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Lord, please help me to forgive what seems impossible.

Updated on February 10, 2013

Will this storm pass?

Other then choosing to receive the free gift of salvation I do not think there is anything more important in this lifetime then to forgive another. When we do not forgive, bitterness and anger creep into our hearts to poison us. Unless the poison is cleared out it can kill us, sometimes slowly sometimes quickly but it is a painful process. When we harbor anger, bitterness, revenge or resentment we can not smell the roses. We miss out on the blessings God has for those that love Him. We literally block our hearts from the sunlight of the Spirit.

Because Gods word is true I know He is going to use this horrific, evil and wicked crime for His good purpose and for His Glory, for all eternity.(Romans 8:28) In Gods amazing grace and unending mercy He has helped me to forgive what seemed impossible. He has helped me to see what I could not. John 5:30 God understands like no other. He cares deeply about His children. It is in fiery trials our faith is strengthened. God is the God of impossibilities.The devil has tried to stop me in my tracks and I have tried to justify not forgiving. There is no ground between light and dark. It is a black or white decision. Just how can one forgive what seems to be impossible?

This writing is based on a true story. The names and precise details have been changed and or omitted to respect the rights, privacy and dignity of individuals. It is in the Spirit of God I write. I do not know how or who the Spirit of God may touch in this testimony of Gods power and amazing love. It is my sincere prayer that those who need touching are touched by the Holy Spirit of God. God knows what He does.

It was 6:00 A.M. My cell phone was beeping that I had a new text. I thought it a little odd it had come in at 3:30 A.M. I must have slept through the alert. "Kyle has brutally assaulted Krista and Trent with a tire iron. Both are in surgery, now. Kyle is on run and the police are searching for him. I am on my way to Mercy Hospital. Be in touch with you, Nicole Ann.

My heart sank to the pit of my stomach. Surgery? What kind of surgery? A tire iron rod? I quickly text-ed my niece Nicole. I did not hear back from her. This was the day I was to leave town over two hours away for my grandsons first birthday party. I felt I could not move. I was numb. I managed to stand up and talk to my husband and then to my daughters. The hospital could not give me any information. After a quick trip to a birthday party. I was driving to the hospital.

I recalled the day Krista was born again into the family of God. She had moved to California for work with her husband and son. I flew out to visit along with my twin sister. Several days later the three of us holding hands went on bended knee and Krista confessed Jesus as her Lord and Savior, repented of sin and asked Him into her heart. (Romans 10:9-10). Her son and husband were around that day but declined the invite. They could not understand why a loving God allowed for pain. They did not get it that it was sin that brought on pain. Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. I could only pray one day and soon they too would accept Jesus as Lord. They lived in California only a short time.

The abuse had gone on for years. What started as verbal abuse had turned into physical. abuse The attempts to get Krista to move to a shelter for abused woman, availed little. Krista was not going to leave Trent. Krista never filed domestic charges on her son, Kyle. Her husband convinced her it would get better. After all Kyle was their son. Krista had told me she was frightened for her life a couple of months ago. Trent always convinced her she was being paranoid. Alcohol and drugs were the norm for the family. Abuse like any addiction does not get better or stop on its own. The chains need to be cut and Jesus is the chain cutter.

If you are in an abusive situation I plead with you to find help. There are many sources available. No one needs or deserves abuse. No matter the lies you may believe you must seek help. You do not need to go this alone. God is our help and He can direct your path. He will and can. (Matthew 6:31)

Lynelle my oldest sister had recently sent Krista home after a month visit to her home out of state. Her precious love and concern for Krista availed nothing. Krista was going back to Trent. He needed her. Many times family and friends tried to intervene but there was not a thing any of us could do to help Krista. We were powerless. She made her choice for Trent and the son was in the package deal. No matter the level of abuse Trent believed Kyle would get better. Krista hoped it would.

I deplored and hated Kyle for what he had done to his mother, my sister. I deplored and hated Trent for not standing by his wife, my sister. I knew this was not God wills for me to hate. I felt I could not forgive this brutal assault Kyle did to his mom nor forgive Trent because he could have prevented this by standing up and being a man and husband for his wife.

I needed a change in heart. My flesh said no but my spirit says, I need to. There is no other way. God sent His son to pay my ransom for my sin debt. I worse sinner am forgiven. My words and actions brought hurt and despair to many. God gave me hope and a new life. He came to my rescue. It was nothing I deserved but His Grace on me picked me up from the pits of hell . I was digging a ditch.

