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Leo Woman and Taurus Man

Updated on October 31, 2010

Leo woman and Taurus man will have some obstacles to overcome if they mean to stay together for a meaningful relationship. I don't say this to discourage them from trying, it's more of an objective observation, because they are so different in some forms of expression that minor (and perhaps major) clashes are bound to occur unless the two are very mature and have already learned to gel with people unlike themselves. Of course, they will gel perfectly in the boudoir, regardless -- but this is where you must step back and ask yourself if you're together for the right reasons, because passion is not enough to keep the ordinary going. So have a look at the compatibility of Leo woman and Taurus man and see if yours is a good match.

copyright Chris Brennan
copyright Chris Brennan

Leo Woman

Leo woman wants to rule the world, and probably will at some point. Just ask Madonna. Leo chick is very friendly and outgoing and she's earned her legions of admirers because she's just that damned cool, but she's also a bit of an elitist and this could annoy the more subtle Taurus man. Leo loves to be well-connected and she requires well-lined pockets -- whether they are hers, or those of one of the many who love to gift her with gems and other baubles. Truly, Leo woman might work at a gas station, but her closet probably looks like something that belongs on Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous! And Taurus man will enjoy helping her fill that closet, because he enjoys spending his money on high quality things. But he won't be able to relate to her nonstop need to go out and parade her baubles around town. He will likely view this need as showing off for no good reason, whereas Leo sees it more as her duty to show them off so they don't go to waste.

Taurus Man

Taurus man is sensual and earthy and Leo woman will be thrilled to find a man so talented in the boudoir! But he's also less dramatic than she is when it comes to proclaiming his feelings out of the bedroom, and this could make her feel he doesn't want her as much as he should. Leo woman is used to having men follow her round, but Taurus man is content to let her do her own thing, as long as that thing doesn't involve other men (because Taurus can be pretty jealous!). Leo woman will have to find some inner confidence that doesn't depend 100% on what she hears externally from her admirers -- she will just have to "know" that he adores her as much as he does, because if there is one thing you cannot do, it's change a Taurus man's nature!


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