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Live today with a grateful heart

Updated on November 30, 2018
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The person has been working as a freelance writer since 2011 and graduated from Indira Gandhi National Open University in Delhi, India.

Live today with a grateful heart

Live today with a grateful heart
Yesterday is the closed chapter.
Tomorrow is yet to come.
Today is the day to live.

When I wake up in the morning
I want to thank God for giving a new day.
When I get out of my bed
I'll come out with the determination

To be honest
To be happy
To be truthful
To be Gentle
To be Loving
To be good
To be helping
To be caring
To be forgiving

Try to use the day all the most I can
At the end of the day
I want to say
I lived today
The way I wanted to live.

And thank God for giving the day.

How to make a Good Day?

We are the makers of our day. We can make it a good or a bad day. Below are the some of the ways on how to start your day right.

Listen to a positive affirmation tape or read a few pages of a motivating book or self-help book. Or you can read some positive affirmations. This is to be done immediately after you woke up from your sleep. Phrases saying "This is a good day", "This is a great and successful day for me", "I am positive and helping others" like that. It is also a good idea to tell yourself that "I can make more money today" and remember to smile while reading the notes or reciting the sentences.

You can create your own statements of affirmation according to your need of the day. Your affirmation should focus on what you expect from that day.

Another thing to have a good day is to do some exercises. It will help proper blood circulation which will condition your mind and brain for the day's work. Having a regular exercise will keep you in shape. Exercise will help us to stay energized all day long.

Keep yourself from getting angry towards people who meet you in the morning. (not only in the morning but also throughout the day) Getting angry means, losing your energy. If someone behaves provocatively, keep away from them or avoid them and forgive them and keep a good feeling towards all. This is the essence of having a good day. (Get rid of all that bad feeling towards your enemies, friends and relatives etc.)

Motivate yourself with positive thoughts. Imagine good situation are coming towards you as the day progress. Do not worry about the bad thing that may come into your day. Have you ever seen a tube inside the tire of a bicycle? If the tube is full of air, you can ride the cycle smoothly. But if you put a hole in the tube, it will remove the air and it will be difficult for you to ride the cycle. Worries are just like the holes in the tube. They will remove the confidence from you as the air goes through the holes. So keep away your worries. Think about positive and good things.

Do not forget to thank God for all the blessings. This is the most important thing to do to start your day right. Thank God for all the blessings that you have got. Thank him that you are living in a wonderful world, thank God for the healthy and decent food you eat and that elegant beautiful clothe you wear, having that nice home to live. As well as being thankful for giving you your family and friends that are always there for you.

While eating your breakfast, review your list of thing to do for the day and prioritize your work like most important, important, and less important. Keep a watch of the list every half an hour so that you won't divert from your priorities and waste your time. Stick to your list.

Visualize your coming success. Think and picture out yourself as a very successful person, spending the vacation in a beautiful place and buying all the stuff that you want.

Start your day by learning something new. Read a book or surf the net to improve your skill and acquire some knowledge. Apply what you have learned from that book in your business strategy.

Have a wonderful day.


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