I could not do this on my own. (John 5:30) To harbor anger, resentment or revenge opens the doors for the enemy to come in. Satan is the father of lies. His only purpose, repeat only purpose is to steal, kill and destroy and in that order. (John 10:10) Satan god of this world, the enemy will do all he can to pull one from God so we blame God for pain and or suffering in our lives and in the world.

After six hours of surgery Krista was in intensive care. I would never have recognized this to be my sister, if I did not know. I thought of Jesus and how He suffered and died for the sins of the world on the Cross at Calvary for you, for me, for all. (John 3:16) Jesus was so brutalized I am sure no one would have recognized Him.3)

I prayed that Krista's life would have meaning, if she lived.The doctors did not give us much hope. If Krista lived they did not know what her quality of life would be. It did not look good. The injuries were traumatic. We needed to wait and see. I prayed for Gods will to be done.The next few days would be touch and go. If Krista lived it would be a miracle. God knows all things. Never underestimate what God can do in your life or that of others.He is the great IAM (Exodus 3:13)

Jesus the Healer.

Praise to God. He saved Krista's life. Jesus does come after His sheep. (Luke 15:4) Krista's time on earth is not finished, yet. God has more for her. Although we knew something horrible would be likely no one thought a horrific event like this would ever take place. Yet it could turn to be the best event ever. Forgiveness is a process, not always easy but faithful God favors our willingness.

God allows us to go though certain things for His purpose and Glory. He has plans for His children. Good plans to prosper and not harm us are what He wants for His children. God broke the chain on this family. I can only pray they are moved to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior, repent of sin and be transformed to eternal life with Christ. We all die one day. It is too late if you do not know Jesus. Dont go therel NO one wants eternal death. There is no light, none. Jail will look like heavens gate compared to eternal death. If you do not beleive in God trust me you will not get a chance to change your mind when you die. There is hope until there is none..Every good and perfect gift comes from above.( James 1: 17) It is the enemy of God, the devil himself who lies to decieve us and steal our soul and ultimately our life, to eternal death. separated from God, forever in hell. It is in this lifetime we decide who we are going to follow. .

I entered the room only to turn around and run to the bathroom to be sick. I had rage toward Trent and Kyle. I only wished Trent who was on another floor in the hospital would die from a painful infection or better yet, killed. Where was he when this attack happened? Why was he only suffering two broken arms? Kyle was still on the run. Security was tight to Krista's room. I felt like I was on a TV shoot and this was a production being made, only it was not.

Krista had over 400 staples in her head. Tubes came from the her skull to remove the pressure on the brain from the bleeding. The jaw broken was reset, the nose broken was reset, her cheek bone had multiple fractures. The blow to the for head was the worst of its kind. The skull was fractured and pushed into the brain. Fragments of bone were removed in surgery. She was in a drug induced coma. The doctors were amazed that she was not out when she arrived at the ER. Krista was truly a miracle from God. The Doctors knew it too. Her arm was broken and the wrist shattered. In time they would do surgery on her broken thumb. A tube breathed for her and a tube was going to feed her.

Grieving is similar to a yo yo. It goes up and down and up and down and everywhere in between, sometimes out to the right and sometimes out to the left. There are days I wondered if the pain would subside but I know Gods Holy Word is true. When we are weak in ourselves, then we are strong in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ; (2 Corinthians 12:9) In every storm there is a calm that comes. The rainbow will come out and our God has His awesome signature upon it. Abba Father, Glory to God.

By the Holy Spirit of God I was led me to a Christian Pastor on TV talking about forgiveness. This was no mistake. Praise to God, Amen. What I needed to forgive was the debt I believe they owed Krista and others. Jesus went to the cross for the sins of the world. He has already paid our debt for past, (John 3:16) present and future sin when we are His children. Not one earns salvation, it is a free gift and includes forgiveness for our sins. Jesus paid for our sin. I too was once lost then found.

