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Legendary North American UFO Abduction Cases

Updated on March 15, 2012

The Hills

Bettys Drawing of the Zeta Star System

Betty's drawing of the UFO occupants Star System as it was shown to her by the leader of the craft.
Betty's drawing of the UFO occupants Star System as it was shown to her by the leader of the craft.

Actual Zeta Reticuli Star System

The Betty and Barney Hill Case

By: Cow Flipper

This is often called the flagship case of alien abduction stories. It happened one September evening in 1962 as Barney and Betty Hill a middle aged interracial couple drove their car along the New Hampshire countryside. As the couple drove they witnessed a light in the sky which they believed to be an aircraft. As they drove the craft soon began moving strangely in the sky. Barney pulled over to get a better look a the craft with binoculars. What Barney described during hypnotic regression was startling.

He claims that when he looked through the binoculars he saw a pancake like object with rows of windows and lights. Inside the windows Barney could see the occupants of the craft and as he watched one of occupants kept his gaze in lock as the other occupants moved within the craft. The craft then began to move towards the Hills location and the one occupant that held Barney's gaze communicated to him telepathically to stay where he was. Barny panicked and got back in the car with Betty shouting, "They are coming for us!"

Barney and Betty drove on but the craft was right over their vehicle and soon there was a buzzing and beeping sound that seemed to come from the trunk of their car. Suddenly Barney realized they were some thirty five miles down the highway and that they seemed to be missing time.

The hills ended up getting home safely after the incident . Once home they were both exhausted after the ordeal and went to bed. Betty took off the dress she was wearing but had not realized at the time that the dress had physical evidence in the way of a pink powdery residue that was stuck to the dress. When Betty woke up she called her sister Jane to tell her about the strange object her and Barney had seen on their way home. Betty's sister Janet had Betty call Pease Air Force Base to report what they had seen. After getting Betty's information the Major at the base told her:, "The UFO was also confirmed by our radar."

Later on the Betty began dreaming about the ship and its occupants. She said the men in the UFO wore an almost worker or military type uniform with a military type cap. She remembered them seeming to have over exaggerated features like long noses ears and large eyes. She described a medical exam given to her by one of the creatures that preformed invasive and even painful tests on her. In a later hypnotic regression Betty recalled a painful procedure done by the medical examining creature where a long needle was inserted into her naval. She was told it was a pregnancy test. Barney also recalled medical procedures including an extraction of his semen.

After the procedure Betty asked the leader alien where they were from. The leader alien communicated that they came from the star system Zeta Reticuli. He pulled a map from a compartment in the ceiling down and showed Betty the star system and he even gave her a copy of the map to take with her but at the end of abduction the aliens took it away. Later on Betty drew the map and it was later compared to a map of the Zeta star system and was proven to be a match.

The evidence is hard to deny. There is of course the radar signature from Pease Air Base. There were 2 circular marks on the trunk of the Hills car. Betty's dress had the peculiar pink powder residue, the star system map Betty later drew, and of course their eye witness testimony as to their account. This makes this case a landmark in the world of UFO lore.

The Cash Landrum UFO

"The light emanated from a diamond shaped craft that hovered above the trees, below it expelled a massive flame that produced and extreme amount of heat. "
"The light emanated from a diamond shaped craft that hovered above the trees, below it expelled a massive flame that produced and extreme amount of heat. "

The Burned Highway

A photograph of an investigator investigating a scorch mark in the road where Cash and Landrum said the UFO hovered.
A photograph of an investigator investigating a scorch mark in the road where Cash and Landrum said the UFO hovered.

Cash and Landrum

A Burn Mark on Cash's Hand

One of the welts on Cash's hands that came up after the incident.
One of the welts on Cash's hands that came up after the incident.

The Cash Landrum Case

On December 29th of 1980 two women and a young boy were on their way home to Dayton Texas after having had dinner out that night. It was at around 9PM on a isolated two lane road in the woods when they saw a light above the trees. They thought the light was an aircraft coming into Houston to land. Not long after they saw the light but it had approached their position now and was much brighter than before. The light grew very bright and eventually came to rest above the road in front of their car. The light emanated from a diamond shaped craft that hovered above the trees, below it expelled a massive flame that produced and extreme amount of heat.

Vickie Landrum told the driver Cash to stop their car. The heat was so intense she feared it may burn them if they came any closer. Vickie thought it may be a religious experience that the three witnesses were seeing and exclaimed to her frightened grandson, "That's Jesus, he will not hurt us." A nervous Cash thought about turning the car the other way but was afraid to get the car stuck in the mud on the side of the road from earlier rains. Cash then exited the car as did Landrum to see the object more clearly. The Grandson Colby was terrified and begged Landrum to come back into the vehicle. As Cash remained outside the car she became hyptnotized by the light of the craft.

