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Light of the Asia-Lord Buddha

Updated on August 8, 2011

Time before the birth

That was a dark era to whole Indian region. There were many wrong and evil believes that rules people. People were following various paths in order to find the sense of the life blindly. There is a great need of a true leader to guide people to show the way of truth of the life.

The birth of the lord Buddha was a true light in the sense of the word. That gifted birth changed the way of the world as well as the social system of Asia. That birth was a rain of a blessing, kindness, forgiveness , eternal happy, great wisdom and many more values to the world.

The great birth

King ‘Sudhdhodhana’ was the ruler of the region of ‘Kimbulwathpura’ a district of India. The queen of king ‘Sudhdhodhana’ was ‘Mahamaya’. One day , the queen saw a dream. That dream was not common dream. She saw a white elephant came from north side carrying a whiter lotus and entered in to her body.

She informed about the dream to king ‘Sudhdhadhana’ and king asked about the dream from his expert advisers. They analyzed the dream and gave their predictions. They told to the king ‘ My lord! Be happy! Your loving queen is pregnant . She is going to deliver a blessed child. If that child determines to spend a domestic life he will become the superior empire to the world. If he choose the path of searching the truth of the life, he will be enlightened’.

After months the queen ready for the delivery of the baby. She went to her mother's home for the delivery. Her hometown was 'Dewdaha Nuwara'. The parade that kept the queen to her home town reached a garden called 'Lumbini' that situated in between 'Kimbulwathpura' and 'Dewdaha Nuwara'. In that garden the great birth happened. The queen 'Mahamaya' delivered the blessed baby.

The bless child had strange body features. There was a great adviser called 'Asitha' in king's staff. He was a pandith in prediction. He confirmed that the child would become a lord to entire world with enlightenment.

In the fifth day after the babies birth ,the king and queen organized a festival to give name to the baby. They invited 108 pandiths to the palace. They confirmed the great enlightenment of the newborn baby. The blessed baby was named 'Sidhdhartha'. The meaning of the name is 'Serve great thing'. They choose that name according to the body features. Queen 'Mahamaya' mother of 'Sidhdhartha' prince died in the seventh day of delivery. Younger sister of the queen 'Mahamaya' called 'Mahaprajapathi gothamie' became the mother of the baby.


From the childhood prince 'Sidhdhartha' made clues of a hero. There was a festival called 'Wapmagula'. It was a cultural festival. The baby 'Sidhdhartha' was placed under a big tree and there were servants to look after him. But those servants also wanted to watch the festival and they went for it. The little prince was alone and he started to meditate. People saw this and they inform this to the king. The king came and he was surprised. He could not believe the behavior of such a small baby. He worshiped the prince. That was the first warship of the father to 'Sidhdhartha'.


The king 'Sudhdhodana' decided to appoint a teacher(pandith) called 'Sarwamithra' to each prince 'Sidhartha'. Prince was a bright student in all subjects that he was thought. gradually the prince become 15 years old and he married a pretty princess called 'Yashodara' who was the daughter of the king 'suprabudhdha' in "dewdahanuwara'. Before the marriage the prince had to face a challenge. he had to prove his talents in front of the relations of the princess. Prince 'Sidhrtha' presented his talents and he made all the gathering surprised. The marriage of the prince and the princess 'Yashodara' was done successfully with blessings of all relations. The king 'Sudhdhodana' built three palaces to live in summer,spring and winter called 'Ramya', 'Suramya', 'Subha'. The prince was provided all luxuries and all comforts. He spent his domestic life with full of satisfaction.


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    • mathira profile image

      mathira 5 years ago from chennai

      Good hub about Buddha and very informative also.

    • PDPoole profile image

      PD Poole 6 years ago from Alexandria, Louisiana

      It was centuries between the birth of the buddha...and the introduction of the buddhasasana to Sri Lanka.Research shows that either the younger son or younger brother (not certain)of Venerable King Asoka established the sangha officially in Sri Lanka at the very start of the reign of King Devanampiya Tissa ( ca 250-210 BCE) we see closer to 300 years between the birth of the Buddha in what is now Nepal...and the eventual introduction of the buddhasasana.

    • profile image

      wimalachandra 6 years ago

      Sorry dear U are wrong.Load Buddha's real birth place is at KANDY SRILANKA.

    • Adikari profile image

      Adikari 6 years ago from Sri Lanka

      Thanks Vinaya Ghimire for your valuable comment.I will check and correct it

    • Vinaya Ghimire profile image

      Vinaya Ghimire 6 years ago from Nepal

      I don't know your source when you write: King ‘Sudhdhodhana’ was the ruler of the region of ‘Kimbulwathpura’ a district of India.

      Lumbini, now in Nepal, was the kingdom of Shakyas ruled by Sudhdhodhana. Lumbini is the birth place of the Buddha recognized by the UN.

      However, except the birthplace of the Buddha, everything you have written is true

      I appreciate your attempt to write about the Buddha who inspires me in many ways.