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Like a cell devide into two, the one god has become the source and energy!

Updated on August 10, 2016

The cell divide...

Analogy of cell division!

When a living cell divide itself into two and multiply into many cells, we consider it possible since we have been taught about the same ‘in cell biology’. We have not seen it but it has been probed and proved by many researchers in biological sciences. The scriptures state that the one power has divided itself into two as masculine and feminine, as the primordial power and the energy aspect, we do not believe in such theory. We take whatever the science says, but refuse to believe in the scriptures. When the mother points out the father, the baby relies on the words of mother. When the wise sages and Prophets proclaim many truths, we simply ignore the truths as superstitious or blasphemy! Faith must arise from within. When we develop faith based on the sensual inputs, it is more likely that we will lose the faith sooner.

Human behavior is not constant. It varies from time to time. Our behavior depends upon our mental perceptions, nothing more or nothing less. We rely on instable senses. A stick immersed under water seems bent, though it is a straight one. This is how our senses mislead us. The lightning and thunder happens at the same time but we perceive the lightning first and we hear the thunder later! If our senses are perfect and true, how do we explain such errors in judgement? Actually all the external images fall in the retina, upside down but the brain has the mechanism to see it straight. There are many visual illusions. A traveler, moving in the desert, views the ‘mirage’. He feels that a waterbody must be somewhere near and pursues the mirage anxiously. As he moves further, the mirage also moves!

Brain waves

Universe is a 'mirage'

Hence, the ancient sages have proclaimed that the perceived universe is like the ‘mirage’ in the desert and never real. But our senses prove otherwise. Not only have ourselves, many people viewed the world as a reality since the senses makes him to believe in the external world. It is termed as ‘illusion’. Close your eyes for a moment! What you see in your eyes? It is darkness! When we open our eyes once again, we see the world. We can understand intuitively that the eye contains the images. The ear contains sounds. The nose contains all the smells. The tongue contains all the tastes and the skin contains all the touch perceptions. Can we prove that ‘independent of our senses, external world is real and true? This is the fundamental concept of the ancient sages. They aver that ‘nothing is apart oneself” This point, I have dealt in some of my previous hubs. Without any observer, the world has no validity! Someone has to witness the world and proclaim the same! If there is none, how can we assert about the reality of the external world?

How we perceive the world? It is through the senses, brain gets input but it is the mind which perceives the world! Not the brain. Brain is like a telephone exchange! The brain receives the signals through the nerves and passes it on to the mind! But the mind has no form like the brain. It is invisible but perceives everything in the world and feels all the emotions like joy and sorrow, exultation and dejection and the pain or wellbeing of the body! The body is an inert instrument and it has no conscious of its own. Everything has to be felt through the mind principle only. There are certain involuntary actions which are controlled at the brain level like the heart beats, blood circulation, functions of kidneys and certain chemicals oozing inside the glands control and react to sudden fear, sudden excitements etc. during which time, the heart beats speedily. Similarly feeling of hunger and thirst are related to brain and glands. The thinking, planning, remembering and choosing are the forte of the mind which again acts at four different levels as the mind, will power, intelligence and ego! Hence involuntary physical activities are co related to certain parts of brain as well as memory. The retrieval of past information and the same is passed onto the mind for choosing different alternatives. Though our DNA contains the entire history of the individual, the brain is capable of retaining the memory of the present life only. Hence all actions are prompted appropriate to the present life situation and we never remember our past incarnations. It is a blessing in disguise. If we start remembering the past births, we will fill up the mental asylums. The present birth itself is loaded with many worries, concerns and problems and we are unable to solve the same. Hence God, out of kindness has released the memory pertaining to the past. But everyone is molded by the past births. The outcome, we are having in the present birth. Hence one is intelligent and the other is muff. One is wealthy and the other is poor. One is humble and the other one is arrogant. Our past behavior and deeds shaped our presence.

Wake up from dream!

You are dreaming; Wake up!

We dream during our sleep. We undergo umpteen experiences during our dreams. During the dream state, everything seems absolutely real. Hence sometimes we are woken up due to horror and fear of some unknown things we experienced during the dream. Hence we wake up panting and sweating. Then we realize that it is mere dream. Only after waking up, we realize that it is a false and illusory experience. In a similar manner, we are all dreaming and living in this illusory world. Only when we wake up from this dream, we will realize our oneness with god. Till such time, we will consider ourselves as separate individuals undergoing grief and pain often. Creation is a projection of will of God. He projected a part of him as creation and the entire creation is hence enveloped by god! Hence we are all parted from god like the cell divides itself and each cell become a separate one!


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