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Amazing Document from Visitor Beings of the star system Alpha Centauri

Updated on December 22, 2013

A report of "KT", a 20-year-old young man, a walk-in of a planet from the star system Alpha Centauri.
( KT is an entity from another planet who has assumed an earthly body.)

When I think of my home, I imagine a peaceful and serene place, where the flow of the planetary energy of life is harmonious and accompany the breezes of the wind, and what we Centauri call "the rise". It is the place where mind and consciousness form a unit and everything is a part of all Being.

Alpha Centauri is a planetary system, to which four planets and three moons are, however, is only one planet, namely the largest, continuously inhabited. As the largest planet has enough space for all residents, there is no need to inhabit other planets, there is no overcrowding.

The Alpha Centauri star world

The system Alpha Centauri, just over 4 light years from Earth, has a sun (Alpha Centauri is a double star), but is no different than your sun, but 15 percent smaller in volume. The largest planet, known as "Alpha Centauri 1", is about 10 percent smaller than Earth, but not as dense populated. The number of the total population of AC-1 is estimated to be approximately 600 million people - very small compared with the 6 billion people on Earth.

The landscape of the largest planet in the Alpha Centauri system is at ground level, has some big hills but no mountains. It grows no grass there, although plant life on this planet is in the form of many small trees and vines. The ground itself is light gray and its texture is not as dense as the earth ground. It consists of a mixture of many elements, most of which are unknown nature for you, as measured by earthly standards, you would not understand. Our sky is not as bright as the earthly firmament and has a color mixture, which may change depending on the conditions in the atmosphere. During the day, the colors of the sky usually in a shade that is made ​​of purple, pink and orange. At sunset, the purple stands out more and the sunrises are dominated by the colors pink and orange.

Unlike the Earth, our climate is much milder. Our average temperatures are around 18 degrees during the day, at night they drop off to about 1 degree Celsius. These are the average figures for the entire year, but temperatures vary throughout the year, either day or night no more than 10 or 12 degrees.

I can remember when I was a child, the weather conditions were at times very turbulent and violent. This was still before us where the "total climate control" had been perfected. For 800 "years" experiments have been made ​​with the "total control" of the climate (TCC) and also applied. Perfected but was only 120 years ago. Since the end of the "perfection", our climate has always kept under control, as it would in a particular stage are (with additional humidity). Channelized through the use of cosmic energy of the barometric pressure and the number of humidity are recorded and monitored. The inspections are carried out by government standards.

Membership in the Intergalactic Federation

The planet of Alpha Centauri is under the jurisdiction of the Intergalactic Federation, which represents basically the governing body of three-quarters of the entire known universe. The Federation consists of beings from different planetary solar systems. Each planetary system has its own governing body, consisting of representatives of the Federation who are permanently resident within their planetary system. These leaders work in coordination with the Intergalactic Federation. All standards and policies are passed on to the various planetary leaders to work with their respective systems can.

The standards that are set by the Federation, are actually very simple and clear. There is only one law, which was fixed by the Intergalactic Federation. Basically, it is forbidden to another living being, whether animal, spiritual, physical and mineral nature, in any way harming an obvious injustice without for a probable cause or occasion have. If a creature has done to another is an obvious injustice, vengeance and swift action is needed, either the Federation or by the victims themselves, because for one or more of the following organisms is allowed:

  1. When threatened, they may defend themselves in any manner required.
  2. To act in taking recourse to one or more organisms, the injustice committed against them, provided there was a probable cause or reason for it.

If it turns out that there was no probable cause or reason for it, those of the Intergalactic Federation of recourse be taken. Basically, this is true for any crimes committed against each other at another living being. There are no "victimless" crimes, that is, if not a direct injustice was committed against one or more organisms may be neither organization nor a creature recourse claim.

The rise

In the spiritual sense, it is left solely to the individual. The Federation supports and practices the spiritual ascent. However, no pressure exerted on an organism still would give it a necessity for it. If the entire planetary system would still not risen or may not arise, it would not be a member of the Federation.

For this reason, the terrestrial planet not a member. The planet Earth is not completely out of the 3rd Dimension to the "new reality" has gone up. Until that time, the existence of the Intergalactic Federation of even the most leaders on the Earth and its inhabitants to be conscious. However, we know that the Earth is on the rise, although not in its speed, as we would wish for! Soon she is on the verge of the rise coming in the New Reality and a cosmic and multidimensional awareness to the "new world".

The basis for the life of the Alpha Centaurians the promotion of spiritual and conscious ascent into the natural flow and order is to dwell on all beings, which means "the light" and with all in peace and harmony of being. Of course, there is next to the rise of other things in life, otherwise life would be boring! The foundation of our lives is the rise, the intention is for us, but that does not mean that we are not allowed to have fun and joy in life. Everyone needs a little time for rest and recreation in life, including us.

The residents

Neither the marriage or family planning be made ​​compulsory. Each individual has to decide about the choice itself. You is not seen as something sacred and has no impact on our way and accepted standards for reproduction. Sex is a completely separate issue from the marriage or procreation. By Earth standards are marriage, sex and reproduction go hand in hand, but on Alpha Centauri, we consider them as three separate entities.

In order to know the alpha Centaurians, of course, one must know something about its residents! The Alpha Centaurians are a straightforward and honest people. We waste too much time and words. Inherently aggressive in a positive way, we do not give up without fight as quickly. We have strong opinions, a strong sense of justice and we can not so easily dissuaded from our minds. We are a godly people on the way to climb to the "source". Our priority is the spiritual and conscious ascent, primarily help for us and then to the other.

