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Leo Man and Libra Woman

Updated on October 30, 2010

The Leo man and Libra woman can be a famous combination, but I often think Libra woman gets the slightly shorter end of the stick on this one. Not that it's a bad stick in either case -- a Leo man is pretty fantastic, no matter who he's dating -- but if I were a Libra woman I think I might feel like I've got the upper hand and that wouldn't appeal to me. That said, if you're a Libra woman, that might turn you on to no end, so have a read and see if you're ready for the Leo man or Libra woman. Read on as we see what the compatibility is!

copyright Chris Brennan
copyright Chris Brennan

Leo Man

The Leo male is charming and dashing and he loves -- lives -- to be praised. This is very convenient, because few people can give compliments the way a Libra woman can. She's a master when it comes to putting someone on a pedestal and making them feel like they're king of the world, which Leo already does. Thus, he feels like he's been utterly exalted in her presence and this can only be a good thing for his ego. Unless he's being manipulated... which the Libra woman could easily use her talent for. Not that she does this on a regular basis, but the Leo man should be aware of it, because he's so easily swayed by pretty words. (And pretty faces!)

Libra Woman

Libra woman will love and admire the Leo man's energy and charisma, but there will be times when she feels superior to him because he's so easily affected by words and emotions. It's not that she's a snob, she's just so much more contained than he is. Libra woman is far more controlled and able to cope with things that would make a Leo fall apart. She may have a dominant nature (or not) but she will not want to be his domestic goddess unless she feels the deal is equal. Leo man does not need to protect Libra woman, and he will not be pleased with this, because it's unlikely she'd even see the point in pretending she needs it (which so many other women are willing to pretend to keep things level). This calm and focused outlook, combined with her practical decision making, can seem too structured for a Leo's sensibilities.


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