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Lets see what peace is

Updated on January 2, 2016
#foothills of himalyas #sirmaur #markanda #river #water #sunset #beautiful
#foothills of himalyas #sirmaur #markanda #river #water #sunset #beautiful | Source

How do we define peace ?

What is Peace ? First we need to answer this question ourselves. Peace is the absence of worry. Peace is a condition of deep satisfaction. It is verily that moment when you dont need anything else to feel complete. It is the time when your mind has no desires. Peace is the moment where we can sit forever and still be joyous as one is after sex or taking that good drug which gives temporary High but the difference is this High is Permanent.

A man in peace wouldnt hurt anyone because he knows he doesnt need to. Only a guy frustrated in himself would try to make others feel bad too by hurting them. A man at peace doesnt step in conflicts and get involved in them. But a man at peace either ignores the conflict or goes between the two parties and shocks them both by ending their ignorance. A man at peace is a spectator of Truth and carries these spectacles everywhere with Him. He makes everyone wear his spectacles whenever someone comes to him with his or her problems. He only helps other see the truth. He has no sorrows in him like the people who visit him. He is full of peace and wants other also to see Truth and shed their ignorance.

But doesn't peace means we should become still like stones ? Sitting at one place, not moving from here to there. A stone is always at peace with itself. No matter whats going on around it, but the stone doesn't stand up and say " Hey keep your voices down ? I am Meditating " . That would be funny, hahaha. A human thrives in order to satisfy his sensual desires. By being like a stone aren't we trying to end the human in us. Like a stone has no sensual desires, a man at peace too should not have any sensual desires. Life is the moving fluid in you moving you to all the places in the world. Life is the will in you to complete your desires and satisfy your senses. By being at peace as you end the desire to satisfy your senses aren't we implying to End the very Life in ourselves.
Is this Peace, Yes This very Moment where You and I Stop to think about world, We are at PEACE.



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