I am not condoning this horrific crime done to my sister. I may never forget. God broke the chain for a reason. He is no respecter of people. When we break the law then we have to pay the consequences in this world. We are accountable for our actions. I can pray to God these men come to Jesus. I can pray the blinders are removed and hope they draw to the Savior of the world. Jesus is the way truth and life and no one goes to the Father except through Jesus Christ. (John 14:6)

Kyle was found two days after the brutal assault. He will be gone for a very long time on an attempted murder charge. The judge put a million dollar bond on his head so Kyle will not be rescued any time soon. Jesus Christ is our only hope. He came so we could have life and have it more abundant. (John 10:10)

GOD IS GOD. He is in control. He has saved a family. He broke the chains and the family is separated. I do not know the rest of the story. I do know without Christ there is no hope. You can go chasing rainbows all day long but without Jesus when you get to the end nothing will be there. If in this story it is not apparent to you how Satan can bring down the house to steal, kill and destroy may God help you to see. The devil is real and roams the earth like a lion to devour. (1 Peter 5:8) Children of God have been given authority to cast out the enemy. Glory to God.

The staff of Doctors,nurses, social workers, specialists, family and friends are amazed. Krista is truly a testimony of Gods great love and healing power. Nothing is going out of Krista's body. Surgery was performed two weeks ago on the thumb and the cast is off, already. Krista can walk, eat, bathe and dress with assistance. The wires in the brain rewire themselves to help compensate for what has been lost. Each day Krista speaks clearer. She is trying to run down the hall and escape. She has had remarkable progress .Because God is remarkable He can take the worse of situations and turn them around. TBI (traumatic brain injury) can easily bring on agitation, frustration , depression, confusion, and anger. In Gods perfect timing He will work all things out. Every good and perfect gift comes from above. (James1:17)

Krista, is now on Medicaid which does not pay for a rehab only a nursing home. God is so very amazing. Two weeks ago with the help of a blessed social worker God worked His miracles. The praise report is this. A charity is going to pay for Krista to go to a TBI rehab and therapy for a year. I have heard it is one of the best in the state. Although it is two hours away God has the plan, she is to be there. God makes a way when there seems like none. (Phil 2:13-14)

I forgive Trent and Kyle. I made the choice to not harbor revenge or anger and forgive the trespasses done against my sister and others. There is no way around it, if we want to be free we need to forgive. No matter the crime Jesus forgives those that call on HIm as Lord and Savior. God has plucked Trent and Kyle from the pit of death just as He did me. I can pray they come to Jesus. Salvation is the most precious gift we can ever receive. It is free for the asking. God is our only hope and refuge. I pray for Trent and Kyle daily. Although some days are easier then others I do truly do feel sorry for them. They did not get it. I pray as I type they get it.

Do you recall Joseph in the old testament? Genesis 2:1-12. Jacob his father adored his youngest son. His jealous brothers took Joseph and threw him into a pit to starve to death. A group of slave traders came through and bought Joseph for a slave.He was a servant for Pharaoh then wrongly accused by the wife of Potifer for molesting her. Almighty God turned all of this for the good. After 13 years in prison Joseph became Pharaohs right hand man after interpreting a dream. A gift God had given to Joseph. Joseph was as powerful as Pharaoh. He married and had two sons. The famine just as Joseph dreamed came to pass in all of Egypt. Joseph given wisdom from God had the necessities put aside and there was more then enough. When the brothers showed up at Pharaohs door begging bread they did not recognize Joseph. He knew his 11 brothers. Joseph could have done away with the brothers in a heart beat. He could have beheaded these guys for the crimes and or let them starve. Joseph did confront his brothers for all of his pain and suffering, He forgave his brothers and ended up moving them to his land and cared for them and their families. If Joseph had not done this we would not have the twelve tribes of Israel today.

There is more to Krista's story, to your story and to mine. God is faithful and true. He is the Great Physician, the Prince of Peace, Loving Grace, Enduring Mercy, the Light, the Way, the Word, Savior, King of Kings, Mighty One, Joy, Gentleness, Prosperity, Creator, El Shaddai, Yeshua, Almighty God, only to name a few.

Why would any one choose to not follow God and choose to follow the enemy of this world? Because Satan hates that God loves us and wants to save us from eternal death to eternal life with Him. Abba Father. Many are ignorant and do not know the enemy roams the earth to devour. They beleive there are many ways to Heaven. Many more do know there is a God and choose to say no to God. Each one of us was born with an innate sense to need God. There is a hole we need to fill. Drugs do not fill it. Money and alcohol do not fill it. Jesus Christ is the hole filler. Those that refuse Jesus refuse God and will be judged.

