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Leo Man and Pisces Woman

Updated on October 31, 2010

Leo man and Pisces woman are a strangely well-suited pair. At first glace you might think the fire and water combination would be as disastrous here as it is in so many other instances -- but it's actually a pretty good match, all things considered. Not that this is a guarantee, but it's food for thought. Obviously, you'd have to get to know one another very well to be sure the compatibility is there, but the odds are in your favor with this one. But bear in mind, this is still fire and water and, and fire can be put out by a hefty dose of the latter! Best to be clear from the start if yours is a compatible union.

copyright Chris Brennan
copyright Chris Brennan

Leo Man

Leo man wants to protect and care for his fairytale princess, whom he sees himself as having rescued from some fire-breathing dragon. This is convenient, since Pisces woman happens to think that's exactly who she is! These two are capable of living out the dreamy fairytale so many women read about in romance novels -- but they will need to mind each others toes along the way. Leo man wants to lead and protect his woman, but he doesn't want to see her chatting up other men, particularly if they look like they might have their own suit of armor and white steed stashed away somewhere. Leo man can get very jealous, very quickly -- and Pisces woman loves to flirt! She loves to feel that tingly sensation in her tummy when a man admires her (as so many men do, given hers is the "purest" of feminine energy) and it may be hard for her to retire those flirty ways. But if she wants to keep her Leo man, she'd better get to it!

Pisces Woman

It's important to realize that just because Pisces woman is all frou-frou and lace, this doesn't mean she can't be a bit of a tart. So before you commit to your Pisces chick, make sure she's committed to you, and you to her, because if she is and you're not, she will have no qualms about finding another knight in shining armor, and there is a line of them around the block for this woman! Treat your Pisces woman well and she will treat you like a king and she will make your home a palace. Cheat on her and she'll probably never get over it, so don't think about it!


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