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Learning Mysticism

Updated on September 30, 2009

Reading and prayer and contemplation that will hopefully lead to christian mysticism!

Whenever I look @the books of my personal library, I see how my very, very favorite topic has long been christian mysticism. Many of the saints were mystics and the question is always do a select few get to be mystical or is mysticism for many?

Personally I have had a few mystical experiences and by prayer and contemplation hope to experience more mystical moments during the weeks, days and nights to come. What is often mentioned by the Catholic Church is the mystical body of Christ. Being @church and receiving holy communion where the prayers are made and were said by the priest has aspects of mysticism so that mystical processes take place @certain churches during the Holy Mass each day. More research by this writer is required to further understand how mysticism takes place with the mystical body of Christ.

With prayer and contemplation, mysticism according to the Carmelites of the Catholic Church is possibly accomplished. By prayer and contemplation, mysticism does happen.So necessarily what is required is more prayer and more contemplation. I can tell of certain dreams and visions that were even mentioned @church today for instance, that I had experienced long ago such as the vision of the Son of Man-Jesus with angels descending and ascending about Him. I was able to see this vision in light pastel colors and a gorgeous picture it was.

One of the things about mysticism is that mysticism is so elusive. Only as a gift of God can mysticism be experienced.

I wrote a novella that describes mystical experience of one of the main characters and the idea of ultimate union with God and experiences leading up to that experience.

Some of the saints who were known for mysticism include Saint Theresa, the Little Flower,

Saint Theresa of Avila and Saint John of the Cross. They often wrote of mystical experiences.

To seek to be mystical is a great idea and added prayer and contemplation can only improve any situation of the Christian, Catholic where she or he can possibly experience the mystical.


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