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Leaving Jehovah's Witnesses -Is This Really 'the Truth?'

Updated on January 3, 2015
Pyramids, crosses and Masons...oh my!
Pyramids, crosses and Masons...oh my!

1914 - 99 Years Later

Has there ever been a more troubling time for Jehovah's Witnesses?

2014 will mark the 100 year anniversary of when Jehovah's Witnesses claim Jesus Christ took his heavenly throne, ruling over the 'last days' of mankind as we know it here on earth. Their claims have been that since 1914, the world has seen unprecedented misery. World War I, World War II, famines, disease, crime, earthquakes, hurricanes, genocides... you name it, they are all used by the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society as part of a sign, that since 1914, the world has seen nothing but untold 'hell' on earth. This, of course is supposed to run parallel with Jesus 'presence' in the heavens... and mark 'the end of the end.'

"Since long before World War I Jehovah's Witnesses pointed to 1914 as the time for this great event to occur." Watchtower 1954 Jun 15 p.370

Unfortunately, ninety nine years later, we are still here, there is a Starbucks on every corner and most of them are filled with Jehovah's Witnesses on Saturday mornings, taking a break from preaching this message at our doors.

If you really want to dig into the history of 1914 according to Jehovah's Witnesses, you will be surprised that at one time, 1914 was actually THE end of the world... but this was only after they were claiming 1874 was the beginning of Christ's presence.

the battle of the great day of God Almighty … The date of the close of that "battle" is definitely marked in Scripture as October 1914. It is already in progress, its beginning dating from October, 1874." Zion's Watch Tower 1892 Jan 15 p.23

The entire infrastructure of Witness doctrine is built around 1914. In fact, they use 1914 as a starting point for identifying themselves as the only true religion on earth. Many of their publications and certainly the Watchtower, feature 1919 as the year Jesus, while sitting on his throne, chose Joseph Rutherford and his comrades as God's mouthpiece to mankind. Why is this alarming?

Well...never mind that most people immediately want to know what Jesus was doing for five years. It becomes even more unnerving when you consider they didn't actually teach this 'doctrine' until some 30-40 years later, meaning, that while Jesus chose them as HIS organization here on earth, they simply didn't realize it! Huh?

Don't forget that during this time following 1914, Jesus also found a way to overlook the veneration of pyramids, pagan symbols on literature, aluminum was demonic, they had some miracle wheat advertised in the WT and blood was considered edible food for Christians. All that meant nothing to the Son of God...these were his people...they were different. They knew about 1914.

Only...they didn't. No one was looking at 1914 as a pivotal date at all...these "Bible Students" thought Jesus had been around since 1874. On and on the bizarre history of 1914 goes... all of it in print for any Jehovah's Witness to consider. Yet, the vast majority never do. Ignorance is bliss.

Needless to say, without 1914, you can't get to 1919. Without 1919, the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society cannot be chosen by Jesus as the 'faithful and discreet slave' currently feeding his people with spiritual truths here on earth. (Matt. 24). Suddenly, you have a real problem on your hands. With no traceable authority given to them by God as claimed, all of the Governing Body's teachings, rules and control... go right out the window.

Governing Body - "Let's Overlap!"

Through the years, the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses, leaned heavily on Jesus words found at Matthew 24:34... a moment captured in time between Jesus and his apostles as they were overlooking Jerusalem:

"Truly I say to you that this generation will by no means pass away until all these things occur." - Matthew 24:34

In 1984, a full seventy years into Jesus kingship in the heavens, they boldly produced a Watchtower featuring 'the generation that will not pass away.' It is now 2013. Take a look at the cover. They have all passed away.

Tragically, this article, along with hundreds more. all exist within the Watchtower Library, made available to Jehovah's Witnesses at their local Kingdom Hall. Tragically, many don't study, nor have any desire to discuss or consider such wild claims of the past twenty years. They simply ignore it and repeat what they hear at congregation meetings.

However, this presented a significant problem for the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses. As they claimed, how would God's prophet here on the earth explain that this 'generation' was in fact all dead? What would be the impact on 1914 and the past several decades of warnings they had been giving the world and their own people? How would they maintain authority as Jehovah's mouthpiece to mankind?

