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Updated on October 29, 2009

This Story is fiction. No part of it is true or taken from true events.

My name is Tom, Thomas Porter and this is my story of death, destruction and grace. Why such a grim story you might ask? Well, I don't have an answer to that except to keep reading.

To understand where I've been and my experience with death you need to know who I am. So here we go.

About 5 years ago I was at the top of my career as a business owner. I invented a gadget to help people find their car without using that annoying alarm. I was making anywhere between $50,000- $60,000 per month in revenue from my company called Intuitive Designs. I had connections in high places all over the world. I could fly to Italy for dinner with friends and return the same night. It was truly amazing. I thought I deserved it, after all I had built my company from scratch after I dropped out of college. I was very young when I started Intuitive Designs and had set my goals high and dreamed of bulding an empire. I never really had a steady girlfriend for more than a few months. It just seemed like whenever I started to really get to know someone, something turned me off about her and I would move on to the next one. I had my pick from lots of women and never had to sleep alone if I chose not to. Let's just say I thought I had it all. My friends admired me, my family was taken care of, and I always had money in the bank. I was young, rich, and driven. Nothing could take me down. So I thought.

It was June 5, 2008. A very important day. Today I had a meeting scheduled with some marketing executives from Wal-Mart. They were interested in marketing one of my newest inventions and I had a marketing pitch I was sure would blow them away. Unfortunately I was not going to make it to the meeting that day.

The day started off as any other day. I woke up around 5:30am and started the day off with a vigorous 2 mile jog in Central Park. I got back to my apartment around 7:00am and fixed some breakfast. I remember that day feeling like having some toast and a protein shake then it was off to my office. The meeting with Wal-Mart was scheduled for 2:00pm so I had time to finish some last minute changes to my presentation. I left for the office around 8:00am and spent the majority of the drive on my cell phone coordinating a last minute meeting with some of my employees. I was also texting a girlfriend of mine about celebration plans for later that night. I was about 2 miles from my office in the middle of downtown New York City. Traffic was backed up as usual. I was in the middle of sending a text message and going through another busy intersection when all of the sudden I heard silence and felt my car spin out of control and hit something. I don't recall what I hit, but I was told I hit a few cars and then slammed into the side of a building. I wasn't wearing my seatbelt so my body went hurdling through the air and through the windshield. The last thing I remember was my car spinning.

I lay on the hood of my car, my head against the side of the building. I opened my eyes and immediately saw a bright white light. I thought to myself, "am I dead"? The light felt warm and welcoming and I heard voices telling me to come follow them. I didn't want to follow because I had too much to live for. But before I could give an answer I suddenly felt hands wrap around my arms, legs, and neck and pull me off the car into the light. As I approached the light it became darker and less welcoming. I started to hear people laughing at me and calling me names. Names I haven't been called since I was in grade school. I thought "who are these people". One pair of hands gripped me so tight it felt like they were trying to rip my off. "Where am I", I shouted, "where are you taking me"? I was moving faster and faster through the light and I could hear blood curdling screams and weeping. It felt hot and there were more and more hands around my body tormenting me picking at my flesh ripping out my hair, chewing on my fingers. Their strength was too much. I felt so alone and so fearful. I could hear others, but I couldn't see anything. It was so dark. I felt hopeless. I was tormented for what seemed hours the being doing unspeakable things to me. I can't even describe the pain. It was like all of my senses were finally alive. I could feel, hear, smell, and taste everything. The stench was unbearable. I wanted to throw up, but I couldn't. One of the beings finally said "welcome to your eternity", and started laughing. I said I can't be dead, I'm so young. I have so much to live for. The being said, "don't worry we'll take good care of you". When he did this he showed his face and as I long as I live I have never seen something so dark and utterly disgusting in my life. There are no words to describe the face. As my body was being ripped to shreds my screams seemed to blend in with all the other screaming and weeping around me. I couldn't see anything.

Suddenly a bright light appeared to me and I could sense the awesome power. The beings immediately backed away and began to curse the light saying "he is ours now, you have no right to take him". The light moved closer to me and a deep voice gently said "follow me." I didn't know who or what it was and I was terrified. I didn't want to be tortured any longer, but I didn't know what this light was going to do. I asked "who are you"? The voice gently said "I am the way, the truth and life." I began crying and immediately asked for help. Immediately memories flooded my mind of Sunday school as a child and church. I remember this man called Jesus who supposedly came to save the world. I never quite understood the stories or why I needed to be saved. This light, this voice sounded familiar. The voice said again "follow me". I lifted myself up and fell on my knees and began sobbing and asked for help and forgiveness. The voice said, "I am the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, I am Jesus, the savior of the world. Your sins have been washed as white as snow. You are safe." I could never see a face or any being, but just an intense white light the was all consuming. The light spoke again and said "I am giving you another chance to live your life as a testimony to my power, mercy, and love. You must tell others about me. There are too many people dying in their sins and spending their eternity where you have just been rescued from." I said "I will do anything for you, Lord, just please tell me what you want me to do." Then the Lord said, "tell everyone your story and I will bless you. You will lead many to me and they will receive eternal life." I agreed still sobbing and feeling unworthy to be in the Lord's presence. Suddenly I awoke in the hospital.

When I awoke I saw no one around. I summoned a nurse who looked stunned to see me. She told me I had been in a coma for the past 3 days and that it was a miracle I was even alive. I looked at my broken body and began to cry. My parents came rushing in after another nurse informed them I was awake. I began to tell them my story.

All of my other friends decided I was going to die and did not want to be bothered with my condition. Six months later I sold my company and moved in with my parents. I picked up the bible and began reading it daily and started to learn about my Lord, the one who saved me. I would like to say everyone lived happily ever after, but that's not the truth. The truth is I have faced more challenges and uphill battles then at anytime in my life prior to the accident. But, I can sleep at night and know that what I am doing is making a real difference. I have spoken at several churches in my area about my story and have seen many people come to know Christ as their savior. I continue my journey and have started another company called Follow Me. It's a company that allows others who have had experiences similar to mine share their stories through the internet, public speaking, books, etc. Do you know where you'll spend eternity? If not, why not give Jesus a try. Pray this prayer right now. Jesus, I know you are king of kings and lord of lords. Please come into my heart right now and cleanse me from all unrighteousness. Forgive me of my sins and show me your will. Amen. That's all you have to do to gain eternal life in heaven. And please, pass my story to others so that they may hear and that they may see.


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