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Liberty or Freedom?

Updated on June 15, 2012

Liberty or Freedom?

In the search for personal fulfillment, most people neither make the choice nor understand the difference between liberty and freedom, but we all must live in either one or the other. The world promises you freedom, yet seldom delivers even that. For most people freedom means the freedom to make their own mistakes and surprisingly people value that freedom, preferring to face the problems that freedom brings than to submit to any authority that provides liberty, but cannot allow total freedom.

Authority must impose restrictions on freedom, or by definition, it is not the authority it claims to be. An army that allowed its soldiers to exercise total freedom of action would be a rabble of self interest groups without leadership. All authority carries with it responsibility. Therefore, all responsibility must proffer authority. Liberty is the acceptance of a common code, which allows free choice within defined boundaries.

Jesus, faced with the greatest challenge of His life, chose to do His Fathers will, not His own. That is choosing liberty over freedom. Jesus was free to do whatever He wished, but chose to do what He knew was required, not what He wanted to do. In choosing we align ourselves with the authority we choose to serve.

The motto of satanic authority is “do as you will is the extent of the law”. Witchcraft or Wicca as they like to describe it nowadays, adds to that the words “lest it hurts no-one” which attempts to make it a rational statement in today’s humanistic world.

The truth is that “do as you will” in whatever dressing it appears is a recipe for disaster, because it leads to chaos and chaos always leads to authoritarian control being enforced to restore order. Dictators throughout history have always used chaos, as a weapon to seize power, and Satan is no different, because he was authorised to control the actions of those other dictators.

Play this while you read....?

When we chose ‘freedom’, we actually lose our liberty.

God gives us free will, but also offers that we can submit that free will to His authority. In effect what He says is “Submit to my authority and I will extend my perfect will over your life” As God knows the beginning from the end, He knows all things, so it makes sense to allow the author of all things to guide your thoughts, actions and plans.

You will have no problem reaching your destination when the person directing your travel knows exactly the best route for you to take, and you follow their directions.

The world, conversely, offers no such guarantee.

Popular world phrases tell us “there are no certainties except taxes and death”.

The mental mindset of humanity is based on insecurity, which persuades people that if only they had… they could be happy, they would be secure. This deception leads people to spend the whole of their life effort seeking material wealth, assets and personal power that in truth offer no long-term peace.

Another popular world statement runs “I’ve been rich and miserable and I’ve been poor and miserable, and I know which is better”.

This presumes that all people will be miserable, whatever their circumstances. Yet Gods word tells us that when we trust our lives to God, we will “have peace that surpasses understanding in all things” and any person who is truly letting God direct their lives will endorse the truth in this.

We lose our peace when we lose our relationship with God, and we lose that relationship with God, when we chose to exercise our free will to dictate our actions, rather than allow God to guide us through our chosen liberty in Him. God will never infringe upon our free will; Satan is constantly seeking to get us to exercise our free will, because he knows it breaches our relationship with God. This separation allows our worldly decisions to create situations that, if left unchecked, will lead us further away from God and His peace, and further into the world and it’s humanistic uncertainty.

We humans are truly a ‘stiff-necked and stubborn people’ who instinctively reject authority and seek individuality. This is not surprising, because the ‘Prince of the World’, a.k.a. Satan and Lucifer has a spirit of rebellion, first demonstrated to God in Heaven, now demonstrated on earth through his various possessions.

Don’t believe you belong to Satan?

Well despite it being a vile thought, by an accident of birth, you were born into his kingdom, and just like your physical passport states that you are a ‘citizen of….’ In the same way, your spiritual passport is stamped ‘citizen of the kingdom of Lucifer’. The good news is that you can change this so that it reads ‘citizen of the Kingdom of God’.

But like all things, as God gave you free will, you must choose to do so, you must make the application to change your status and you must agree to comply with the conditions attached to citizenship of that new environment.

You must choose liberty or freedom.

Who you belong to is a crucial issue for us humans, because whatever you have believed, we are eternal entities. We will cease to exist in our present physical form, but we will exist for eternity in spirit and soul. So it makes sense to choose the best place to spend that eternity, and the best company to spend it with.

