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Live Long and Prosper - My Philosophy

Updated on January 22, 2011

Greetings and Philosophies

Throughout life, we will learn, use and hear many greetings. Some greetings are used when we first meet someone, but the most interesting are those used when we separate. The greeting used often lends a clue into a person's personal beliefs and philosophy.

Most departure greetings are of the nature of bestowing a blessing or wishing for divine providence for the other person. Typically departure greeting include: God Bless, Good Luck, May God watch out for you, Have a nice day, take care, and Good bye.

My preference is: Live Long and Prosper

Most of us know this greeting used for departure from watching star trek. Leonard Nimoy, playing Spock, used it in the episode "Amok Time" and it has been popular ever since.

The Resonance of Live Long and Prosper

Why do I prefer this greeting? I see it as a gentle command or suggestion. When I hear it, I hear "You live long and prosper". To me, it is an affirmation that we are in control of our own life.

We live in a world where many people expect others to care for them. They want government to fix their problems. They want government to fix health care or even provide free health care. They want government to make rent affordable. They want government to make a regulation to make that undesirable person move away. Their solution to all of life's problems is to form a committee and make a new law. In their mind, more government is more solutions to more problems. I think most people would trade freedom for a gilded cage. They value safety over freedom.

I do not look at life that way. My initial reaction to any problem is how can I fix it myself. I want to solve my own problems. I want to be in control of my own life. In essence, I want the freedom to find my own solutions.

I don't think true happiness is the result of having no problems, but the result of feeling that we are in control of our own life. Although, we can sometimes be overwhelmed by adversity, I think a greater danger comes from stagnation due to a lack of new challenges.

I believe that every life is a chance for an adventure. An adventure is a journey for finding our own way and solving our own problems. Some adventures may choose us, but we choose some of our own adventures. Live long and prosper are two adventures that I choose. My goal is to reach a healthy hundred years of life (and possibly more years to go depending on science and technology) and to be prosperous in many fields. Prosperity isn't just about money, it can also be about having fun or good social connections. Prosperity could even be about travel or doing interesting work.

One of the reasons, I am concentrating on my internet ideas is that I am looking for geographic freedom. I can work on my websites and hubpages from any place in the world as long as I have an internet connection. As I give up my revenue sources based on locality and increase those based on the internet, my ability to travel increases. In essence, I become more free to explore the possibilities of life.

I want to live long and prosper. I hope you do too. Here are my best hubs on living a long life:

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Here are my best hubs on money and investing:

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