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Letting go of the Fruits of bitterness

Updated on February 17, 2013

Bitter apples

We all hear about the fruits of the spirit. Love, Peace, Joy in the Holy Ghost, just to name a few. That is what we all need to strive for.

There are some fruits of the flesh. They are fruits that cause hurt to ourselves and others. Self destruction instead of self control, Hatred instead of love. Depression instead of joy. Bitterness instead of forgiveness.

I have been guilty of this especially lately with bitterness. This last week has been a rough one. I allowed the seeds of unforgiveness to get back into my heart. Something happened that brought up all the old junk. Some stuff that really hurt me growing up was kind of thrown back in my face. That pain was happening all over again. I thought something had changed, and it came back. Instead of praying and asking the Lord to help me through it. I got angry, I got bitter.

I spent a week basically fighting things in the flesh that I haven't fought in a while. I felt the world trying to creep back in on me and I didn't understand what was happening. Then last night I felt the Lord guiding my heart to the place where the problem was. Unforgiveness, bitterness.

I cried out to Jesus and repented. I asked forgiveness for my bitterness and anger. I asked Him to help me remove the junk in there from my past that was coming up because of the stuff happening in the present. My heart was hurting. I was upset at myself for letting that anger back in.

It's hard when it seems like something happens over and over again, but the bible says I should forgive seventy times seven. Regardless of who it is, or what it is, if I hold the anger and bitterness in me, I am sinning just as bad.

Lord help me to always hold love in my heart and forgiveness in my heart. Help me to know that the only person that anger is damaging is me.

That being said, I can forgive without setting myself up for more pain.

God bless everyone!


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