In this world, we cannot even get to choose our relatives, but when we leave this world, we will co-exist for eternity, with people who have all agreed to the same things we have. They will have all either chosen Gods liberty, or Satan’s ‘freedom’.

Take a moment to consider who chooses which way and consider carefully whether you would like to spend ETERNITY with them.

Satan’s kingdom may look like a wild and wonderful party to the casual or bored and rebellious observer, but like all parties, it looses its luster when things get extreme and it’s time to leave, but cannot.

Also remember that when chaos is the order of the day, gatecrashers will do 'as they will'. When you choose freedom, you have no right to control other people’s actions.

Once the parties over, you feel empty again. It’s this emptiness that drives people to suicide one way or another. People drink, eat, or otherwise abuse themselves to death because they are searching for a personal fulfillment that is impossible to find in Satan’s domain.

You will take on the characteristics of the domain you are living in.

Satan has proven that by waging war against God, he has a rebellious and dysfunctional personality. Even a dog knows that to attack its master is a dumb thing to do, with no possible win situation. We destroy mad dogs.

"If your god gave me free will, why can't I choose to ignore him"

The truth is. you can. God did give you that option, but in doing so He was faced with a dilema... where could He put you upon your death if you did not want to be with Him?

The answer was easy.

God has created the one place in His creation where He will not be present, and where ALL those who reject His grace and mercy can be with each other. But do think carefully before you chose to spend eternity there, because it will contain ALL of those throught history who have rejected God.

Think about that, because God will not be there to stop them indulging their desire to 'do as they will'

Which choice have you made?

When you choose to live at liberty in Gods Kingdom, you receive a complete and unchanging set of instructions that will allow you to co-exist with you fellow citizens, providing that you follow them, rather than try to find ways around them.

You assume responsibilities as a condition of citizenship, and are allowed authority in accordance with your ability to carry out your responsibilities. Gods Kingdom is a kingdom of order not chaos. This does not mean that every thing is always done in the same way; it simply means that the principals applicable to doing anything are clearly defined. Citizens may be individuals, within the structure allowed by Gods liberty.

Bob Dylan sung it, and it's still true...

"Ya gotta serve somebody..."

Who will you serve?


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    • prasetio30 profile image


      11 years ago from malang-indonesia

      It remembering me to pray a lot. Thanks

    • aguasilver profile imageAUTHOR

      John Harper 

      11 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      Hi Rob,

      I have no doubt his cleverness has led many astray, he was an attractive concept to inquiring minds!

      Buy Christ is better, and He's still alive!

    • Rob-Jr profile image


      11 years ago from Warrensburg, Mo.

      "When you choose to live at liberty in Gods Kingdom, you receive a complete and unchanging set of instructions that will allow you to co-exist with you fellow citizens, providing that you follow them, rather than try to find ways around them." Great point aguasilver!

      Understanding freewill and faith is one of the most difficult task that many believers and non-believer alike have a difficult time grasping. Thank for the great hub!

      on another note I would have to concur that you can not judge a book by it cover. Crowley, was allot of things to include uniquely crafty at hiding things with in his works even Regardie did not truly understand him. Yet I do wonder if his cleverness has resulted in leading many astray.

    • aguasilver profile imageAUTHOR

      John Harper 

      11 years ago from Malaga, Spain

      Hi tantrum... got the poem, it is strange but has beauty, yes I may have quoted Crowley, I studied him for a while in an earlier existence and used his deck for a while, though I favoured the French set! People can be evil AND beautiful, after all Lucifer WAS the leader of praise in the heavenlies and is (or can appear) as a beautiful entity. Equally people can be good and quite repulsive to mankind... we can never judge a book by the cover!

    • tantrum profile image


      11 years ago from Tropic of Capricorn

      I see you quote Crowley. I like Crowley a lot. But he wasn't evil at all. he was dark, just like me LOL. For some people that's a confusion. Nothing wrong with him, he was a joker lol! Do you know his poetry ? I'm sending you one. Cheers !


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