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Leo Rising Explained

Updated on September 1, 2011

Your astrological ascendant is the sign that people will probably associate with you when they first meet you. If yours was in Leo when you were born, you will have many characteristics in common with the sun sign, and these will serve as a mask, so to speak. When people get to know you better, your sun sign will shine through more and you will seem less like your ascendant than they originally thought, but your rising sign will always be there to influence you throughout your life. To learn more about an ascendant in Leo, please see below!

First Impressions Are Everything

The rising sign is usually first out of the stall when it comes to making your first impression on the world and Leo rising is all about impressing! In typical Leo fashion, this ascendant will steal the stage the moment they arrive on the scene, and they will present themselves in a way you're not likely to forget. Regardless of their personal style and choice of clothing, they will be dressed in a way that makes you think they've got a personal stylist on hand somewhere. They will light up the room with their charm, and they will steal everyone else's thunder the moment the set foot in it. Whether or not they can keep that attention focused on them will depend on the rest of their chart, because, after all, this is Leo rising and not a full-blown Leo. But Leo is such a powerful sign that even a sliver of its influence can turn a person into someone everyone admires.


Biting Off More Than They Can Chew

Something Leo rising needs to be careful of is getting ahead of themselves and misjudging their abilities. This sign has so much drive, and has been so successful so many times, that they have a tendency to think themselves invincible -- particularly when it comes to business dealings. They will totally convince themselves that they can pull anything off if they set their mind to it, and they will then convince everyone else around them of the same. Most of the time they do manage to succeed in grand style, but if they do get in over their heads they are unlikely to admit this to themselves until it's too late, and by then the crew has already gone down with them. Therefore, Leo rising really needs to learn to separate ego from such dealings or they may be risking more than they realize.

Temper, Temper!

Leo is a fire sign, so Leo rising will have a temper to reckon with. Fortunately, it will not be quite as strong as Leo sun, but it will still be daunting! It will also pass relatively quickly once the immediate source of ire is dealt with. Generally speaking, however, Leo rising is a pretty happy soul who smiles far more often than they scowl. They do roar from time to time, but this is generally just for show and they aren't usually known to do more than make a lot of noise -- but that noise can certainly get them their own way, which is what they wanted in the first place! If you're romantically involved with a Leo rising sign, you will probably want to treat those flare ups the same as you would with a small child... don't give in or you will just be reinforcing the behavior!


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