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Life Began in a Garden

Updated on September 22, 2021

Fall, you can smell it in the air. As I worked outside this weekend pruning trees and getting ready for the cooler months, I just basted myself in the wonderful smells. Crisper air, people outside visiting and waiving as they walked by. People seem to love this time of year. My garden on the other hand does not. The hot summer months were difficult on it, and John and I worked hard to have a beautiful tomato plant this year. Actually after 7 years, this was the first real time we had multiple red tomatoes. Now as the time is drawing to a close on the season, my garden is a harvest full of fresh produce and it is so much fun to go out each day and be surprised at them thriving. But as I said, it is with a bit of sadness each day, as I know the cooler times are bringing the close to my garden. Frost will start to seep in, and the branches on some vines are curling already, dehydrated and wilting. But I look at those big green tomatoes, still thriving on the rest of the bush and cheer them on.

You know, life began in a garden. Once, there was baron soil, with nothing, and God breathed life into it. I imagine he felt pride as he watched the world grow, seeing their changes and newness of creation. Like my tomato plant I imagine it was just a small infant world, new, and fresh, learning and growing. Now, all these years later, parts are still thriving, but we can sense that eventually this part of our world will end, and make way for a new one.

I also think our lives are like a garden. They start out and grow, so tiny, with nurture and hope, we bloom and grow, turning into a healthy strong plant, ready to produce fruit with our faith. But just like my tomato plant has gone through rough times, and difficult weather, we too at times suffer. Parts of our lives I am sure are like my wilted branches on those vines, curling up. Eventually we will also return to the earth, just as my plant will and make way for a new beginning in our relationship with God. Some of us in our lives may be like my tomato plant this year, producing much fruit, red, shiny tomatoes, that can be shared with many. Or perhaps your life is like my last 7, some green tomatoes, but nothing that really turned, or very few at the least.

May your life be full of fruit, take time to think about your life today, what do you want to accomplish, and where can you make a difference. You can change the world. You just have to start with the world around you. I went to the library and there was a sign that said the Cameron effect. Do 7 acts of kindness September 11th to December 7th of this year. It was in response to the negativity that surrounded Cameron Freeman's death caused by a drunk driver. The people wanted to have something positive to come out of the tragic situation. It has spread through our Lincoln community and far beyond. Tragic unspeakable moments in our lives turned into good for others. They are changing the world, look, it has already changed you and I.

I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. John 15:5 NIV

I am heading out to help in my grandmothers garden today, clearing it out so next year it will be ready to bloom flowers, it is with a mixed feeling being she is 91, and in my heart I know someday her time will come as with all of us to meet our Lord. All the years of plants, and beautiful flowers that I grew up with in the yard, take me back to memories that will last a lifetime. Laying on the grass, jingling the little bells on the lillies of the valley plants. Picking wild strawberries and watching the ants work their magic on the peony bushes. Her life had bore much fruit, she has changed the world, and I have been truly blessed to have her in my life. Take time today, to help someone, hold a door, let them pull out in front of you, smile at a neighbor, or call a family member you have not spoken to in a while. Pray. Pray for the world, for our families as they grow in this world that is curling on the edges right now, that it may continue to grow and bear fruit.

Jenna with her dad in the garden
Jenna with her dad in the garden

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