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Life is nothing if...

Updated on December 28, 2012

There has to be an outcome

Some people live life for riches. They go to fancy things with fancy people. They bask in the glory of wealth and don't worry about anything else. They live to make money, that is their purpose, but I ask you, what is that outcome?

Some people live for people. They do what people want them to, they do what people say to do, they give all they have to people, and never worry about anything else. But I ask you, what is that outcome?

Some people live for the fun of life. They have wild parties and drink and do whatever comes to their mind. They have no limits on their desire for fun. But I ask you, what is that outcome?

Some people live for themselves. They think about no one but themselves. They live to please themselves. They never serve anyone but themselves. But I ask you, What is that outcome?

Some people live for their stuff. They have the newest phone, the best car, the biggest house, the biggest rings. They have bling and they are proud of it. But I ask you, what is that outcome?

The things we live for ultimately lead to an outcome. We often live our lives with the perception that it will never end. At least not soon. But we never know when the end will come. All we are guaranteed is right now, this very minute. We never know what breath will be our last. Then we find out, what is the outcome? Life is nothing if.. if the outcome is not Jesus. If the outcome is not seeing Him in all His glory at the end, then it is all for nought. Every hurt, every tear, every hardship. It's worth nothing, if the out come is not Jesus. So live your life for Him.

Find your riches in Him. There's no wealth that can measure up to the peace love and joy you receive in the Holy Ghost.

Do what He wants you to. He wants what is best for you.

Live to receive His Joy. It's more than fun, it's more than happiness, it's more than an emotion, it is a state of being that lasts through the worst times.

Serve Jesus, do what pleases Him. He gave everything for us, and served others more than Himself.

Live for His stuff, Feeding the poor, Visiting the sick, reaching for the lost, binding up the broken hearted.

Make the outcome worth it. Give your life to Jesus.

Acts 2:38


Be baptized EVERYONE OF YOU, in the NAME of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins

And you WILL receive the BAPTISM of the HOLY GHOST.

God bless!


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    • ccurry profile image

      Carolyn Curry 4 years ago from US

      I love you it... God Bless you.