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Levels of spiritual development # 3: Orange level of spiritual development

Updated on February 23, 2018

Having fulfilled the main task of the Red Level of Spiritual Development, which, as we remember, consists in mastering the ability to survive, we are ready to master the next task - the knowledge of the world around us. Thus, we move to the next Level of Spiritual Development - the Orange. Such a transition does not occur immediately.

Having mastered survival skills, the person gets the opportunity to pay more attention to the surrounding world. Thus, having been born again on the Red Level of Spiritual Development, a person gradually begins to notice that there are people who do not live like him. The result of this will be a review by the personality of her life values.

I will remind you that the main values of the Red Level of Spiritual Development is the ability to survive. It finds its manifestation in the desire to make reserves, not to stand out, observance of rituals and customs of ancestors.

The main life value of the Orange Level of Spiritual Development is the knowledge of the surrounding world. The task of knowing the world around us is achieved through a variety of practical activities. A person, who is on the Orange Level of Spiritual Development, seeks to try as much as possible. At the same time, the Orange do not go deep into the knowledge of each type of activity. Having barely understood the basic principles, they are looking for new impressions. Thus, a person who is on the Orange Level of Spiritual Development is distinguished by some superficiality.

We can well imagine this superficiality on the example of the 12-24 age period (the cycles of Jupiter), when the person learns the world around him. The difference is that the person who is at the Orange Level of Spiritual Development, as it were, remains at this age's positions concerning life for the whole his life.

A distinctive feature of the Orange Level of Spiritual Development is also the favorable attitude towards the Orange from the side of the Universe. The orange Level of Spiritual Development does not imply the existence of significant material resources. At the same time, knowledge of the surrounding world requires such resources. The Universe solves this problem by providing Orange with opportunities to implement their desires. The Oranges are accompanied by Freebie. They rarely have anything in their property (like a car, real estate). But they can get them for use. This is a "great period of gifts." Hence the Orange have the peculiar relationship to the God. God for them is one who gives them different opportunities, protects them and loves them.

It must also be said that knowing the world around us is not always safe. But with regard to the Orange, the Universe seems to guard them against problems. If something bad happens, it is not due to the fulfillment of the tasks of the Orange Level of Spiritual Development, but to the karma of a particular person.

The Orange live today and now. They do not plan for the future, because they are sure that the world around them is kind to them and will always support them.

The main criteria for choosing a place of work for the Orange - the presence of interest and the lack of strict framework. Most often they prefer freelancing as the organization of works and creative professions as a field of activity. Career aspirations are alien to them. They do not want to become a leader, because they do not want to take responsibility.

Orange likes to stand out from the crowd. They are trying not to be like everyone else, this is why they are often look unusual.

With the Orange, it may be difficult to have a relationship for those who seek stability. Orange prefer relationships without mutual responsibilities.

The industry for Orange is an entertainment industry, unusual goods stores, discount websites. Money is valued by the Orange only with their ability to give the opportunity to gain a new experience. Orange will never save. Discounts only attract them as an opportunity to get what they are interested in.

Orange sympathizes with the Reds. They believe that the Reds miss all the charms of life.

A vivid example of the movement of the Orange is the movement of the hippies.

© 2018 mstedda


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