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Let us wish for a very happy peaceful and harmonious New Year now!

Updated on January 1, 2017

Happy Wishes for New Year!

Faith and Hope bring the Grace of the Lord on Human race!

Wishing a very happy, bright and prosperous New Year for the members of our esteemed forum, I would like to share a few things among us. Love is the supreme power in the cosmos. It is not money, properties and friendship. The ego acts as a big hurdle in the progress and evolution of human race. If we go through the history of mankind throughout the past many centuries, one thing becomes clear. Everything, every experience and each relationship is fragile and momentary. What is lasting is only pure selfless love which is the source of creation, sustenance and absorption! The supreme love is the base for everything. In fact, God allows everyone to choose their ways and means. God is not a dictator and he has ordained everyone to use their intelligence and discriminating power to choose good over vice. But, due to freedom of choice, man mostly chooses ‘pleasures over good’. Pleasures derived from the senses are enticing in the beginning but in the long run, it will plunge man in grief! We have read in the Bible, how the first pair was enticed by the forbidden fruit and landed in bondage! This is the beginning of the miseries of human race. With the wrong choice of the first pair, everyone started following their footsteps and landed in peril and frustration!

When pain and sufferings become unbearable, man strives to find out the reasons behind his agitations. It was not easy. It took many years of contemplation of few blessed minds who found the cause to be in their own choices. Paths and routes may be many. But man has to choose wisely! After thousands of years of mundane life, some wise people realized that human life is not meant for enjoying pleasures of the senses. Even the insects, birds and animals enjoy their food, shelter and companions. In what way, man is superior? It is the discriminating capacity and thinking power that differentiates human from other species. With the greatest priceless asset in his possession, man wanders here and there searching for happiness and unadulterated joy. But he never realizes that he cannot obtain ceaseless joy from the things external to him. But the pull of the senses is very forceful. In a way, we can compare it to gravitational forces. We know how much force is needed for the rockets to go beyond the gravitational effects of earth? Hence to win over the pulls of the senses, we need to shed the body attachment or body consciousness. We should never crave for anything. In fact desires because great harm to humanity. All desires stem only from attachment to body! Hence everyone need to practice certain fundamental discipline to quell the thoughts which turn into desires!

All the while, we are habituated to catering to the needs and desires of the body. The mind is concerned with a particular body. Mind cannot exist independent of a body. Mind derives its existence in association with a vehicle called body. The body is absolutely inert material. It moves, pulsates with the help of the breath which is otherwise called life force. Doctors pronounce ‘death’, once life breath leaves. Sometimes they say that the patient is ‘brain dead’ and harvest his organs for transplantation to other patients whose organs have been damaged! It includes even heart, liver and kidneys. In spite of nine holes in the points, the breath is inhaled and exhaled involuntarily. If we are aware of the breathing during the day time, who cares for the breath during sleep? No doubt, it is the supreme creator who takes care of all lives when they sleep. Even during the waking state, he is the constant accomplice as the indweller in every soul. But we ignore the fact that God is the permanent indweller and mute witness of all that happens inside and outside. In fact, God never interferes in the affairs of beings since he has vested man with the mind and discriminating power! Out of his own volition man indulges in many acts for which he has to undergo the results! Had he surrendered all his thoughts, words and actions, god will assume the responsibility of such people and they will never incur either sin or merit, which is the prime force to decide our rebirths on earth. We witness that most of the people in the world are suffering due to natural calamities, political unrest, economical blockades and terrorist actions. They find it difficult to live in their own countries. Many people became refugees and they seek asylum in adjacent countries. But due to the influx of more and more people, many countries bar the refugees from entering inside.

There is none in the world who can set right the globe in right direction. It is only in the realm of God to set right the abysmal condition of the world. When more than 90% of world population suffers due to many miseries, God will not stand quiet. He has a grand plan to reverse the condition of the world. As the deterioration of human life conditions took a long time, corrections too will take time. We need to maintain patience and have Faith in the will of God! Above all let us not lose hope and Faith in Providence!


New Year 2017

A Happy New Year!

Do you believe in God's grace will restore Peace and Harmony among Nations and People?

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