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Live and learn, by experience

Updated on May 13, 2014

In life, I learn through experience.

In my own personal experiences, I learn by living life.

I like hearing stories from other people, and from their experiences in their lives,

how they know things is because they lived it.

Even with decisions that I had made in my life, which I don't regret because

I end up growing and learning more.

I also learned that I have to keep going forward and keep pushing myself.

A teacher can lead me, but it will have to be up to me to make decisions

that lead me on my path.

Sometimes I have strayed from path and fallen.

What I had to do when I have fallen, is just get back up.

Sometimes I had got lost and veered off my path.

But life is a journey.

It could be a roller coaster with ups and downs.

But after hitting those "downs", it feel good to keep

rising up.

I honestly hear people say, they wish they could

go back and fix this or that.

I don't want to go back.

Because I choose what I do in my present and

what I am actually doing at this very second.

You have to live the life you were dealt with,

that's all you can do or anyone can do.

I just don't think it would ever be a good idea

to go backwards.

Forwards is always the best possible answer.

I can't tell people how to go forward, because

sometimes I'm just going forward myself.

Maybe everyone has to find their own way and

that is the best thing to do.

If you get stuck, just try to take a "break", and

sometimes taking a step back and just breathing,

really helps.

There are hurdles in life and we just got to jump

over them.

Sometimes we trip ourselves up and we can't kick

ourselves in the butt,

Of course sometimes things in your past

might be a bad learning experience, but

then they teaches you not to do that again,

granted sometimes it make take a moment

or two to realize that any bad experience

in your past is way to show you that

you are human and shouldn't feel bad

because you had the bad experience.

So in life, when you hear people talk of

their experiences and it led them to their

success in life, sometimes the best

thing to do, is just take all of your

experiences whether it be bad or good

and just chalk it all up together, move on

to a better life.

Live and Learn.


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