The care and the Protect Our Children is also one of our priorities. Then comes our very survival, just as it should be.

After waking up our daily routine begins with the collection of our thoughts, to make sure that we are in the right frame of mind and our consciousness is in the harmonious flow. Generally followed by a short meditation or prayer. Our bodies do not need much food because they are light and thin and not as dense as the body of the people. Our body is composed of fairly large bone, but softer, lighter and more flexible. Our fluid requirement is slightly larger than the human need therefor. Otherwise our physical characteristics are much the same as those of humans.

Our skin color is pale, almost, we have medium sized eyes that are usually blue-green. In addition, we can not tolerate bright lights. Our hearing is over-sensitive, similar to that of a dog. Our breed is quite large, with big hands and feet. Our body is slim, has great bones with long arms and legs. Our internal structure is a little different than the human. Since we are more sophisticated, we can adapt and change certain parts of our internal structure, as required, and our inner parts are less compact.

The largest part of the day is spent in meditation, the consciousness of give and take, with learning, with teaching and spend time together fondly. Of course we are always thinking of our climb and our experiences learned to use. We also learn in the river and in the light to stay, so we remove them we do not fall into imbalance and disharmony.

It gives us investigate that even those "regular" work. Those who serve in an area within the Intergalactic Federation, have different duties, each day can be managed. Some of these are obviously extremely important and vital for the entire universe. These beings are not paid monetarily but their reward is expressed in respect, love and career - all things that you can not pay with cash.

A planet orbiting Alpha Centauri Fithp
A planet orbiting Alpha Centauri Fithp | Source

Hierarchical classification

The "highest hierarchical classification" of the Federation officials, military leaders, pilots, etc., are actually genetically engineered beings of extremely high intelligence and strength. They are in fact among the most highly evolved beings in the universe. Their duties they perform flawlessly and with great devotion. These different positions within the Federation, ranging from higher classifications (Echelon) to the pilots, statesmen, mechanics, technicians, etc. All the guides are important in the overall picture and to plan.

There are also some who voluntarily perform different tasks or positions as spiritual leaders, master teachers, spirit guides, etc. You bring against them the utmost respect and love for what they do.

We believe and know that it takes teamwork in this matter - as a people or the universe - to achieve something. For this reason, we ask all children of light to unite as a strong force of light that is bright enough to illuminate the darkest corners of the universe.

In order to ascend the planet and continue to develop as a people it took for us Alpha Centaurians much teamwork. If we think only about ourselves as individuals and would have been himself concerned, we would never have achieved what we have achieved "as a people." The Alpha Centaurians now exist in hundreds of solar systems to provide the knowledge and awareness of all the others continue and are now available to our aid, because it is our job and is in our nature. We have accepted such a plan voluntarily and willingly, knowing that it intends the natural order of all being.

Our planet exists now in the new reality and in complete harmony with all. As we have already dealt with some 300 years ago this transition process, there is now a garden of love, peace and harmony, where there are many children of light, messengers of the new reality.

My return to Alpha Centauri

It is the home of my talk and I miss so much. I'm longing for some time afterwards, again to be there with hope, pray and try to stick it until I can return there again. I have stopped me on this earth for a long time since I am a part of this task, to which I have given myself. However, I have suffered very much pain and stress, and by having totally disrupted my life and in my efforts to fulfill this task, I was completely thrown off balance. Due to the great stress and exhaustion of my and the fact that I was almost overwhelmed by this huge planet, I was able only a third of my part of the task to do what I could do under normal circumstances. I was basically disabled and weakened considerably.

Therefore, in the near future, my stay here to be finished and I will returned to Alpha Centauri to rejuvenate myself and hopefully recover. However, it is doubtful whether I will come back to earth, because I was almost suffocated before, except that there is a need for it. I will return on many occasions but in the spirit, especially during the transition period, because there is still much to do and we are here to help!

We hope that people will understand us better on the earth and accept us as we are. We are not squeamish and have no hidden intentions. We live here just for our task, namely the rise in the New Reality.

Understand that we're worried about you and about the future of the universe. We are here to fulfill our part and to see that the job will run all of his skills through our. Let's assure you that it is indeed a struggle, but no fight with weapons of destruction but with the knowledge and awareness of the "power source".

There is something to achieve what we can and will, because we must. If we do not reach, then it is not reached, because no one else will get it for us!


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    • somethgblue profile image


      6 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Oh we without a doubt are being helped but what exactly is it, besides preventing WWIII (nuclear war) and slowing the tectonic plate shifts (Polar Shift).

      A lot of observing and channeling going on but I want to 'see' more direct participation, were well beyond the 'prime directive' if you will, so the non-interference law should be put aside for a more direct approach.

      I believe the human race needs both a positive and negative wake up call!

    • Buzzbee profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from The County of the Winkies in Oz

      something: thanks for your thoughts. I believe we are being protected by the Peladians from totally destroying ourselves and if it were not for them and their advice we would really be in a fix. But mankind can be so stupid and primitive somethimes, that things look bleak.

    • somethgblue profile image


      6 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      I've been reading a lot of channeled material lately all discussing what must be done however no one is talking about what is being done, not a criticism just an observation.

      Obviously the Powers That Be are attempting to keep the planet from rising and the human population is for the most part clueless, so what is being done?


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