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Lessons I’ve Learned From Loki

Updated on January 25, 2017
Nightcat profile image

Nightcat is a practicing witch who loves to write about Wicca and many of the Gods and Goddesses she’s had the pleasure to encounter.

Laughing With Himself

I wanted my carefully constructed photo of dancing flames here. Apparently we are going with the fox from His altar. Because it's funny and He likes funny.
I wanted my carefully constructed photo of dancing flames here. Apparently we are going with the fox from His altar. Because it's funny and He likes funny.

Celebrating The God of Laughter

Writer’s love to go on about our muse. We do, the problem is, when our muse seems stuck in a groove it is easy to ignore them. I have been trying for weeks now to write anything resembling an article, but it wouldn’t flow. Because I was way too wrapped up in, may my readers forgive me, what my readers would think of one more Loki article. That and I kept trying to construct the article to make me happy, when, you know, an article about Loki might actually have to please Him, just saying. Yet, I have to go with the flow. Because if I don’t He can apparently stonewall my creativity. That or I’m coo coo for cocoa puffs, one of the two. Probably a bit of both.

So this Hub will be a bit of a creative reboot for me. No, I don’t think I am going to become the Lokean writer who goes on about Loki twenty four seven. But if I did, you know what? That wouldn’t be a bad thing if I did. So, here we go with the lessons learned, for now. You will all likely catch me doing the exact opposite after I swear I’ve learned my lesson because I’m human like that.

As always all writing and photography are my creative work. All videos are included for educational and informational use only. If you own the copyright and want additional links and credit or something removed, please contact me.

Loki And Toys

He loves toys, hidden things, anything that catches His fancy. He's very inquisitive, the Gods love Him
He loves toys, hidden things, anything that catches His fancy. He's very inquisitive, the Gods love Him

I Have To Have Fun

How a God known for laughter and fun chose a person who laughs on the inside, I don’t know. Keep in mind as a little girl I was a regular giggle ball, but my family was rather strict, so... But He will actually bump or nudge me to get a smile at me, drag me into the living room to binge on MLP or deep six my playlist if He thinks I need a good laugh. And I do my best, even if I am rather quiet by nature, but He is right.

We adults forget how to have fun after a while. Life becomes survival, paying bills, keeping ourselves fed and clothed and all the other daily dramas we put up with, and it is hard to forget laughter and play is vital to the human condition. Heck, I played cane hockey in the park recently, and although I blushed mightily to realize I had an audience it did me good and it was a day walking mostly without the cane, so, yay!

If you have never played cane hockey, you really should. Reverse your cane, using the handle as the blade of your stick, and bat around, say, a baseball or other round object you’ve found. More fun going downhill while trying to keep your “puck” on the path. Silly? Yes, but fun!

Loki loves it when we have fun when we are silly and He doesn’t expect us to go overboard, just once in a while, remember to have fun. Or as He is bumping me to write, I swear to the Gods He is: “Why so Sirius?”

Loki Gets No Grace

I Need To Listen To Him

I am not sure why, but among Lokeans there seem to be groups that need to tell you that You’re Doing It Wrong. Maybe they mean well, maybe they don’t. But they will push their ideas of how to serve Him as Right and your ideas as Wrong. Seriously, have they actually worked with Him? Mine likes His Pinterest page and me sharing altar and offering photos, but that is just for me. It isn’t a brand new rule for you, because there are no rules.

Yes, I know, I have all the books that tell you Loki likes color X, food Y and music Z and don’t you forget it! For a lot of people that might well be true, and a structure to work from is not a bad thing, but for a lot more folks it simply isn’t. We went through the red phase, where I insisted He take red because so and so said it was His sacred color. While He enjoys a touch of red, He also insists on every other color from me.

Again, not a new rule for you, but once I started listening to what He wanted specifically from me (not you or anyone else), I got a lot better results. Remember, none of us owns Loki or gets to write the rule book for serving Him. We can share what works for us and it is wonderful to do so, but that’s all we can do.

