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Looking at religions today

Updated on August 8, 2017

St Peter Basilica in Rome one most important Christian church

St Peter Basilica in Rome is where pope Francis celebrate his mass. It is the leading church of the Roman Catholic religion, Which is the largest group of all Christian religions. Even if Christian church are divided, they are linked in Jesus Christ.
St Peter Basilica in Rome is where pope Francis celebrate his mass. It is the leading church of the Roman Catholic religion, Which is the largest group of all Christian religions. Even if Christian church are divided, they are linked in Jesus Christ.

The Roman Catholic problem

Welcome to our article (110) looking at religions today

Today people seem to be less interested in religions, than they were in the past, because of what is happening is some religions. We can think of various reasons why this is happening, but, which one is the one that affects most people, we don’t know. Perhaps the reasons why religions are not as important as they were in the past, it is because today people can easily see what other people believe, thanks to the internet that has put an end to separatism, in many ways. Because we see that other people believe in religions and God in different ways, the faithful are not so sure anymore what to believe, for this reason they are not attached to religions as fast as they were before.

But that is not the only reason, because there are several reasons that could affect people beliefs; therefore, we should look at what is happening in religious circles, to see that today, there are many happenings reported on the news, which could make religious people upset. This would include, the Islamic terrorist that kill people in the name of their God Allah, (which sound crazy to most of us), then, the paedophilia in the roman Catholic Church, and many other things, which soon or later could affect the beliefs, of religious people. Now, let us view a couple of paedophilia cases that were reported in the news. We said only a couple, because there are too many, if we want to report them here, so, here-under is a shortened version, of what has been reported in the news, just to see what we are talking about. So, here I quote:

Sex orgies, prostitution, porn: Allegations shake Catholic Church in Italy

ROME (RNS) — Lurid accusations of priests involved in sex orgies, porn videos and prostitution have emerged from several parishes in Italy recently, sending shock waves all the way to the Vatican and challenging the high standards Pope Francis demands of clergy.

In the southern city of Naples, for example, a priest was recently suspended from the parish of Santa Maria degli Angeli over claims he held gay orgies and used Internet sites to recruit potential partners whom he paid for sex.

The allegations concerning the Rev. Mario D’Orlando were brought to the attention of the diocese when an anonymous letter was sent to a Naples bishop. D’Orlando denied the charges when he was summoned by the city’s archbishop, Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe, but is now facing a formal inquiry conducted by local church officials.

In the northern city of Padua, a 48-year-old priest, the Rev. Andrea Contin, is facing defrocking as well as judicial proceedings amid accusations he had up to 30 lovers, some of whom he took to a swingers’ resort in France.

Contin was removed from his parish of San Lazzaro after three women came forward with complaints against him in December. Bishop Claudio Cipolla of Padua cut short a visit to Latin America to deal with the scandal.

End of quote from news report.

We have cut this report about the Roman Catholic priests disgusting behaviour short, because it would make just every religious person sick, if you read them all.

Here we could say, that the only positive thing about this mess in the Roman Catholic church, it is pope Francis that wants to impose harsher rules and punishment to the failing clergy. I hope that he succeeds in fixing those problems, because people still need God and religions to guide them, so that they could live a meaningful life. Now let us talk about some other religious problem, that the world is witnessing today.


Mecca is the most important place for the Muslim

Mecca is the most important place that all Islamic people should visit at least once in their life time, I don;t know enough about this religion, even though I have read the book of the Koran, But it is more difficult than the Bible to understand it.
Mecca is the most important place that all Islamic people should visit at least once in their life time, I don;t know enough about this religion, even though I have read the book of the Koran, But it is more difficult than the Bible to understand it.

About other religions with problems

The Muslim religious problem

Above, we have talked about the Roman Catholic Church having a problem with the paedophilia in priesthood. Now, let us switch religions and talk about, the Muslim religious problems. Yes, the Muslim religion have also their problems, and they are just as bad as the Roman Catholic, if not worse; since they try to deny they have problems, one of the worst problems is the Islamic terrorists, that as we see from this side of the Western border, they are the most destructive people in living memory. Yes, they are the most destructive religious people today, because they believe in a God that wants them to kill other people. This believing in a God that wants you to kill other people is completely absurd, because by simple human reasoning, this God that wants you to kill other people cannot exist. The reason that this God cannot exist, it is because God has created us and every living thing, so, if God is the creator, God will not want to kill his own created life; therefore, if any spiritual entity that wants to kill people exists; then this entity cannot be God, and should not and would not be called God. This is how I believe God needs to be, God is life and the protector of life. But in the past people wanted a God for themselves, so, they described their God in a way that could and would help them.

Anyhow, I believe that, these people that are going around killing other people, they are still living in the past, like a thousand years ago, or when their religion was born about 1500 years ago; they may say and even believe themselves that their religion is a peaceful loving religion, and it is not an aggressive religion, but they don’t realize that as soon as something goes wrong, they talk about, holy war, as if wars can be holy and ordained by God. There must be something wrong with this religion, or perhaps it is the people themselves that are to blame, because they are war loving people, so, they use their religion as an excuse to make wars and kill other people.

So, today they still make wars to each other very easily, sometimes the western world gets involved, but this make things even worse, because then, these Islamic religious people can blame somebody else for what is happening. They never think that it could be their Islamic religion that leads them to be the way they are, they are war loving people. It has got to be so, because when their prophet Muhammad started to preach the Koran, they were fighting each other with endless wars, these wars were extremely violent, in those times people had to win the war or better die.

So, their prophet Muhammad, had to preach how to keep his people together and how to fight and win the wars. And this he did with great success.

So, the nature of the Koran, has got to have this war like machine mentality written within it, which even today we can easily see, when the Islamic people talk about JIHAD and kill in the name of Allah their God.

This is how we the people of the Western world, see this Islamic religion, we see these religious people that do not want to change their ways at all, when everybody else is changing with time, because they want to adapt to the present times. But the Muslims don’t want to change, they want to live in the past, using past religious values.

We Christians, hear people say that they would like to compare, Our Lord Jesus Christ to the prophet Muhammad, but to us Christians this sounds even absurd, how can a prophet that guides people to fight and win wars, to our Lord Jesus Christ that talks only forgiveness.

So, there cannot be any comparison at all.

I could say a lot of other things here, but I am not going to, because I would like my readers to meditate about what has been said, which is the differences between Our Lord Jesus Christ and the prophet Muhammad. Since I am a Christian you know which one I would choose.

See you soon, in another religious article, when I find something else to say.

May God bless us all?


© 2017 Francesco Menchise


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