Gods Word is for our benefit. He so loves us He gave us an instruction manual on how to live. He will never leave nor forsake his children ( Hebrews 3:13) Jesus died on the cross so we could be free from depression, sickness, poverty, darkness, the enemy, oppression, drunkenness, anxiety,worry and all things wicked, evil and dark. It is not to late for salvation if you do not know Jesus and are reading this now. One does not know what tomorrow may bring. The devil will lie and tell you there is a tomorrow, Is there? Today is the day for salvation. Maybe this is your day to forgive. Do not live in bondage and follow the enemy.

The joy of the Lord.

The joy of the Lord is real. It is our strength.(Neh 8:10) Some may wonder how can we go through horrific storms and count it joy. I too have wondered. When I understood forgiveness was not saying we did not hurt nor did we have to step back from fact and truth I saw with another set of eyes. The joy of the Lord does not mean we have to clap our hands and dance in times of weeping and trials for us or others. Until we are with the Lord we will face difficult times. The Bible does not say if we face difficult times but when.

The joy of the Lord means we rejoice deep inside, like way inside the heart. We are confident and assured that God is in control and we can trust Him. We know He is working ALL things for the good. No matter what we face we know that in times of hardship we have the Lord who knows our pain and our hurts and is there for us each step of the way. He is not going anywhere. Joy is knowing He can move mountains and we do not have too. No one can steal the peace Jesus covers us with in times of hurt and pain. No one can take it unless we give it away. A peace that we do not even understand nor do we need to. God is Gracious God.

We do not need to be perfect only He is perfect. He knows our design and model. After all He created us. It is knowing He will cover all our needs no matter how far we think we have gone down. He is here now.The Prince of Peace covers us in His big arms. We have a peace that transcends all understanding. That is the Joy of the Lord. It is knowing we have an eternal home with Almighty God, the Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. It is knowing we are Heaven bound. That is the joy of the Lord.

The Joy of the Lord is for all His Children. It has been given to us already, paid for in full. We just need to recieve His gift.. All praise to God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He is the great IAM.

May the peace of God be with you and yours today and always.

My Love, Skye


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    • Knightheart profile image


      4 years ago from MIssouri, USA

      Hello, Sis!

      I knew when I wrote my last note here, you would be the one to get through to me. It has been such a long, hard road that never seems to get better. I know in my heart all the things you have told me are true...God is in control, I have Him on my side, the Enemy is attacking me and getting away with it since he knows my weaknesses, the answers are in His Word and not to quit. I know these things and have for a LONG time, but it seems they are not in my heart where they really need to be. Sin, is in my life as it always has been, we are never free from it totally, but I have not tried to fight it as I should. Guilt is another tactic our Enemy uses so effectively against us...getting through the tiniest crack in our defenses. So, with the guilt comes the feelings of worthlessness, depression, and hopelessness...more tools used by Satan. I have not been in God's Word as I should have...used to read my devotions daily but just stopped. Well, I went to Dr. Charles Stanley's website and ordered his Daily Devotionals email that is sent to me everyday and his monthly printed book with each day's verse, etc. So, this week, I have begun to get back in God's Word. I know it was LONG overdue. I also started volunteering at the local library down the street to keep busy. It was and is still a MAJOR effort to even get out of bed still. I need a job badly, like your husband and it just seems I have asked for this so long. The need is great...I am almost broke, but I know God will provide, but still have doubt. I am so confused...knowing the truth, but then having the doubt.

      I feel so lost and hard to even put into words. Still alone and have no lady in my life, now no job, no fun, and just existing and it just is overwhelming with all the negativity. I am so tired!

      But, I am thankful you are still here and understand. How I wish I could meet you in person and lean on your strength while I try to get myself right with God again. I long for the day when we are with Him in Heaven and can put this suffering behind us forever. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb can't come soon enough for me! Even knowing I am saved, I still fear to leave this earth wondering if I am 100% going to be in Heaven when I die. I know Salvation can never be taken away once it is received, but I still feel like I may not make it!

      Thank you so much for your continued prayers! I can't even tell you how much that means to me and how much I NEED that. I have turned my back on God, foolishly, and hope I can overcome this horrible feeling I have each and every day. I keep thinking of the Apostle Paul and all he endured and he never lost his faith or I long for that too! I will never face what Paul faced, not even close, and I just want that unshakeable strength God gave him. Sin, the one thing that ruins everything else...and I have to deal with that too. So much is wrong with my life now and not even sure where to start. But I guess I did start by getting back into God's Word at least some.

      Thanks again, my friend, and I thank God for you!