The answer? Suddenly...and without any foundation, it became possible for 'generations' to overlap. If you're having trouble understanding what that're in good company. Not only does modern day society have no clue what that means, neither do Jehovah's Witnesses.

"How, then, are we to understand Jesus words about this generation? He evidently meant that the lives of the anointed who were on hand when the sign began to become evident in 1914 would overlap with the lives of other anointed ones who would see the start of the great tribulation. That generation had a beginning, and it surely will have an end. The fulfillment of the various features of the sign clearly indicate that the tribulation must be near."--Watchtower 2010 Apr 15 p.10 Holy Spirits Role in the Outworking of Jehovahs Purpose

For those of us still struggling to understand what that means, take a look at this picture:

How many generations do you see pictured?

Is this one generation of people?
Is this one generation of people?

The Watchtower Bible & Tract Society are saying that Jesus meant ONE generation, that overlapped! To take it further, more emphasis is put on how close we are to the world's end.; that it could be within the lifetime of an anointed Witness that was a contemporary of another anointed Witness alive in 1914. Interesting, no? If the end of this system doesn't occur, the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses can simply say that the 'overlapping' is ongoing, applying it to an anointed Witness who knew an anointed Witness who knew an anointed Witness in 1914 - in other words, they've created a time frame that has no end; but it's still all tied to 1914!

The true irony and dare I this entire 'new teaching' is that it has zero basis in scripture. The Bible does not support the term 'overlapping generations' and most feel very confident in stating that Jesus had no such intention while sitting there on the Mount of Olives talking to his disciples.

2014 - Happy Anniversary Watchtower!

The big question in circles of Jehovah's Witnesses is "what does this mean for 2014?"

The real question should be "why are you still holding onto 1914 as a pivotal date in man's history?" But it never enters the minds of the common Jehovah's Witness. With all the proof of major errors over a ninety nine year period sitting on most of their book shelves, they trudge on bringing the message of the 'last days' to their neighbors.

However, some have wondered if there will be special events surrounding the 100 year anniversary of Jesus taking the throne. It seems apparent that it never dawns on anyone that Jesus has been around a long, long time... and 100 years isn't but a milli-second in his personal calendar.

Whatever the case, it seems evident that Jehovah's Witnesses will try to get some mileage out of the 100 year anniversary of Christ's invisible kingship in heaven. What does that look like? What does that include? At this point, it is truly anybody's guess. Jehovah's Witnesses have utilized everything from pyramids and phrenology to explain their 'insights' on matters.

One can't help but feel somehow one of their most famous members....Prince...yes, that Prince of Purple Rain fame... might just change the lyrics to his famous party song 1999 to include "tonight we're going to party like its 2014!"

Show Your Spirit!

What Are You Doing to Celebrate 1914-2014?

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© 2013 Darrin Hart

What Say You About 1914?

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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      The year 1914 has no basis whatsoever in the Bible.

      The Watchtower organisation just picked verses from the book of "Numbers, Daniel, Luke, Revelation" to name a few, then formulated a doctrine out of it.

      The year 607 BC doesn't support Juresalem being destroyed in that year either. In ( Jeremiah 25 ) 70 years need to "Completely" pass from the destruction of Jerusalem to the destruction of Babylon. I'ts a fact that the year ( 539 BC ) was the year Babylon was destroyed by Cyrus the Great of persia. The fact that Cyrus may have given the "Decree" 2 years later in 537 BC for the Jewish people to return to their homeland is neither here nor there. ( That don't mean you can count backward from 537 ) just because Cyrus gave the decree in 537.

      Who said the year 539 was a pivotal date either ? To make that claim means you can play with number's and come up with any date to support God is using the Watchtower organisation which in the end don't really free people, it just locks them into an organisation based on false dates like 1914, which in the end can and does lead to abuse cases which has gone on because of that very reason.

      If Babylon was destroyed in ( 539 BC ) which history supports, including the witnesses, then Jerusalem was destroyed 70 Years before that in 609 Not 607 BC. If there really is a chronology in the bible supporting the year 1914, then it's already out by 2 years, plus you have the so called Jewish "Zero" year, which makes the chronology out by "another" year. If there's no Zero year in the Jewish calendar, then it's not a true mathematical formula to work out the 1914 date either.

      In anycase, all this "Gentile times" formula never came from russel to begin with, it all started with ( John aquila brown ) in 1923, and other groups latched onto the gentile times chronology in trying to work out Jesus return, which everyone failed to do.

