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Libra Personality Traits: 5 Thing You Should Know About Librans

Updated on July 11, 2018
Oscar West profile image

Oscar West is an astrology geek and (self-proclaimed) cool dad who likes sharing his passion in philosophy and astrology.

The sign most concerned about balance, Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac chart. Librans are people born between September 24 to October 23. With Venus as its ruling planet, they govern beauty, charm, and harmony.

Air or the intellect is the element associated with Libra, which is why they are thinkers who use their mind to solve problems. And because they are thinkers, they also like sharing their ideas. Even when people don’t agree with those, they would still listen and act well-behaved around Librans because of how nice they are.

Here are some of the other things about Librans that can help you understand yourself and the other Librans in your life.

Libra Personality Traits

Like its word of origin and symbol, Librans’ greatest strength is staying fair and balanced even in challenging situations. Whether it’s in friendships, business, or love, they can quickly solve disputes and be admired by people for finding solutions

Librans can be quite vain because they believe that being attractive can bring them very far in life. Despite that, they are serious, charming, and graceful, with a good sense of humor.

Although often surrounded by people because of their natural charm, they often demand space when pressured or crowded. Interestingly enough, they also would put pressure on others when they want to. They do not like being rushed.

At Their Best and Their Worst

Libras are intelligent people who are very observant and like to think ahead. Despite that, they still are fun-loving and quirky. However, they tend to hide behind the mask of confidence.

On the inside, they also doubt themselves, can be lazy, and avoidant, all of which are total opposites of what they show the world as who they are.

Libra as a Friend

Because of their charm, Librans attract people towards them, so they often have a lot of friends with them. They like being around people whom they can spread harmony and peace. Their fondness for maintaining friendships works well with their trait as good mediators, as they can solve problems and disputes.

Unfortunately, they’re not very good at keeping secrets and can be mean or outspoken, resulting in them unintentionally upsetting the people they care.

Libra as a Love Partner

They are romantics who want to have the perfect partner and would wait for that person no matter how long that takes. An ideal partnership means being at peace and in harmony with their partner.

They like a fairytale romance, and an Aquarius is the right person to fulfill that need. A Libran lover is creative and expressive but still balanced.

A heartbreak may cause insecurity for a Libran, but they also tend to find a replacement in no time—thanks to their charisma.

The Health of a Libran

Libra governs the lumbar region or the lower back and kidneys, but they are susceptible to the weakness of the back, lumbago, and troubles in the kidneys and bladder.

They need to control what they eat and drink, as it may cause damage to the kidneys and must drink a lot of water. Clarity in their relationships may promote balance in their body.

Through astrology, you can have a better grasp of how the Libran—or just about any other person of a Zodiac sign—mind works.


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