      KH (Dave)

    • skye2day profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Knightheart. Dearest bro. You have my prayers sweetie. I am on it. I will pray today and always for you. In the name of Jesus Christ you got it. Bro our Lord so loves you. He does not want us in doom and gloom. The past is just that, it is past. Oh I can relate I have made a mess of things in my days. I made poor choices and I got very hurt allot of times in doing so. God allowed me to go though the pain but never left me. He was always there. I was mad did not see my part.

      Do you recall the verse if we have something against our brother then go make amends before we bring our tithe and offering? You mentioned you called your associates and said you have nothing against them. That is all good but you continue to hold on to bitterness. The enemy is the author or depression, fear, loneliness, anger, rage. Every pure and good thought comes form Jesus. The devil wants you bound. My dear brother as a sister I tell you stand tall and pray out loud, scripture verses. It is time for war. If you are tired of living like this you can change it with God. You are the head, not the tail. He is for you, not against you. We are in the world, not of the world. We will face tribulation and persecution. GOD works all things for the good for those that love Him. Time is nothing with God but He understands our suffering. He is waiting knightheart. I know it in my Spirit. He is waiting for you to release all those that hurt you. He is not holding a thing over your head. God does not plead us guilty, but righteous. He paid the price for our sin. No matter who does what we must forgive. It is difficult but when willing to really let go and let God light shines on us.

      David and I have had struggles for years and years and had so many battles. In fact my circumstances look really awful right now. David unemployed again. The last two months GOD provided rent from tow different sources. Total miracle. Next month is around the corner. I am not all anxious. I just know HE is faithful and true. He is not throwing us overboard. Nor is HE throwing you overboard. . Keep going. Focus on what He has done for you. Not what He should be doing for us. His promises are true trust Him. Many times we are the worst enemy we have. You know the Bible has the answers. God is faithful and true. He has something for you planned. I myself believe you are a writer that has much to share. God is pruning you up for something and it is good. He is going to care for you. Knightheart He comes around the corner when we are hungry and it seems in the nick of time. He has done that for you. Do not give up just give in and get back on that ROCK. We can not but He can. I truly love you as a brother in the Lord. Funny how God puts dear friends in our path and we feel so connected. That is how it is in His kingdom. He is so amazing.

      Nothing takes us from self more than helping another. Think about it bro. There is no mistake I stopped on your page. The Lord wanted me to share and love you like a sister. You write so get on it. Write for Christ. Pass out the donuts at church something Knightheart. It is not what we want. It is what GOD has done for us. I am here for you brother. You can write me anytime. Please know God so loves you. He wants to shower His favor on you. Sometimes He can not because He is Father and He is waiting for us to come to Him. When we come to Him like the prodigal son look out the banquet is on. Get the hall ready. Hugs to you brother. Skye

    • Knightheart profile image


      4 years ago from MIssouri, USA

      Hey Sis!

      Wow, what a hub! I really don't know what to say, though I sure am in the same boat right now. My entire career was ruined almost 15 years ago and I am still bitter and angry about it when I did nothing wrong. These last years have been full of sadness, depression, hopelessness, desperation, and you name it. It seems like you never get done paying and suffering and what is the hardest, is that I did nothing wrong, but was framed and set up, etc.

      As you know, I am a Child of God and though I know the truth of the Word of God and the message of forgiveness, I am still human and a sinner, Saved yes, but still a sinner until I go Home. I struggle with the anger and bitterness everyday, and after reading this hub, realize I have been still going down...still fighting depression, still angry at the wrongs done to me that ruined my life so many years ago. It is hard to put it behind you since everyday is a reminder of what I lost so long ago for nothing but lies and evil people. But I am wrong to for not forgiving those...believe me I have tried and tried, even calling those that hurt me so much and telling them I hold nothing against them now, but I guess I do, since I am still suffering immeasurably and my life is at rock bottom.

      Also, I have become angry or should say disappointed in God. I know this is terribly wrong, but it happens. I feel more low and disgusted than I did before, just so tired and worn out....I pray and it seems nothing happens...I am frankly, a mess! I just don't have the faith I thought I had, I suppose. I feel abandoned by God, have nobody here to lean on and feel so alone. Anyway, I do know I need to get back in the Will of God...and I know it is going to be hard since I have back slidden so far it seems. At times I don't care...just want this hell on earth to end, just want a little happiness and something to go right instead of feeling like nothing goes right.

      I need your prayers, desperately, and a sign God is there and knows my situation. I know He does, but I am a 'has to see it' type person in order to believe it fully. Another problem I guess.


