who drink the water also suffer from innumerable diseases. Water is pure when it falls as rain. It is the elixir of life. It is meant for assuaging our thirst and vital for our lives. Animals too die when they don’t get water. We have seen that many birds die due to pollution of riverbeds and tanks. The aqua creatures can not live in polluted waters. We have heard about dolphins and blue whales commits mass suicide when the ecology of the ocean is greatly disturbed by oil, chemicals and pollutants due to ships navigate the ocean. Man has become so much senseless to pollute the very source of life. But rivers flow in spite of the atrocities of man. It hankers to reach the very source from which it originated.

The earth teach patience to man, trees forgive the people who axe them. Instead they provide shade to the cutters. Water always flows to quench the thirst of all beings in spite of man polluting it. Let us take the case of ants. The ant, though a small creature teach man the virtue of co-operation and hard work. Bees teach us to select the life sustaining honey by crossing all odds. Bees never relish any thing but the honey from the flowers. Man should be selective in imbibing the best and sharing with one and all. A small bird parching on the tree relies upon its two wings rather than the tree branch. The twig of the tree may sway due to heavy gale. But the bird relies upon its wings for its safety. Man too should develop ‘self confidence’ and faith in nature as his two wings. He should not rely upon the impermanent wealth and properties. They won’t come to his rescue. Only self confidence will save him from perils. Thus we should learn lessons from nature!


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