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Living Life At Its Best

Updated on April 25, 2022
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Has a degree in Education and a diploma in Freelance Journalism. An academician and a published writer.

Enjoy Each Day To The Fullest

“I have come so that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

John 10:10 (NIV)

It is God’s will that His child lives a life to the fullest. A Christian is meant to enjoy each day to the full. A truly beautiful woman has a meaningful life. Her life is maximized for God's purposes. Her talents, resources, time, and efforts are utilized at maximum potential because she was able to manage them very well. She possesses wisdom in using her resources, time and talents. She exercises prudence in managing the daily affairs of her life so that nothing is wasted in all her resources. A careless woman has no wisdom in dealing with the daily activities of her life. Her life is a great mess.

A truly beautiful woman is a wise woman, who has lived a very useful life. She lives her life to the fullest. Being heavenly minded does not mean we will no longer live for this present world. At the same time, we are to enjoy each day to the full. We are to delight in life’s blessings stored for each day. We are to love every moment of our lives as well as the present challenges it offers. We are to give our best in everything we pursue. We are to find pleasure in every area of our lives no matter how challenging the tasks involved maybe.

During the period of the judges in The Old Testament times, a woman named Deborah arose to lead Israel. Deborah was blessed with wisdom to judge the disputes of the Israelites during those years prior to the reign of the kings.

Deborah is one Old Testament woman who had maximized her potential to serve God’s people. She indeed lived her life to the full. Deborah found delight in serving God and His people. Deborah is also a prophet who gave wise counsel to the people of Israel. She led Israel to victory in its war against Sisera, Israel's conqueror.

Today Deborah is always remembered as a strong woman leader. She is indeed a beautiful model for women leadership.

(Bible Text: Judges 4 and 5)

My friend Glei is one woman who lives a productive life. Being a major in Psychology, she was able to practice a fulfilling career as a psychologist. She was able to help scores of people to survive their depression. For her, providing healing to the downhearted is a great calling. Working as a counselor, Glei is able to maximize her time and gifts to bring healing to many struggling persons to survive and come out of a predicament. She is indeed living a beautiful life that is a lovely exhibit of God’s grace.

Abigail failed to gain her dream career in the field of systems analysis and development, but she did not allow herself to be daunted by this unpleasant dilemma. She obtained a diploma in freelance journalism and pursued her long time avocation, writing. It is through the gift of writing that she can very well express the spiritual gifts God bestowed on her. Through writing she can very well carry out the ministry of exhortation, teaching and evangelism. Her writings have blessed many disciples of the Christian Faith and have brought much encouragement to them. Her use of spiritual gifts have been maximized through her writing ministry. Her gift in writing has been utilized in full potential for God's glory. This is the best way to live, when your talents are being used fully to glorify God.

Maximize your potential and live life to the fullest.

“A life that is maximized for God’s glory, is a life that is fully lived. –


This hub is an excerpt fron the book:

"40 Waysbto Cultivate the Real Beauty In You"

By Cristina Santander


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