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Lord Ayyappan's Story

Updated on November 11, 2018

Lord Ayyappa

Lord Ayyappan was a warrior prince or Balakan born to Lord Vishnu and Siva. When Vishnu was Mohini, an enchantress Siva fell in love with her beauty. They united to beget the divine child, Ayyappa in Kaliyuga to protect the Good and Dharma on the earth. The term Ayyapan gives reverence as it means Lord's Father. Hence, He is highly considered as father's father.
History of Ayyappan: In the twelfth century AD, Rajasekaran belonged to the part of present Kerala, was a petty king had no child. He was a Siva's devotee. One day, saw a saint who told about an abandoned child(divine Sastha wearing Bell in his neck) in the forest was an heir to the pandalam dynasty. Rajasekaran was happy to find the child near Pampa river with the same identity name the child as Manikandan(wearing Bell across its neck).
The first Miracle of Ayyappan:
The queen and Rajasekaran blessed with the baby boy after the arrival of Manikandan. He was Rajarajan. Manikandan and prince Rajarajan went to the Gurukulam where Sastha proved to be an extraordinary student skilled in Martial Arts, especially with the bow and Arrow. His Guru's son was deaf and dumb love the lord very much. As a Gurudakshina, Manikandan touched the head and granted him the ability to speak and hear. He began to speak. This incident made Guru inform the Pandalam King Rajasekaran as Manikandan was not an ordinary child.
Rajasekaran was a happy father and declared the date for ascending the throne. The Queen was jealous and conspired against Ayyappan as she likes to see his biological son Rajarajan as the successor of the kingdom.
She pretended to have a headache and requested the Lord to bring the Tigress milk was moved by the Mother's suffering and immediately went to the forest.
Mahisi: Mahisi was a demon who did atrocities against the sages and sadhus in the forest. She was the sister of Mahisasuran, a buffalo-headed demon killed in the battlefield by Goddess Dhurga. In order to avenge the Vishnu and Siva, she wandered in the forest knew that Ayyappan -the Son of Lord Vishnu and Siva took an avatar on the earth to protect Dharma. She was pleased that Ayyappan had arrived in the forest and fought vigorously with him. Ayyappan was unbeaten and killed her. After it, the Demon Changed into a beautiful woman. She got out of the curse and thanked Ayyappan and expressed her desire to marry him. Manikandan respected her feelings towards him informed her that he sustained to be a bachelor (Naishtika Brahmachari) throughout his life and invited to bless all the pilgrims in Sabarimala as Maligaipurathuamman.
Tigress Milk:
After this incident, Lord Ayyappan through his grace and power got the milk and rode on tigress back to the kingdom where everyone frightened and surprised including the queen of his arrival. Rajasekaran pleaded his forgiveness behalf of the queen and requested him to be the next king, while Manikandan had other plans.
Brahmachari: He told his step-father his purpose of life was fulfilled by killing Mahishi and would spend the rest of the life in penance. He stays as Brahmachari and follows the strict austerities to the rest of life.
Sabarimala Temple: With the help of Vishwakarma, Rajasekaran built the temple and Parashurama carved the Idol where Sastha is in the pose of meditation.(Two legs tied with the Angavasthram).
The story of Sabarimala: Sabarimala is in the midst of Eighteen hills beside Pampa named after Sabari a Lord Rama's devotee who waited her whole life to see Ram. Finally, in her old age, Ram came to the hills where Sabari resided in a small hut. She gave some of the fruits to the happiness of Ram and gave her Mukthi.
Makar Jyothi: Sastha comes during Makarasankranthi day(Pongal) as a unique star in the middle of the hills. Makar is the zodiac sign Capricorn and Jyothi is a star with brightness. Jyothi appears in the auspicious day while the Sun moves from the south to the north is the Pongal day or harvest festival in the south. He is decorated with the jewels and ornaments of Pandalam king Rajasekaran as it was his wish to see Manikandan as a king. So, the Thiruapaarana petti means Jewel box. Devotees carry this box in their head and dance and shout "Swamiye Saranan".
Irumudi: It is the coconut filled with Ghee to give as a token of devotion to Manikandan. We couldn't express the divinity feeling within as we witness the Ghee or Neyi Abhisekam . After decorating with garlands and flowers, Ayyappan blesses the devotees with karpura Arathi.

Sarana Gosham:

Devotees Should wear Tulasimala and fast for fourty eight days. They must wear only blue or black shirt and dhothi. They have to bath for two times and sing a loud swami year saranam.

Vavar's Mosque: After visiting Malikaipuratuamman one has to visit Vavar's place was a Brigand and later became a friend to the Lord. Here they give sacred ash as a token of friendship between them.
Conclusion: One has to visit Sabarimala in his lifetime to feel the divinity within the shrine.


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