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Libra Woman and Aquarius Man

Updated on February 28, 2011

The Libra woman and Aquarius man combination isn't likely to be the most romantic or passionate relationship in the world, but it could be a very warm relationship regardless. They will have differences that may seem fairly significant at times, but the friendship that will form the basis of this relationship is what will keep these two together through good times and bad. If they've got helpful aspects in their astrological charts, there may be more passion and fire than one might typically expect in this pairing, but if not, it could still be a good thing. If nothing else, a great friendship is likely to develop. To learn more about the astrological love match between the Libra woman and Aquarius man, see below!

copyright Tavmjong
copyright Tavmjong

Libra Woman

Libra woman is fair and balanced, but she's also pretty cheerful and playful. This will suit the Aquarius man well, because he's got a childlike quality about him that will be drawn to her open and fun nature. In this respect, these two are a very good match. Libra woman is too balanced to try to lead the relationship, or talk her Aquarius man into doing anything he doesn't want to do, and this will appeal to him greatly, because if there is one thing an Aquarius man doesn't do well, it's conform to someone else's demands. That's not to say Libra woman won't take issue with his flakiness, however, and if Aquarius man wants to keep her round for the long haul, he will need to take care to show her how dependable he can be, because cancellations and flaking out can really get on her nerves (as they would with any woman!)

Aquarius Man

Aquarius man seems very laid back and easy going on the surface, and for the most part he is. But this doesn't mean he's quick to commit to a relationship and it doesn't mean he's easily persuaded when he's set his mind to something. This could really annoy a Libra woman if she feels he's not being reasonable or logical about something. Also, Aquarius man can take quite a long time to decide how he really feels about someone, and Libra woman may have a very hard time getting a read on how he feels. If he waits too long to decide, or give her some kind of signal, he may be stuck with friendship and friendship alone, because she will not sit around and wait for him to determine whether or not she's worthy of his affections. He must make more of an effort to sort his thoughts and feelings out, or risk losing a great woman to another man who is willing to let her know how he really feels.


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