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Let this New Year bring the Golden Age for all of us!

Updated on December 31, 2015

Change is imminent!

Dawn of the Golden Age!

The world is waiting for the dawn of New Year with hope and anxiety! Hoping, that at least in the New Year, things must improve, let us remove the anxiety for the deteriorating conditions everywhere! Let us examine the very concept of New Year. People wait for the midnight bells to ring to celebrate with pomp and show, dance and drink. In the Churches, special Mass may be conducted. Everywhere, there will be songs and prayers. OK. What exactly is a New Year? The passing of each second is counted and 60 such seconds is indicated as one minute. Thus, time is measured in hours, days, weeks, months and finally years. Hence if you consider deeply, it is a passage of a second and beginning of a new second!

Many people wait for many months so that they may shed their bad habits like smoking and drinking in the New Year. Why wait till a New Year is dawn? When you decide on a noble venture, every second is holy and new. One need not wait for the dawn of New Year as such!

In India New Years are celebrated only during March-April. Here we celebrate all the festivals only after Sunrise and not during night time. The presence of Sun and hence light is considered as bright and holy. Well, each country differs in cultures and it depends upon the weather systems and other considerations. Whatever may be the difference, let us all pray that the New Year brings prosperity and happiness to one and all in the entire world. None should be degraded or judged. Only out of ignorance, certain people behave in a violent way. Let us pray the Almighty to grant them wisdom to correct their behavior and ways.

There should be no paucity of food and other resources. In fact, god has provided food for the entire humanity. It is because of the selfishness and greed of some, many people are deprived of their basic needs. Hence everyone should try to relinquish their selfishness and thus the big ego. Let all people in all the world remain happy must be our daily prayer to God!

All people want peace, happiness and prosperity. But the ways adopted by some are really deplorable. I have cherished one great message from a great one which states:

Duty with Love is desirable!

Love without duty is Divine!

It may be noted that the best quality in the world is only Love. If that love becomes selfless, we start serving the poor and distressed in a best way. The selfless man has no trace of ego in himself and hence everyone starts admiring him and respects him spontaneously.

We may follow certain positive attitudes at least in the New Year. All we witness in the outer world is just a passing show and is not real. Everything, every moment changes for certain. Nothing remains static in the mortal world. Hence we must avoid unnecessary worries over hapless conditions. If you consider time itself as a big circle, we are returning to the starting point of time once again wherein we can witness glorious tidings everywhere very shortly. These are prophesies of many, and bad times are sure to pass. We are nearing the outer edge of a dark tunnel from where we can surely witness light, love and freedom for one and all. Let us forget the hoary past when the intensity of sufferings of most of the people was severe due to multitudes of reasons. There will be no more such gruel tragedies and humanity as a whole will rise as the phoenix bird from the ashes of destruction!

I wish the hub community “Happiest New Year” for one and all including the staff and administrators of the nice forum!

The one dominant thought!


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 23 months ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you from heart.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 23 months ago from london

      Thoughtful Hub and a great beacon for happiness. Why wait indeed!! Behold! Now is the day; the accepted time. Nice colours.