      What's interesting is that the bible mentions "Cyrus the great" by "name" over 150 years before he was even born, calling Cyrus "Gods servant" to free not only the Jewish people, but other nations as well, to establish racial equity, human rights, freedom of religions, and to open doors that the ancient world wasn't accustomed to at that time. For that reason the ( United Nations ) have a replica of the ( Cyrus Cylinder ) discovered, mentioning these decrees and human right's. It's also the first charter for human rights discovered, the original is at the "British Museum" London.

      Though the UN is not a perfect organisation, the reasons the Watchtower organisation and other faith groups are able to practice their religion is because of them "human rights" we all have.

      Being in submission to the authorities means you don't talk bad about the UN either. It's only natural for any nation or religion to think theirs is the best, the Watchtower organisation is no different than any other using the same freedoms given to them.

      Whatever religion may, or may not be true, or accepted by God, only God makes them final decisions, and he don't need the JWs or Watchtower organisation to proclaim every other religion or UN as false organisations just to promote themselves, then abuse it's own members.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Regarding the Watchtower ( 1914 The Generation That Will Not Pass Away ) Obviously that generation has come and gone, but when Jesus said ( nobody knows the day or hour ) he was referring to "Months, Seasons, Years, Decades, Generations, even Millenniums" Not literally the Day and Hour.

      The "inner rooms" Jesus referred to in ( Matthew 24:26 ) is also on about groups making claims that nobody can prove, that's why Jesus warned about it. Also Verse 27 NWT "For just as the lighting comes from the east and shines over to the west, so the presence of the son of man will be"

      That means it should be obvious to all, indisputable. So the translation of Presence "parousia greek" Should be translated "coming" in that verse. Regarding paul ( 2 Corrinthians 10:10 ) "but his presence in person is week" that also shows "presence parousia" can mean the very presence of a person in person.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Funny how Jws just parrot back the same ole shit I was taught to parrot back 20 years ago. It was once taught that having a transplant was cannibalism and having a vaccine was works of the devil. Tell me Jws do I not rightfully say that those who made these commands of men up and caused them to lose their lives are blood guilty? If Jehovah is guiding this organization why couldn't he get it right in the first place?

    • Darrin Hart profile imageAUTHOR

      Darrin Hart 

      6 years ago


      You are comparing Jehovah's Witnesses to mainstream Christianity as if that is the barometer. Perhaps you should try this:

      Truth versus Untruth

      Jehovah's Witnesses do not teach truth just because their teachings differ from other "christian religions"...... They simply teach another form of lies.

      As for coming back to Jehovah's Witnesses: I'll do that when you can show me Jesus explanation of overlapping generations.

      Please don't waste too much time. That goofy teaching isn't in the Bible. But then again, neither was the original 'generation' teaching.

      Thanks for reading!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Its good to hear that you an Elder and Jw for so many years. This really shows that you do not grasp the truth so well that's why you are leaving but for me I will serve Jehovah my God and not letting myself to toss about. Its like a pig that was already clean but go back again and swims in the mud. leaving a false Chris taint doctrine such as trinity, hellfire, rapture, and many more is really the best decision I have made. I read ally apostate before I got baptized. I have browse the net daily even to come across those who against JW and I investigate deeply in the JW doctrines and doing a lot of analysis and comparison to Jw Doctrines with the apostate doctrine and I have come to a conclusion that what people say about Jw is just a false accusation. My brother Darrine Hart think again and come to Jehovah who forgives in a large way.

      I print materials that against JW and took it with me to home but yet all their accusation are false against JW. Read Isaiah 54:17 No weapon formed against you will have any success,+

      And you will condemn any tongue that rises up against you in the judgment.

      See Darrin

    • Darrin Hart profile imageAUTHOR

      Darrin Hart 

      6 years ago

      Thank you for your thoughts Alan. I certainly respect your feelings on the matter. However, I'm curious.... I was a Jehovah's Witnesses and elder for over 40 years......what failures do Jehovah's Witnesses admit too? For example, for decades they preached they preached that Armageddon would arrive before the generation of 1914 passed away. That was clearly wrong..... have they sought out every single individual they taught that 'failure' to and corrected the error? They have not......... nor have they admitted to it. They simply say they have 'new light'.......... I hope that you will make it a priority to examine Jehovah's Witnesses more closely. They most certainly do not admit their 'failures'....

