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Leo Man and Aquarius Woman

Updated on October 30, 2010

Leo man and Aquarius woman is a very interesting match. I had a good friend in this exact pairing and I have to say the relationship dynamic between the two always baffled me, because I couldn't see the passion in it, and I knew Leo man would require much of it. Oh, I knew they had passion in the bedroom because she often bragged about how wonderful he was, but the rest of the time was a bit dull. They lasted a few years, and that was much longer than I'd have bet on. Of course, other couples could last forever in this pairing, but have a read about why they might not. For more on the compatibility of Leo man and Aquarius woman, see below.

copyright Chris Brennan
copyright Chris Brennan

Leo Man

Leo man is large and in charge. Trouble is, it's hard to be in charge of someone who's head is usually in the clouds and is therefore barely aware that you're holding her hand. Not that she's necessarily ditzy; I've known lots of genius Aquarians. She's not deliberately ignoring him, she's just flaky like that. And she knows it! Of course, he won't mention how strange it is that she behaves so oddly from time to time, because that would indicate he doesn't know how to lead her -- but the truth is, he doesn't. And this could bother him quite a bit, especially because he needs to feel like he's the soul recipient of her attention and focus. In fact, the only time he's 100% sure of this is in the boudoir.

Aquarius Woman

When chatting with her friends the Aquarius woman's face will light up when she mentions her Leo man. She'll happily brag about how great a lover he is, and how passionate the bedroom scenes are. But her friends will smile at this, because they know how non-passionate she is in day to day life, and they realize her Leo man probably has no idea she thinks so highly of his skills because its unlikely she shows him when the lights are on. This may seem like a small thing but it could really put a dent in Leo's pride and ego. He needs to be reminded of his talents when the lights are on, and Aquarius woman isn't likely to do this, which could make him think of her as cold and aloof -- which she isn't, she's just spacey!


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