Cash described the craft as intensely bright but having a metallic silvery color with the shape of an upright diamond about the size of a water tower. Small blue lights ringed the center, and in bursts flames shot out of the bottom of the craft. As Cash came to she went to reach for the handle of the car door and was discovered the handle to hot to touch. She had to use her coat to open the car door. Landrum had her hand on the dashboard of the car which became so hot she left her hand's imprint the the softened vinyl which was evident weeks later.

The object then moved upwards into the sky and as it ascended over the trees the three witnesses saw a group of 23 Chinook helicopters with tandem rotors approach and surround the object in tight formation. The party drove on back to Dayton without further indident that night. The entire encounter lasted less than twenty minutes but would change these three citizens lives forever.

Later that night the party all became sick with similar symptoms though it was Cash who suffered the worst. All three had nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, burning eyes, and all three suffered sun burns. Over the next week Cash's symptoms became worse and large painful blisters formed on her skin. She was unable to walk and lost large patches of skin and hair. A radiologist later examined the three witnesses and said that they had suffered secondary damage from ionizing radiation and that they had been exposed to ultraviolet radiation and infrared radiation as well.

Other Witnesses

Detective Lamar Walker and his wife said they saw 12 Chinook helicopters in the same area as the Cash Landrum encounter at about the same time the event was taking place.

Later on both parties healed and the Cash Landrum case was filed away as an unknown and strange encounter. Many believe that the Cash Landrum case was a cover up case by the US government and that they military was conducting chemical and biological weapons in the area while others believe it was the military chasing a UFO. Either way this is one for the books.

Travis Walton

The Travis Walton Abduction Case

November 5th after 6 p.m. the crew wrapped up work for the day and got into the truck for the drive back to Snowflake; soon after they could see a bright light behind a hill up ahead of the truck. As they got closer they witnessed a large silver disc shaped object over a clearing. It shown very bright and was 8 foot in height and 20 feet wide. Rogers slowed the truck down to take in what his eyes could not believe what they were seeing. Just then Travis jumped out of the truck and headed towards the object with is fellow crew members begging him to get back into the truck. Just then the object made a sound is if it were powering up and a bright blue green light shot out and struck Travis knocking him backwards onto his back so that he fell into a lifeless heap on the ground. Rogers tore off down the road away from the craft he believed had just killed his friend and crew-member Travis Walton.

Down the road the men watched as the craft lifted off into the night sky. It was then Rogers stopped the truck and the crew argued about what to do next. Eventually it was agreed upon to go back to the clearing where Travis had been struck. When the crew got back there was no sign of Travis. The crew stayed on the mountain a half hour before they abandoned the search. Rogers and the crew headed down the mountain into town where at a local restaurant they contacted the police about what happened.

Within days the media descended on the town of Snowflake as local responders searched the mountains for Travis Walton. Police became suspicious of the crew's story for lack of hard evidence. It was believed that the crew may have killed Travis Walton and made up the UFO account to cover up a killing.

Midnight November 10th Travis's sisters husband Grant received a phone call. The caller sounded disoriented and weak.

"This is Travis, I'm at a phone booth at the Herber gas station, I need help, come get me."

Grant thought the call was a joke but the caller was persistent, "I'm hurt and I need help badly. You come and get me!" At that moment Grant realized it was a serious call because of the caller’s obvious hysteric and excited tone. Grant contacted Travis's brother Duane and the two headed into Snowflake to get Travis. Grant and Duane reportedly found Travis in a phone booth still disoriented and shaken. It was freezing cold outside and Travis still wore his work clothes, he was unshaven and thin. Visibly disturbed he mumbled about creatures with terrifying eyes. Travis believed he had only been gone a couple hours and was shocked when he learned he had been gone five days. It was decided not to tell the authorities about Travis being located for fear the media would turn the ordeal into a circus.

The Conversation:

I scrambled shakily to my feet. My legs felt rubbery. I swayed, then caught my balance. I looked around and recognized the deserted stretch of curving road as the highway that wound down the canyon into Heber from the west.

I ran wildly down the deserted highway, across the bridge into Heber, stopping at the new building across from the Union 76 service station. No one answered my desperate knocking. No cars passed by.

I ran down the highway, over the second bridge, to the row of telephone booths at the Exxon station. I dialed the operator — a dime was not required to reach an operator in our part of the country — and panted out the number of my sister. She was the only nearby relative with a telephone.

My brother-in-law Grant answered. It was 12:05 A.M.

