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Life is Good is Incorrect

Updated on November 13, 2017

The other day I saw a bumper sticker that said, “Life is Good.” I thought about that statement deeply and had to come to a disagreement with it.

See, life isn’t good for many. Tell that to half of the millions of kids dying of famine across the globe, and they will look at you like you’re a madman.

Tell that to all those people dying of diseases or cancer who are suffering in pain. You go up to them and tell them “life is good.”

While life “can” be good, life is not good in general when looking at the big picture. For the most part, a lot of Americans have a decent life, so that sticker can be very popular.

For me now, life is being nice to me; however, I am not going to go around saying “life is good” like some snobby prick. Why? Well, some people in this world, which would probably include almost half of them, are not seeing life being good.

“Life is good” is a false statement. I mean, has anyone ever seen the National Geographic Channel!? Mother nature is cruel and indifferent. Animals struggle for life every day!

That bumper sticker should say “Life is being nice to me” or "Life can be good." Another one could be “Life is good for me right now.”

Think about it! Instead, tell me what you think…


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