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Libra Man and Scorpio Woman

Updated on February 28, 2011

Libra man and Scorpio woman are likely to encounter a few bumps on the road to love and romance. It's not that they won't find each other fascinating in the beginning, it's more that they won't really know where to go from there once they start dating. It will take several well-placed aspects in the respective natal charts to see these through to times of bliss, if such an experience in the cards for them (and it may be!). To learn more about the relationship between the Libra man and Scorpio woman, please do read on!

copyright Tavmjong
copyright Tavmjong

Libra Man

Libra man is very charming and he has a natural ability to sweep most women right off of their tootsies. He's got that boyish smile and warmth that so many women are drawn to, and he'll be well used to having the ladies flock to him. And this is precisely why Scorpio woman will throw him for a very big loop -- Scorpio woman sees through anything and everything, and she will not be impressed with that charm or that smile, unless it's absolutely genuine (and it will only take her about 5 seconds to determine whether or not it is!) If she finds him worthy of her attentions, she'll sit back and let him think he's making progress, but she'll be so subdued about the whole thing that Libra will never really know *how much* progress he's making, and this will make him feel very out of sync. And an out of sync Libra can be downright depressed. Fortunately, Scorpio's are very good at helping people through that sort of gloom, because they've experienced it firsthand in their own lives. So if Scorpio woman decides to stick around with her Libra man, he'll be very lucky indeed.

Scorpio Woman

Scorpio woman will admire Libra man's ability to charm and bedazzle, but she will be highly suspicious of his intentions. And even when she feels secure with them, she'll still watch him carefully to see if they change even the slightest. She does enjoy his intellect and his ability to argue. Scorpio woman is very good at holding her own in an argument, and she doesn't enjoy losing to anyone, but there is something about the way Libra man argues that makes it seem ok, if not a bit sexy as well. Romantically, however, Scorpio woman is likely to be less than enthusiastic about his advances, because, to her mind, they lack the necessary passion. It's possible that she may have enough passion for both of them, but if she can't draw him out of himself and into her world, she may find the relationship too dissatisfying to continue.


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