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Life Between Lives Regression Therapy

Updated on March 28, 2010

Life Between Lives regression therapy is probably one of the best things you could do for yourself, provided you can afford it -- cos it ain't cheap. If you've never heard of this, it's related to past lives therapy, but there's a big, big difference: One is practical and one is mostly entertainment. I'll explain the differences in a moment but first let me say that if you've found this page, there's probably a reason for it. So before you discount it as rubbish, do have a read as open-mindedly as possible. I am a fairly logical person and not someone who just believes everything they hear. This makes sense on numerous levels and whether you can afford to seek therapy or not, it's definitely worth learning about this type of therapy.

Life Between Lives Therapy

Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression is all about you going back through your past lives to discover what you've done and who you've been. At times this sort of regression may help you understand phobias you have in this life, as well as other issues, and sometimes just knowing they came from another time that's no longer relevant can be a big help in curing you of the current problem in this life. If that happens, that's swell and you've had a successful past life therapy session with big benefits. But more often than not people visit past life regressionists simply for entertainment and that's often all they get out of it. And that's fine -- and fun, too, I'm sure -- but it's not really going to move you forward with your purpose in this life. And yes, you do have one.

Life Between Lives Regression Therapy

LBL regression started by accident. Dr. Michael Newton was an ordinary hypnotherapist, regressing people to childhood to uncover the reasons for present day issues. He was not a believer in anything new agey. After a number of experiences in therapy, he came to realize past lives were indeed a real thing, but more importantly, he discovered it was possible for the person under hypnosis to go back to the other side and visit their guides, elder council and friends. And when I say other side, yes, I mean what some refer to as heaven, but I do not view heaven in the same way religious people might -- and it's pretty hard to do so once you've witnessed this sort of thing.

What happens during a LBL session?

You get to chat up your guides (and possibly other significant entities) to find out what your life purpose was, and to hear whether or not you're on track. If you're not, you will often find out why and be given guidance for getting back on track. These moments are very exciting and people return to their normal state remembering everything clearly, including their life purpose. Lives change massively after one of these sessions.

PL vs LBL Regression Therapy

PL regression is fun and possibly helpful in certain respects. But it's more or less a joyride. LBL regression therapy is meant to help you get answers to the questions you need answered (most people seek these sorts of therapists out not for fun, but because they feel compelled to) and sort your present day issues out, whereas PL therapy isn't likely to sort too much present day stuff out (although it certainly might).

How to Find an LBL Therapist

LBL therapy is expensive and can cost a few hundred bucks and may even require several sessions. If you're going to invest in this, make sure you get a credible therapist who has been trained by the Michael Newton Institute ( and is listed on that site as a trained LBL therapist.

Books on LBL

If you'd like to familiarize yourself with some case studies of Life Between Lives therapy, I highly recommend any one of Michael Newton's 3 books on the subject. I have them all and I love them. They are fabulous reading.

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