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Life and Reincarnation (Grace and Time)

Updated on April 26, 2015

Life and Reincarnation( Grace and Time)


Life and Reincarnation (Time)

Life and Reincarnation

Perhaps we are born out of love it may be also be
out of lust.

Do we have a destiny?

Is it that the power of our dreams and what our
heart desires ‎is in our hands?, and determines
the out come of our reality.

What makes you happy? Laugh?sad? and even cry?.
What is the content of what lies in our mind, is
It allined ‎with adversity?.

How much energy is in a thought?
What makes you feel good?
What depresses you?
Where do you get inner strength from, when
you are surrounded by darkness? When it seems
all else in life has failed you.

What are the symbols In your life(reality)?
family, lifestyle, class.
Are you working or educating yourself to
empower yourself for a brighter tomorrow.

What challenges do you face?
How will you over come them?
Are the obstacles you face today a manifestation
of your past?

Do you have the support and necessary support
to better your life?
What is your plan?
How long will it take for you to attain financial
Can you afford to dream?
What is your greatest obstacle?
What do you fear?

What inspires you?
What do you stand for?
Who are you?
What does the gift of life mean to you?


Good people pray to God!
So do criminals before they murder and rape.
Politicians pray, they pay bribes purchase
weapons of mass dstraction Invade countries
leaving hundreds of thousands displaced
and in destitute.
Prayer is innocent...
Not all prayers are answered....

Yet it is comforting knowing that there is a higher
power in the universe. Misery can turn into
Walk away.
Start a refresh.
Nourish your dreams..

Gods Poet Nkosi


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