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A Message in the Clouds

Updated on January 31, 2017

Unusual Cloud Formations

I went to bed last night and had difficulty falling to sleep. After a while, my dog Genie started her low sounding growl that I call whispering, so I got up to let her outside. After opening the backdoor, I noticed how bright it was outside and I looked around and spotted the Moon hiding behind the trees. The moon was full and the yard was light with a slight dimness. The shadowing on the trees lined up outside the parameter of my fence along with the trees inside the fence gave off a dreamy glow.

I looked up into the sky, as I so often do, and I was startled at what I saw! The white fluffy clouds had formed a gigantic at least 10 mile wide left side fluffy white Angel shaped wing. The formation was perfect in detail so much it had fluffy white feathers streaming along the wing. It was so large and beautiful I could not take my eyes off of it. I must say, that I was amazed. I never even thought to take a picture. Won't make that mistake again. I never saw it move and I must have been standing there looking at it for at least five minutes or more. It didn’t look like a bird’s wing it looked more like an angel's wing. The picture I posted above hs he basic shape but the wing was white and fluffy like real wings but you knew it was clouds. It was so large in fact, that we could be ants under its feet if it had been attached to an angel.

The next day, my husband and I went shopping and we were on our way home and I looked at the sky as I always do when crossing the bridge, I will tell you why later. The bridge is very long across so it gave me plenty of time to look at the sky in front of us. Again, I couldn’t believe it, two days in a row, there it was another cloud formation. It looked like a head and body with wing humps protruding above its shoulders and it was wearing some kind of a wrap and had something like a helmet or hat I couldn’t quite define its shape on top of its head. It lasted only a few second before its left wing started moving into the face and neck and distorted the cloud formation. I tried to show it to my husband but he couldn’t find it and by the time he found where I was looking it was distorted. This time I thought to myself, “this is getting interesting, is this a sign or something, I need to give this more thought.”

I told you earlier that I would tell you why I look up to the sky a lot. A few years ago I was going across the same bridge but in the reverse direction. The bridge starts out lower to the water and rises progressively higher (it is a tall intersection bridge) you cannot help but see the sky while driving across it.. That day, as I was driving, I notice a cloud formation in the sky above the highest point of the bridge ahead of me. I saw a gigantic fist, the perfect shape of a man’s fist. I could also see the arm attached to the fist below the elbow. The fingers were in perfect shape and the fist showed the top of the hand with fingers curled underneath in a tight grip. It was massive in size probably several miles long and very angry looking because of the shadowing on the fist. Again I had a spiritual feeling from this event. I thought to myself, “is God angry?” Why I felt it was the fist of God, I do not know. This is what entered my mind when I saw the fist closed tightly. The formation faded away quickly and because I was driving I couldn’t take a picture. Darn, I wish I could had taken a picture of that cloud formation.

I look forward to seeing more of these formations. I don’t know whether I will or not but I certainly hope so. They are breath taking in size and very detailed and I would love to capture a picture.

I think this is possibly a message to me, maybe I was meant to write about it, I am just not sure but what does it hurt. I am a realist and I am not easily swayed to mystical beliefs. I think things through for myself and make my own decisions based on my objective nature that sometimes aggravates people that I look at all sides of the story. I have seen other cloud formations in the past that look like something I recognized but nothing like the ones I just described. I believe in Angels but I don't have more than a normal interest in them, nothing unusual.

Thoughts that come to mind.

I think of the turmoil our world is going through today and it is scary but my faith is getting me through. What does Christianity provide us that atheist and non-Christians don’t have? A foundation of love, strength, forgiveness, kindness and the Ten Commandments that are the best rules for living life and raising mentally balanced children. I am not saying that there are aren't great people in this world that aren't Christian because there are and I will miss them in Heaven. Christians are not perfect and we often fail at following God's rules. But when truly sorry, we can be forgiven and we keep trying because we have FAITH. That is one of the reasons God gave us Jesus Christ so we can be forgiven. Do you think God allows a serial killer into heaven if he turns to Christ and walks in faith, of course. I may not especially like it but that is the gift God gave everyone no exceptions. If you believe in Jesus Christ and ask for forgiveness of your sins and mean it in your heart you are saved! Does'n matter who you are, the color of your skin or what you have done.

Suicides are at an all-time high amongst our young people because they have lost hope. Faith is hope, look it up in your dictionary. Believing in a higher power than yourself has been proven to produce balanced successful caring people. They can talk to God the Father anytime and he listens. This does not mean God’s is going to give you a miracle we don’t know God’s plans for our day to day lives. God does not bring sickness, disease and evil acts upon us. Only the darkness does that. If you loose a love or let the darkness use you to do something evil, God is still there waiting for you to come to him through Jesus Christ.

God’s most important gift to us is salvation through Jesus Christ, his son that gives us afterlife to be with God our Father and Jesus our Savior.

When you have someone to share yourself with that you totally TRUST it gives you strength through your FAITH, something to hold on to, release of a burden and strength to survive a hardship, pain and grief that you can only receive through belief in Jesus Christ son of God.

You know what the love of a child feels like. Do you think God felt any less? A child that pleased him more that you could ever dream of. How would you feel watching your child die on a cross? God has feelings and is sometimes disappointed or angry this is clearly shown to us in the Old Testament. We cannot go before God because of our sin. God is pure, Holy and cannot be in the presence of sin. Jesus died to cleanse the believers of all sin. I believe he went to hell during his three days of death to leave the sin he absorbed behind. He had to shed the sin to be with God the Father. God could have saved Jesus from death in a blink of the eye but he held to his plan to give his children a path to the afterlife to Heaven through the sacrifice of his son Jesus who took on all the sins of the world so we could be saved. I personally want to be with Father God and Jesus Christ one day, so I keep the faith! The world needs more goodness and the Christian Faith is just that people striving to be more like Jesus Christ.

Most atheist believe science has proven there is no God. Baloney, they have never been able to prove man came from apes. The path of evolution is just not there. There is a big void between pre-historic man an us. If you don't believe me, research it yourself. There is no path of evolution to what we look like as human beings. To this day scientist have not found the path to prove evolution. It is all theory or they choose to believe. The gap has never been closed so they just avoid it when teaching evolution. Just recently, I saw a TV show where scientists revealed the evolution of the Dinosaurs. They didn't mention man but all of a sudden you see man running with spears alongside the Dinosaurs. They didn't address man because they can't. If atheist want to believe there is no God based on theory, God help them! I prefer a history written by the people, "The Bible."

When I speak of believing in a higher power it is certainly NOT the dark power. A higher power that condones, murdering innocents,,controlling people with terror and so forth. This is dark power. No one said Satan is gone from the earth! The Earth itself is a living entity, what affect is all this negative energy having on it?

Christians speak out, be heard, Vote, talk or send messages to your state and Federal Representatives and Senators. Let God be heard through our voices to make our world a more peaceful place to live. God has given us the choice to fight the darkness or let it consume us. Doing nothing as you can see thus far gives the darkness free rein to take over the world. We, the light of God, Christians, need our voices to be heard!

*I didn’t start out with this message but now I think I know why God got my attention!

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