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Life's ambitions have become great threat to Life itself!

Updated on June 7, 2016

The flow of Life!

The great thrust of life..

Everyone in this world breed ambitions. The rich would like to become “Super rich”, while the poor one may crave for food for the belly and a little rest for the body which toil day long to earn few pennies. Whether one is rich or poor, literate or illiterate, able bodied or weak, every individual has some sort of ambition to live with! Whether they reach their ambition or not is a different issue. But each one strives according to their level of capacities to reach their desired goals! This is the enigma of life!

The great thrust life exerts is rooted to various desires. A baby cannot remain a baby forever. It has to grow, move around and play funny pranks too. Then only, it will be considered healthy! When we are alright, none is going to enquire, but when we are afflicted with some weakness, everyone will enquire. This implies that we are supposed to remain healthy and happy. Weakness and pain are alien to our constitution and the cause could be traced within oneself like faulty habits, negative thinking and a pessimistic nature.

Waves in ocean!

The waves of the Ocean!

God has not created us to remain sullen forever. We should remain in joyful mood, whatever may be the outer situation! We need to develop ‘optimistic’ mentality always. Ups and downs are natural in everyone’s life. How we face them is the challenge. Hence it is said, “Life is a game, Play it”. Success is not important and failure does not matter! Play your part well, adhering to the rules of the game! In any game, one side will win and other side will lose which is normal for all games. Then why should we resent, when met with failures? Failures are really the stepping stones to success. Hence, we must become cognizant to certain life philosophies! “This too will pass” This is the truth behind the changing phenomena called life.

As night follows day in a regular manner, we also undergo pain after a bout of pleasure. This is the natural rhythm of life. Watch the ocean by sitting on the shores. There is never ending waves and their cascading effects. Waves after waves rise and roar as they approach the shore. Automatically, it retreads. No wave end at the shore. Advancing and retreading waves are joy to watch. From children to elders throng to the seashore to watch the majestic scenery! We are never bored to watch the ocean for many hours but we fail to learn great lessons from the sea. The sea never allows itself to get contaminated. The waves forcefully send the dirt, debris and waste along with the waves. Hence the sea survives the contamination by many agents. The sea level remains constant in spite of the evaporation by the rays of Sun. Rivers recharge the ocean. It is still a miracle, how even after millions of years; the sea level remains the same. Only due to some natural disasters, and melting of glaziers in Artic and Antarctic regions, the level increases a little in a decade or so.

Atom bombs - a perverted invention!

Learn great lessons from the Ocean!

Hence the oceans are always full except in some rare cases. Also, the salt contents in the seawater preserve its chemical equilibrium. Due to scarcity of natural water, many governments are attempting to convert seawater into potable water by much chemical process. Man is the greatest culprit who pollutes the natural resources. Hence he is reaping the results when nature retaliates by earthquakes, volcanoes, tornados and cyclones.

Man systematically destroys trees to construct factories which pollute the ground water as well as fumes that are let out in the sky. Rainfall dwindles due to cutting of forest wealth. In the ocean beds, he drills deep bores to explore for oil and gas. Naturally, this affects the pressure below the earth surface. There is movement of tectonic plates which results in earthquakes which again result in loss of many thousands of lives as well as their habitats.

But, mankind is considered the most intelligent species among all in creation. But he never applies his intellect in matters of conscious living without harming anyone in creation. He destroys and kills many rare animals, birds and insects to feed his belly. Thus, he creates imbalance in the ecological system. He destroys the forest wealth for his selfish greed. Hence it is natural for the tigers, lions and elephant to transgress in human habitations. This has become a regular feature nowadays. Also he kills the elephants mercilessly for the sake or ‘ivory; He kills the wild animals for preparing some medicines. When dogs are considered a pet, there are people who relish dog meat. There are monkey eaters, snake eaters among human beings! It is really a deplorable state of human society.

In the name of religion, terrorists kill many innocents around the world. Innocent girls are slaughtered by the terrorists when they refuse to become slaves to their masters! It is sad that man has become so perverted that there is no end to his brutal acts. We can safely conclude that animals, birds and aquatic creatures are far more superior to mankind. They follow their instincts for millions of years and they never deviate a bit. They won’t kill for pleasure. But man is hunting the blue whales which are endangered species. Due to pollution in oceans, we observe that there are mass suicides among the dolphins and other species!

None will tolerate such unethical behavior of mankind who has become a great threat to humanity by stock piling nuclear arms which can destroy the world many times! Who will bell the cat?


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 18 months ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      It is nice of you to have gone through the hub and I relish your nice comments.

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 18 months ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      You did a great job with an important subject. I must say that I do take some issue in the way you suggest that all man should be lumped together, I just see too much good in the world. But I suppose that is just a manner of speech. Thanks for a good read and making me think.