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A Dream & Word from The Lord

Updated on August 11, 2013

Linda shares another Dream...

Here is a dream I had. I thought I would share it with you.

I had a dream in which I was traveling through the air,
I knew I was on my way to heaven when the Lord stopped me.
He showed me heaven, a beautiful golden city and bright blue
sky above it. In the sky there were several golden rings
(like wedding bands) and to the side of the vision
there was a grey, dark and dead looking area.

I asked the Lord what this meant and he said,
"You can't go to heaven until the people (the Church)

The church (which is all believer's in Christ
Jesus as their Lord and Savior)...must ARISE AND SHINE
and exercise their authority for the purpose of
keeping people from the grey, dark and dead place (hell).

Here is a word the Lord gave me on May 2, 2007.

"The Lord goes before me to prepare the way.
I see myself going into all the earth like this -
the Lord showed me the airplane paths -
they are His air streams. The planes are His wings
to transport His people. He will declare His glory
thru-out the earth. He will use His people to go
forth thru-out the earth and proclaim His glory. To praise Him!

He will be lifted up! His GLORY will be seen as in the
days of old. He is raising up His Church. His Army
will go forth in POWER and demonstration and might
in these last days.

He has prepared Himself an Army -
a people. He has and is making them ready to unleash
His last day great battle plan into the earth.

The Great General has His battle plan prepared
and preserved for these last days. There shall be a
great and noble battle and it shall go forth thru-out the
earth - starting in Phoenix to the uttermost parts of the
earth. And it shall declare my glory -
my praise shall be broadcast thru-out the earth.

"I have reserved and preserved my people for this
hour to show forth the praises - My Praises -
so the earth will know without a shadow of a doubt,
just as I was with Israel, so shall I be with you to
declare and proclaim who 'I AM'. 'I AM' will never be outdone.

Some have tried and will try, but 'I AM' says NO ONE
shall be able to overcome because 'I AM' has preserved
and reserved Himself a people of Glory who will go forth
and declare and take back what I've already given them -
already reserved and prepared for them.

I will take them by the hand and walk with them
through the land and they shall declare and
broadcast my praise so the earth will see my glory.
They will ARISE and SHINE. They will go into the
darkness and shine as great lights.

I will go before them and prepare the way.
I will be with them and be their rear-guard.
They will not have to fear the darkness.
The darkness has no power over the Light.
When you declare the LIGHT the resistance
will melt like a candle in the heat of the Sun -
so shall the SON OF MY GLORY will melt the
resistance and you will go forth.

The doors are open for you to go through.
The open doors of finances, the money is yours,
you have it. Go forth and declare my glory.
Then thousand a day will be only a start,
for to cover the earth you will need millions and billions.

Don't be afraid, just know that I have a covenant
that needs to be established in the earth and
I need people to believe for these types of finances
to flow through them. I need them to see and believe
for them and not fear them so I can do what needs
to be done in the earth.

Go forth in My power, go through the doors I'm opening for you."

Word the Lord gave to Linda Cross on 5/2/07

Until next time...


Linda Cross


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