Loki's Completed Altar Room

Well, completed for now Mine has very strong connections to Japan and tengus. Long story. He is taking over La Santa's space, but She doesn't mind.
Well, completed for now Mine has very strong connections to Japan and tengus. Long story. He is taking over La Santa's space, but She doesn't mind.

Loki Is The God Of Whatever He Darn Well Pleases

I’ve seen Loki manifest fire magic and control over flames, though you don’t have to look long or hard to find people discrediting the idea of Him being a God of anything, let alone fire. Honestly to me it doesn’t matter. I’ve seen Him do it. I’ve also seen Him manifest control over air, again, I’m not going to sit here and pretend I know how He does it or even what Loki really is, and I think He likes that.

To some He is wildfire, makes sense given that He was born of a lightning bolt striking either leaves (Laufey) or pine needles (Nal) or both as multiple mothers were not uncommon for Norse Gods. Now that story can just be a metaphor based on His parents’ names, or perhaps something more, but Loki will do, by and large, as He pleases.

He also gives gifts and does whatever else He feels like. And I’ve never seen Odin or anyone else for that matter, manifest and tell Him no. In my experience as long as Loki has His mischief managed He can go ahead and do as He pleases and the others have better things to do.

My Little Pony Tomodachi wa Mahou "Smile Smile Smile" in Japanese (Guess Who His Favorite Pony Is?)

The Is No Pinning Him Down

Not just because He is a God, either. Loki, more than any other God I’ve dealt with, will become whatever we think He is. There are people who get Marvel Loki and I’m cool with that. Many get the redhead, and my Loki (as in the tiny bit of Him I get, I feel we all get our own) has shown up a redhead, but also dark haired and once as a blond. I’m still processing that one. The truth is our Gods don’t have bodies in the same way we do, and being a shapeshifter He can have any color he wants or none at all if it so pleases Him.

As to what He is actually the God of? In my experience, and please don‘t apply this to your own, He will say “Yes.” to almost anything if He’s in the mood to. Some of it is silly nonsense, such as being the literal Lord of Cats and Gods of Kittens, some of it is titles people gave Him for fun He glommed onto like Lord of Flies, or God of Mischief. And as He has been accounted to have been female at least twice (and likely every other gender) we can’t pin him down. And to me, that’s a wonderful thing. I like a bit of mystery in my God.

Lunch With Loki

I broke down and bribed Him with spicy shin bowls and matcha tea for us both. I have no pride.
I broke down and bribed Him with spicy shin bowls and matcha tea for us both. I have no pride.

He Is My Patron

Yes, I’ve said it, but saying it and knowing it are two different things. To seal the deal, long story short, I had to move my sleeping quarters, and ended up at Loki’s urging, bringing in a stick to fix the openly gay path altar up. And then His salt lamp and finally a table that was Ogou’s altar though Ogou was never happy there, because, well, because.

So, now the new altar and a real, call the quarters ritual with music, rattling and everything. And feating, and well, the experience convinced me He is my Paton, and it isn’t me being deluded. The table was always His, even done in colors I’ve known from childhood but didn’t match poor Ogou. Gods will, in my experience, take things so another can operate more easily if you aren’t ready to face that one yet.

Papa Ogou got moved to the altar he’d always longed for, and I know I have a patron as everything as I am. But that is Loki being Loki. He was always here and as I will work faster and better with a gay or trans path, He will do that. Although I've experienced Him as mostly straight and certainly fully male. He can certainly be a male, and a charming one at that, and appears as a male, but just as often as female or something better than both.

Even the path I’d call predominantly straight, well, He will vouch some UPG bi stories and just shrug. It isn’t that big a deal among the Gods, nor is monogamy. But that’s my experience. I can see though how straight people would have a different experience. And I want to make it clear, I’d still love and honor Him as a straight male, that just isn’t my experience, and my experience is not meant to invalidate yours, nor is either of us wrong, just different.

Let's Duel!

What Makes Your Loki Happier?

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My Personal Experience

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