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Learning to Take Responsibility for Your Actions

Updated on June 13, 2020
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Intuitive empath and tarot card reader who's passionate about spiritual ascension, self-growth and raising the collective consciousness.

Along your path in life, you and everyone around you will make mistakes when it comes to interacting or communicating with others.

You may say the wrong thing and instantly regret it or act out impulsively wishing you had taken more time to consider your actions beforehand. These are common things that people do when they are upset, angry, hurt, frustrated or triggered. Even if these kind of reactions aren't intended to be harmful (unless of course they are) they still hurt the people around you. So if that person means something to you and you don't really want to burn a bridge, especially in that way, it's important to take responsibility for your actions and try to do the right thing.

When you know you screwed up, admitting this to the other person can be challenging mostly because you may feel shame at the way you acted or reacted.

You may feel like you don't want to show your face to that person again because you may feel embarrassed at the way you acted towards them. That is actually the beautiful part of this experience. The point where you decide to put your ego aside and humble yourself enough to admit that you acted in a way that doesn't support the growth of your relationship. That's when true inner transformation takes place.

Releasing the negative, low vibrational energies that come with hanging onto shame about yourself and your previous actions frees you up to allow your soul to become stronger and wiser.

It teaches you how to separate your ego from your soul so that you can better recognize when you're reacting from an egoic place or from a soulful place. The only way to learn these things is through experiences, mistakes and practice. The problems come when you decide to hold onto your stance and not take responsibility or accountability for your own actions in things. When you refuse to admit that you played a role in something that may have hurt someone else, this is your ego running the show.

We are here to learn lessons as a whole and when you refuse to learn those lessons by not taking responsibility for your actions, you keep yourself and your soul stuck in karmic cycles that won't end until you take accountability for yourself.

You break those chains by choosing to react or do things differently. Embracing a humbleness on your spiritual path is the thing that will connect you with your souls true essence. The essence of love, unconditional love and acceptance. We, in our truest form, are love and in this pure state of our natural being, we can't be anything else. It's the human factor which attaches negative, low vibrational states of being to our ego. It's these energies which keep our souls stuck in karmic cycles lifetime after lifetime. Once we free ourselves of the human form and return to our natural state of love, we release any need to be right or to hang onto ego or humans based attachments.

The way to free yourself while you're in human form is to learn how to be humble when all you want to do is be right or get revenge.

It's to remember that you and the person you're interacting with are the essence of love because we're all connected. Even if you can't see that in the moment. That it's not about the bad things that happen to you or which you experience in your life. It's about the way you react to them that's important. It's the way you react which shows how evolved you are on your path and how much you've grown and matured as a human. These kinds of things are reflections to yourself of what you may need to work on still.

It's not about shaming yourself for behaving in a way which you now regret.

It is about seeing your part in things and doing the right thing if it needs to be done. It's about learning your lessons and becoming humbled by life in the process. All while remembering to love and accept yourself and those around you along the way. Once you do own up to the mistakes you've made, you realize that you probably hyped it up to be more than it actually was. That maybe, you were more afraid to be seen as "wrong" or "in the wrong" then you were to be at peace within yourself.

Your ego wants to be right. Your soul, wants to be at peace.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Tara Reynolds


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