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Life is pretty good.

Updated on August 27, 2014

Being happy and free

Realizing life is good is the best solution to happiness.

What is the key to happiness? Basically it is not really anything.

Happiness doesn't start from a relationship, that is an extension of your "happiness".

Your own happiness is based solely upon what is inside of you.

If you are constantly judging people and judging different ways of life, then you are probably not happy with yourself at all.

The way I found out what true happiness is within myself, I actually seriously had taken a step back from people and everything to find what happiness is for me.

It seems because I can take a look around in the world and see what is here and what is happening right now.

If you are not happy within yourself or are too busy judging people's lives or butting into other people's lives, than there is something that you are not happy with yourself.

Within the past couple of months I have a wonderful experience, and a change that I can not explain and it is something I wish I could bottle up and sell it.

Yes, I know things don't work that way.

But the best feeling is, I think it is some for of "release" and like the Disney Song, "Let it Go", it has felt so good and I feel free as a bird.

Of course I am a kind of free spirit in a way, and I think I do not like the feeling of being chained down.

I like the freedom to express myself in my own way.

I actually feel really good and like feeling this way.

My happiness does not depend on another person or a thing.

Granted people and things of substance or a materialistic item may add a little bit of enjoyment in my life, but deep down there is one thing I do know; my true inner happiness depends upon me and no one can ever take that away from me.

I look to find positive people, places and environments that helps me to "grow".

I try to write and keep writing about positive experiences in my life so maybe those that feel stuck in their lives will think about their own "happiness".

Just remember, just cause of a present situation might not be a happy one, you can change that.

Sometimes believe it or not, the key to happiness is very simple. You can't worry about the past or present. Yes, granted the future hasn't happened yet, but you can plan for the "future" and change things for yourself that your future will be brought with an abundance of happiness you never thought would happen for yourself.

Of course having someone in your life is an "added" happiness to your own "happiness".

If you can't be a complete individual on your own and always depend on someone for your own happiness that has got to be really frustrating.

Of course when people get into relationships they totally forget the things that made them happy in the first place, or they forget about being an "individual" and feel like they would die if they were alone. Some people can't handle being "alone" for a brief time, and that is scary.

I believe in this day and age, everyone should become self sufficient and then that shows that you can bring something wonderful of yourself into a relationship.

Yes, I do know that a "relationship" is a partnership and a "friendship: that grows stronger with love.

You have to be there through bad times and good times.

Some of us can learn to go through a bad relationship and realize what we don't want in our future and also to keep yourself upon for positive people.

If you tend to notice I use the word "positive" alot

It is because I am trying to point out that if you truly are positive, that is going to get you through anything in this life, even in the toughest times.

I am truly blessed. I am getting opportunities in life some people will never have. I am very thankful for these opportunities but it is because I actually "worked" for them

I think it is better to be known that you actually worked for something because will see that if I can show I can work and do all the things I do in my life, then they could too.

There is a very, good exercise that anyone can do and it's not that hard.

Go to your mirror every morning and just smile. Yes it is going to seem really strange and weird but sometimes you do that your going to start laughing at yourself. BUT that's good. If you can laugh at yourself in whatever situation you are dealing with then you are indeed going to survive in this world.

But there is another key to keep in mind, replace the word "survive" with the word "thrive".

Instead of saying "I just am surviving in this world", say "I want to thrive in this world" and keep thinking that over and over again.

When we start to kind of reprogramming our thoughts it is going to start an effect that is going to make you feel good about yourself.

In America alot of people are programmed to be "miserable" and we need to start "deprogramming" ourselves so we can believe in our own way, is what will work best for our own happiness.

If there are too many people judging you or can't handle your happiness it is time to clean house.

You don't have to stay around anyone you don't want too.

If your worried about social media and do alot of networking and such, there is one positive thing to any drama on the internet, you can shut it off and go outside. Even if you went for a walk around the block or pick up a book or go for a cup of coffee, you can always turn social media off.

It doesn't matter what anyone says about you, because you get up out of your own bed and you live in your own surroundings.

It is beautiful when you find your inner beauty that really brings you happiness.

That is how I live my life and being a free spirit, I know my happiness is real.


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