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Just a thought, I had been to many denomination claim to be Christians however, I have found that church that I had been to teach nothing about the truth unlike JW who teach the truth. JW admit their failures unlike church who claim to be Christian but they do not yet admit their false believe.

      Sorry to say that but I have found the truth.


    • Darrin Hart profile imageAUTHOR

      Darrin Hart 

      6 years ago

      Since you admit Jehovah's Witnesses mistakes......what have they done to go back to every precious human being they preached them to and correct them? .....................nothing. Those people were told to listen and obey or die at Armageddon. How will you fix these 'mistakes' with every person that heard that message? Or do you believe Jesus thinks your actions are okay?

    • Darrin Hart profile imageAUTHOR

      Darrin Hart 

      6 years ago

      There is no mocking; it seems you didn't read carefully. There is no effort to disperse anyone....that would be like standing outside someone's home and yelling at them for believing in Santa Claus. What you believe in isn't true. It has been proven for well over 100 years, nor does it match the Bible you claim to hold dear. Those that have served at high levels within the Watchtower Society know well the lies......I have tremendous compassion for the prison you live in.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Good for you lupandiomo for speaking out! I take it you are not yet among Jehovah's people. I implore you to take a stand and take hold of the skirt of a spiritual Jew, saying "We will go with you people, for we have heard God is with you people" Zech 8:23.

      I have studied the basic beliefs of many so called Christian religions and have found that the vast majority adhere to doctrines and beliefs that can be proven false such as hellfire, imortality of the soul, trinity.

      Then you have others who expound these basic beliefs with more bizarre lies such as the rapture, or at death a man who is faithful to his death will be carried off and become a 'god' of his own universe. And to make that rediculous assumption even more gross they add that a man is bound forever to every wife he ever had on earth but a woman is bound eternally only to her first husband. To reason on that, let's say a woman is married several times and each husband died faithful to the church. Now in the afterlife somehow they are all going to be gods of their own universe and each one of them will be bound to her eternally, but she can only be bound eternally to her first husband. How are they all going to get her?

      Yes, Jehovah's Witnesses have made some serious errors in their understanding of God's word. They have let teachings of their past influence their understanding of God's word. But unlike the leaders of Christiandom who adamantly stand steadfast to their false teachings, their lies, Jehovah's people have admitted when they are wrong and they strive with diligence to correct their understandings through the pages of the Bible. Even the Bible says that as get closer and closer to the end of this old system our understanding would become clearer and clearer until that final day. Our learning and understanding God's word will never end until this system ends. Prov 4:18, Dan 12:4.

      In spite of what Jesus meant when he spoke of 'this generation' we know world conditions are much worse than when I was young. We see events unfolding right before our eyes. We cannot and must NOT minimize the importance of the bible in conjecture of what is going on in the world. We can be certain this world as we know it today is going to be stumbled, and as we see Jehovah's word being picked apart and tried to subinterwert how important we do our best to make sure the people hear.

    • lupandiomo profile image


      6 years ago from nairobi,kenya.

      what if it all comes true tomorrow?where will your mocking be???will you perhaps shrink back and walk your way home from the Golgotha death chambers like those unbelieving Jews ashamed from the events that made the centurion give glory to God? Think about it....I think you men carry the heaviest burden for trying to disperse God's precious flock even after you yourselves have known the truth......

    • Darrin Hart profile imageAUTHOR

      Darrin Hart 

      6 years ago

      Psalms 146:3 is a profound scripture for Jehovah's Witnesses. I always found it so odd that they would read it and apply it to every organization but their own. Now that they openly claim the Governing Body is the 'faithful and discreet slave', I can't help but wonder if people will continue to ignore that they are being disobedient to this very basic command from God.

    • mattmilamii profile image

      Matthew Milam II 

      6 years ago from Chicago - Be A Blessing... Become A Hand Of God

      Dear Darrin,

      As a former member, Elder, and one who has "Come Out From Among Them"... I applaud your courage and appreciate the candor of your informed voice.

      Concerning 1914, I offer this...

      Psalm 118:8

      It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.

      Matthew 24:36

      But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.



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