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A Nightmare: Short Story

Updated on November 9, 2019

There was a newspaper on the table; I took it up and started reading it thoroughly.Kids page is as always entertaining and interested,because i thinks that the only thing which makes your face happy,relaxed and tension free is the company of kids as writer once said :

"There is a joy and wonder everywhere when you see the world through the eyes of a child"

While I was reading that page I saw a game at the bottom of the page named "Maze" and above that a statement was written that "There is boy who lost his to way to home,now help him find his way out".

I started the game from the point where the boy was standing unaware of the way.I choose many paths and my pen was wandering here and there to find a way out and after many trails and failures at last i found the way out to his home.The game was over.

It was dark night , i was lost in a place that was more like a cage but it was decorated so beautifully that it was looking more like a dreamland. i was so haggard by moving here and there and i didn't even realized that i was barefooted .After sometime i realized it was MAZE not the cage even after so many efforts i didn't find a way out.

At one start i was running and chasing to find my way out but after sometime when all my efforts became useless ,I moved on slowly and jadedly,keenly observing the maze it was beautiful. After some time the beauty of maze hypnotized me and instead of finding my way out i started following it.

In other words i was hypnotized and completely lost.

But soon i saw a flash of hope and that light showed me a path lightened up, the path that was illuminated with humanity and love .Keeping the lamp of love in my one hand and sword of faith in another I disencumbered the way and found my way out .

I woke up from dreadful dream and my game was over.

After i have finished my game of chasing the maze in a dream i was feeling more relaxed and light weighted like feather and that was only because of HIM,the ONE and only WHO showed me the way out, the ONE which my mind clicked,my eyes glittered and shined,my lips smiled, my heart throbbed , my head bowed and my tongue rolled and said "ALLAH ALMIGHTY"

We as a human being are sent here into this worldly maze to find our way out and to find out the truth of our life and to recognize ourselves but we are stuck into the glories of this world.

Our world is like a maze and we have to find our way out because this worldly maze is only the test to find the truth and we have to search a path that leads us to the Right and to our Final Destination.


"And those who strive hard for us, we shall certainly guide (Hadai-na) them in our way"

Similarly ALLAH says :

"And who ever holds fast to ALLAH , he indeed is guided to the Right Path"

so the on way to seek refuge from this worldly MAZE is to return to before you turn to ALLAH and find out the truth of life.

This article was all about knowing your self and then moving your self to the spiritual journey, achieving the most important aim of life.The purpose of a spiritual journey is rarely to find an answer; rather, it is a process of continually asking questions.We as a human being are sent here into this worldly maze to find our way out and to find out the truth of our life .

Life is the name of continuity,continuity in struggle , continuity in achieving your goal,your ambitions , your desires , its a maze, its a circle . The man who keeps on revolving in this circle and keeps on running in the maze and don't know what to achieve , can not get any thing. He just keeps on spending his life without any goal ahead.


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