I was in an incredible mental state, difficult to describe. As best I can remember, I shouted something like: "They brought me back!" Then I babbled, "I'm out here in Heber, please get somebody to come and get me!" My hand shook as I held the cold receiver.

Grant was not amused. He took this call to be another cruel joke. "Uh, I think you have the wrong number," he replied sarcastically, starting to hang up.

"Wait! It's me, Travis!" I screamed hysterically into the receiver.

"Where are you?" he asked, still suspicious of a joke.

"I'm at the Heber Exxon station."

"Okay," he replied, almost apologetically, yet still cautious of a prank. "Stay right there. I'll come and get you. Just hang on."

Grant drove the three miles from Taylor over to Snowflake and found my brother Duane at Mom's house. He told Duane about the call, and of his doubts it was really me. Duane, too, thought the call might have been yet another example of someone's idiotic concept of humor. But they decided they couldn't risk not investigating. They set out for Heber, thirty-three miles away.

Lights suddenly shone into the phone booth. Relief flooded over me when I raised my head and saw the headlights of Duane's pickup. Duane and Grant got out and came to where I was still slumped in the phone booth. Duane opened the glass door of the booth and helped me to my feet.

"Am I ever glad to see you!" Grant said.

Duane helped me into the warm truck and asked Grant to drive. On the way to Snowflake I tried to tell them about what happened to me, but I just couldn't get it all out.

"They were awful — white skin — great big eyes . . ." I sobbed in horror.

"Take it easy, Travis, you're all right now. They didn't harm you, did they?"

"No . . . but those eyes, those horrible eyes! They just kept looking at me!"

"Just so you're okay, that's all that counts," Duane said. "Everyone has been worried sick about you."

"If it's already after midnight, I must have been unconscious for a couple of hours," I replied shakily. "Because I only remember about an hour or an hour and a half inside that thing."

Duane and Grant looked at me strangely.

"Travis, feel your face," Duane said.

"Good hell, I just shaved this morning and it feels like a week's growth!" I exclaimed, still not comprehending.

"Travis," Duane said gently, "you've been missing for five days!"

It was freezing cold outside and Travis still wore his work clothes, he was unshaven and thin. Visibly disturbed he mumbled about creatures with terrifying eyes. Travis believed he had only been gone a couple hours and was shocked when he learned he had been gone five days. It was decided not to tell the authorities about Travis being located for fear the media would turn the ordeal into a circus.

On The Ship:

Walton awoke in a warm room he assumed was at a hospital after the ordeal he had suffered.He was laid out on what he believed was a metal operating table with his shirt bunched up around his shoulders and a tray like instrument was over his abdomen. Three creatures he thought were human doctors were standing over him. He suddenly realized he was not in a hospital and fought back against what he saw as three alien creatures

"They had a basic humanoid form: two legs, two arms, hands with five digits each, and a head with the normal human arrangement of features. But beyond the outline, any similarity to humans was terrifyingly absent."Travis Walton The Walton Experience Website

Walton pushed on one of the creatures sitting up on the table knocking over the device that was over his abdomen. As he pushed the creature he felt that it was weak, small, and that it was of a spongy almost fat like texture under its uniform. Travis lashed out at the alien creatures acting like a feral animal trapped by a predator. He grabbed an object off a nearby table and lashed out at the alien creatures now approaching with outstretched arms in a warding type advancement. He observed that they wore sued like uniform of a soft orange brown like color, they had simple shoes on very small feet.

"The only facial feature that didn't appear underdeveloped were those incredible eyes! Those glistening orbs had brown irises twice the size of those of a normal human eye's, nearly an inch in diameter! The iris was so large that even parts of the pupils were hidden by the lids, giving the eyes a certain catlike appearance. There was very little of the white part of the eye showing. They had no lashes and no eyebrows."

Travis fought off the aliens running the halls of the ship until he was cornered by a humanoid man and woman who placed a mask over his face and he fell unconscious. Travis's story though fantastic is one of the most authenticated abduction cases on record with all of the participants and witnesses having taken sworn statements to police and passing lie detector tests.


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    • Crazy Mags profile image

      Crazy Mags 

      6 years ago

      Interesting and well written. Voted up.

    • Alastar Packer profile image

      Alastar Packer 

      6 years ago from North Carolina

      Yep, the evidence is hard to deny in the Hill case. The real dealio in my humble op. Same for Cash-Landrum. A shame their frightening experience and tragic aftermath couldn't have been admitted to and compensation awarded wherever the object originated from. The Walton case- not so sure things went down exactly as reported but do believe something out of the ordinary went on there. Excellent write on these amazing UFO abduction stories CF.


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