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Levels of Spiritual Development #1 Theme Introduction

Updated on February 16, 2018

Sooner or later each person begins to wonder about his place in this world and the purpose of his incarnation in it. There are many theories, the authors of which try to give more or less grounded answers to these questions.

One of such theories is the theory of the levels of spiritual development, which was created by isoterics and the philosopher Isset Kotelnikova.

Based on the basic approach, according to which a person has the Higher Self and the Lower Self, she singled out 7 levels of spiritual development: red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and violet. It should be remembered that the name of the levels of spiritual development by colors is conditional and has no relation, for example, with chakras. The higher self, the spirit, evolves from incarnation to incarnation, successively passing level after level.

So, on the red level of spiritual development we must learn to survive.

At the orange level of the spiritual development we research the world around us.

The task of the yellow level of spiritual development is to learn how to manage people and resources. It is the "yellows" rule the world.

On the green level of spiritual development, we part with our Ego and turn to our soul. We learn to accept and humble, understanding our destiny.

At the cyan level of spiritual development, the person again "meets" with his will, but this time not for satisfaction of his own interests, but for changing the world.

We will not meet persons with a blue level of spiritual development in the ordinary society. They do not need to incarnate in our world. If they come to it, then to manage the energies of the world.

The violet level of spiritual development is the level of personality that has come to make a global shift in the consciousness of people of all other levels.

Each of us must go through all these levels. Sometimes the passage of one level takes several reincarnations. Sometimes the successful transition from level to level is hampered by so-called "tails" from the previous level.

Follow us to learn more about each level of spiritual development and how to work with "tails".

Why it is important to know about the levels of spiritual development?

Before we start to characterize each level of spiritual development, it is necessary to answer the question of why we need to know about these levels. What is the practical significance of such knowledge?

We can talk about two ways of practical use of such knowledge.

First, it can facilitates our communication in society. Remember the situation from your life when you explained to someone the obvious things, but the person did not understand you. What did you feel? Perhaps it irritated you? Or did you think that a person does it on purpose to annoy you or not to take responsibility? Of course, it could be so. But more often a person sincerely does not understand what you want from him. It's like if you explain quantum physics to a little child. As you know, for successful communication there is a classical model, the picture of which you see here.

The possibility to assume that the interlocutor has a certain level of spiritual development and knowledge of the tasks and features of this level largely determines the success of communication.

The second way of using knowledge about the levels of spiritual development is self-improvement, self-knowledge. This self-assessment and self-analysis gives us the impetus for further self-development. By analyzing each level of spiritual development, we will focus on the main tasks that need to be worked out.

From what I would like to warn you from the very beginning, it is from spiritual pride. Often people, realizing that they are at a higher level of spiritual development, begin to think that they are better than those who are on a lower level. This is not true. Those who are at a lower level of spiritual development, not worse. They are just small. We do not believe that a three-year-old child is worse than six, and a six-year-old child is worse than a ten-year-old. So it is with the levels of spiritual development. We go through them all.

Our evolution on the levels of spiritual development

One of the most common questions is why are we here? Why do we incarnate? The whole point is that the question is the only way for us to evolve. Our personality, the lower self, evolves, which gives our higher self a chance to improve.

How does it look, our first incarnation, from the point of view of the evolution of the levels of spiritual development? On this first incarnation we are still small, our Lower and our Higher Self are on the red level of spiritual development, the main task on which is to learn how to survive.

As a person learns the wisdom of survival, interest in the world around him and his desire for learning it appear. So the Lower Self begins to move to the next level of spiritual development - orange. After death, during the inter-incarnation period, the Higher Self "absorbs" the experience of the Lower Self and gradually also rises to the next level. And so level by level. An important point! In the next incarnation, we still start it from the red level, as shown in the figure below. And a little explanation. The figure in the picture "reincarnation 1", "reincarnation 2" is made to show that in one incarnation we can rise only one level. So if our Higher Self is at the yellow level, then as a result of the incarnation we will necessarily reach the yellow level and can reach the green, but not cyan (it is one exception in the theory, but we'll tell about it later). On the other hand the passage of one level can last 2 and 3 or more incarnations.

Can we determine at what level of spiritual development our Higher Self is? There are several indirect indicators.

The first is the speed of your life. The more events occur in your life, the quicker "pictures" change, the more likely that your Higher Self is at a sufficiently high level of spiritual development.

The second indicator is your inner circle. Usually an infant comes to families with people of approximately the same level of spiritual development as his Higher Self has. When we take a closer look at the characteristics of each level, you will be able to evaluate yourself according to this criterion.

Your basic values also characterize your level of spiritual development.

We will be glad to answer your questions :)

Sincerely yours, Ms. Tedda

Why it is important to know about the levels of spiritual development?
Why it is important to know about the levels of spiritual development?
Our evolution on the levels of spiritual development
Our evolution on the levels of spiritual development

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