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Live your life your way, the way it was meant to be lived.

Updated on October 13, 2014

Your life should be lived the way it was meant to be. Your way.

Acceptance of yourself, need not to approved by others.

Recently I saw a friend's post on facebook who is transgender.

This person gets harassed, a lot.

Now tell me, do people really have that much time on their hands or are they truly bored with their own lives that they have nothing better to do because my friend is totally happy with their own life?

People need to spend more time on their own and not worry about other people.

My friend enjoys what she has become and is young and wants to go out in to the world and be happy.

But it is with cruel intentions in the world that people will never accept her for the beautiful person she truly is.

I for one, am not bothered if someone is gay or whatever anyone else's lifestyle it.

People sit and condemn people for things, must really must be so uncomfortable with themselves that they must some deep rooted issue and think the world is some little bubble.

Well bubbles burst and the world is full of very colorful people in the world so get over yourselves.

Worry about your own backyard or better yet you have that much time in your hands, why not start a charity or something to help people who actually need help.

People have free will to choose to do what they want to do with their lives and if they aren't harming anyone, just leave them alone.

Actually I don't care what people do, because myself I'm building up my own business and making contacts and networking I actually seriously don't have time to bother to ever think what someone's lifestyle is about.

It doesn't bother and yes, yes I know, I'm going to go to hell right along with people who are not straight and who are gay, yes yes, I know because I'm not falling into the hate category.

How many people go to church but are secretly into porn?

I mean no one is perfect in this world and you got to love people who say don't judge them, but more than likely they sit and point fingers at other people and have no business to but into other people's business in the first place.

Yes I know, you just got to take bible and say something that is written in the bible and condemn people.

But it has got be written there somewhere if you are vain enough to sit around and be all high and mighty and point fingers at someone if they aren't like you and point fingers and point out the things you don't agree with, aren't you kind of sinning yourself?

I don't know how people have that much time to sit and constantly talk about people, oh yes it is because they truly are unhappy with their own lives and want to make sure that no one else is happy with their lives so they want to keep thinking that if someone lives a good life and is content with their lives, that in fact they need to keep trying to bring down happy people by constantly talking about the happy people.

Guess what? That doesn't work at all.

Frankly when people are happy, they are still going to get up out of bed every morning and continue to live their life the way the want to.

Haters will always be unhappy with other people's happiness and will never be content.

It kind of is like some sort of disease that has no known cure and too bad there wasn't a cure or happy pill for the haters.

For me, I keep focusing on my life and doing things I love and no matter what anyone says, I keep doing things I love.

I learned for myself, the best thing is not to give two "beeps" at all with what anyone says about myself because I am too busy living my life the way I should be living my life and that is my way.

I learned when giving chances to do the things I want to do in my life, I'm going to do them and no one is ever going to stop me from doing them.

Of course on social media like facebook, people can post all meme's they want because social media can make someone look so happy when in fact they probably aren't.

No one's life is perfect is most people are not happy 100 percent of the time.

But I guarantee that most people that are truly happy with themselves spend less time worrying about other people's lives.

Those that constantly worry about other people's lives and lifestyles, truly are not happy with themselves, so that feeling of unhappiness will show because they can't stop thinking about people and how happy other people can be.

People that have the freedom to live their lives the way they want to be and are happy for no reason can just make others miserable, and I know that is a very sad way to live their lives but once again that isn't going to stop people are happy with the way their live their lives.

All you can really do is wish people well and enjoy your life and your lifestyle.

I for one am happy for a friend of mine and hope she has a very successful life because i know she has a very long way to go and I hope we are friends for a very long time.

I don't care that people know that I am friends with people who are transgender because in this world we need to show more love than hate.

Actually I think when someone is transgender it might make people uncomfortable knowing that I don't care what people do in their lives and you know what? I do not care, just do not care at all.

For me, as I said before, and yes repeating myself, I have too much going on with my own life than to worry about other peoples lives.

That is how I have a happy healthy life, with less worrying about other people's lives.


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