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Life,Country,Work and Home

Updated on August 6, 2010
If you don't see God here  your in prison.
If you don't see God here your in prison.

Another frustrated day at work.

My heart is heavy today with just plan confusion . It seems as through the harder I try to just get along with folks, the more obstacles get in my way. My patience is wearing thin for those who seem to be hell bent on wrecking the last of my long carrier in law enforcement.

Its with my heavy heart I truly hope this doesn't happen, its been a life long learning experience that for some reason has become an obsolete to the young in charge. My only hopes are that one day people will return to the simple yet honest life that drove this business. I just wish the new generation would try to understand sometimes.

Its not up to me to change the way people understand the world around them. I know that with every moment of every one's day is filled with change, sound familiar. If we just listen to the news at 6 P.M. every day your head will become a balloon of mush and propaganda from the elite in charge. My friends try to sift through this or just turn off the TV. Its the same world that we lived in as a kid with just a few changes, like instant news,voice over IP, we get the results of every tragedy known to man kind just before it happens.

You have to ask yourself is it necessary that we always need to hear every bad thing in the world without listing a few of the neat events that happen also? Our minds are not meant to process all this negativity. I know people go to church on Sundays to here some good news, but not all of subscribe to this logic, and we are still good people.

Vacations are very important to all of us, they are where we are supposed to unwind ,blow off steam , go fishing and any dam thing we want to.unfortunately half way through most vacations we start dreading the return to work.

What has happened to America and the way we see things, is it just the fact that were getting older and see with a different pair of eyes, or is it that our youth are being taught a different way of life and enough of them are getting into politics and that's what changing the world. Its a combination of the two I would imagine.

I've been married to the same lady for 29 years now and I know we have gone through a change or to but we still subscribe to the same basic way of life that we started with. The older you get the farther away from the beginning you get, does that make any sense to you. I truly believe that we are meant to to travel in packs with people our age. The young dogs only want to piss on every pole they see and challenge every other dog in town. We as a human race don't need to prove ourselves to others the older we get, just enjoy life without interruption from the young dogs.

If I could retire today and spend the rest of my life with my wife and family I would in a New York second. Life has become so short to me that I'm afraid I don't have enough time to do everything that I first started out to do. We must find time to live and enjoy the few things that are left for us to do before they become illegal or fattening.

To fish in Florida and hunt in Alaska is my dream and will do it if it takes the last breath I have. I see so clearly when I'm engaged in these activities the whole world is open to you and you realize there is a God, because he's fishing with you.


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  • MinnesotaNorseman profile image

    MinnesotaNorseman 7 years ago

    ..... weren't you once the young guy that had seen it all and had done even more, so there was no time to be listening to old guys twice your age talking about irrelevant things you had never heard of and didn't care to learn about ????? Me too. If I seemed as big a "mistake waiting to happen" in the eyes of the old timers in my youth as the the young guys and gals seem to me now, no wonder there was so much laughing and head shaking sent in my general direction back then. My old man got his fishing and hunting in as he went along, and after a while let work be just another tool, used like a shotgun or fishing pole to do the real work that was important to him, FISHING and HUNTING, and FAMILY and LOVING EVERY DAY for what it gave him. I should've listened to the old guys of my youth sooner and every day would have been loved and appreciated and lived to the degree it deserved as the gift of GOD that it is ..... let the young live harder than they have to in deeper ignorance than they need to. I'm starting to get great pleasure laughing and shaking my head at them !!!!! };>{>

  • Paradise7 profile image

    Paradise7 7 years ago from Upstate New York

    Good luck to you on fishing in Florida and hunting in Alaska. I hope life gets better for you soon, friend, and that you get to retire early and leave the new order to other people.

    I do find there seems to be a lack of a firm value system and a strong work ethic in today's workplace. I'm sorry for this change and feel no one is the better for it in the long run.