    • DuckyDee profile image

      Dusti Pitman 

      5 years ago from Washington

      Wow this is an amazing story. I too have someone in my life who is abused and at times find it hard not to be angry and harbor resentment.

      I have learned that the person who is doing the abusing is truly in more pain than the one being abused.

      I do believe that forgiveness is something that we need God to do for us. As long as we are willing he will make it possible.

    • skye2day profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      kashmir56 God is amazing. I believe He saved this family from eternal seperation. Christ is moving on all thier hearts. In His way and time He is moving. He wants none to perish no not one. Praise God. My sister is much better living in a TBI rehab, but living walking talking eating. She is truly a miracle. God has saved her for His purpose and Gloiry. More will be revealed. Many Blessings thank you so much for coming over to visit shmir56 You and yours have a most blessed easter. Glory to God for His Son!!! Skye

    • kashmir56 profile image

      Thomas Silvia 

      5 years ago from Massachusetts

      Hi skye2day, this is such a awesome well written article. You prayed for your sister and your prayers were answered. Prayer is one of the most powerful tools God has giving us, we should use it daily .

      Awesome and vote up !

    • skye2day profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      drpastorcarlotta My precious sister. It is not always easy but for but for the grace of God He helps us to see. When we choose to love our enemies and pray for them truly it is a gift. God turns all things for the good for those that love HIM, Amen. God is working this situation for His Purpose and Glory. My friend you keep going. You will Phil 4:17. I love you and will be over soon to see what is happening in your corner. Hugs sista. Love skye

    • skye2day profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      thestagesofme Please forgive me for not posting to you sooner. I really thought I had done that. Hmmmm. I am very honored and touched you came for a visit. Your words are like the fresh living waters of Jesus speaking. Truly I am so grateful to read them. My sisters is coming along well and I have hope the family will all draw to Christ for salvation and healing. You are precious. Thank you for for your faith. God Bless you!! My Love, Skye.

    • The Stages Of ME profile image

      The Stages Of ME 

      5 years ago

      Dearest Skye ~

      Your Father in Heaven is smiling with great Joy on your forgiving heart. By His Grace this story will have a phenomenal impact on many. Praise God that the heroine in this Hub is alive and healing. Praise God she will receive the medical attention she needs. I am so very sure her life will be a testimony and saving grace to so many that she will touch. Every burden will be lifted and God will carry this tragedy to triumph in His use of such pain for His glory and greater good. I pray for the soul and tortured mind of a young man who could commit such a vile act. I pray that in the confinement ahead of him that his soul be turned and that he welcomes Christ into his heart. I pray also for the lost in relation to him, that God allows a miracle of transition in this young man and that he then brings other offenders to the Lord in the future. I pray for you dear Skye and am so thankful you shared such a forgiving heart in this Hub. Your turmoil and process of forgiveness leapt from this page. To feel along with you and as the words continued I was able to feel His grace as it evolved in your writing. A true gift and blessing to have read this act of forgiveness. I imagine this story will be shared so very often. I imagine the so many lives that will be changed by you writing your heart. God Bless

    • drpastorcarlotta profile image

      Pastor Dr. Carlotta Boles 

      5 years ago from BREAKOUT MINISTRIES, INC. KC

      God strengthens us through our trials! I had to forgive a guy who molested my daughter. The young man was in shock when I told him I forgive him! God gave me the strength to do this and has blessed me from that day on. I not saying it's easy to forgive but it is the most rewarding thing to do. Praise God for you my friend and much love! Voted-Up! Love you!!

    • skye2day profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      tamarajo Bless you sista. I am touched with your heartfelt loving words. Thank you for stopping in. GOD is sooooo amazing. He saved my sisters life. He gave her another chance at life. She is in the best TBI center. Truly a miracle she is alive and has been funded for the rehab. In the trials they point right back to Jesus He is the point. Amen. He is faithful and we know HIS promises are plentiful for those that love Him. He will bend hearts to Him and in His hands I entrust my all. I am so grateful and today I have peace. God gave us the command to forgive for our good. Why let anger at something take us down. I believe I am more bold in sharing Christ through this. Today is the day of salvation, amen. To be sure of our eternal destiny is a gift indeed. Praise God.

      I lost the first comment. The enemy can try but he is doomed to the pit of hell girl, already. On the ROCK we stand!! I am so grateful you are on the rock with me. Hugs galore. I will be in your neighborhood soon. Love, Skye

    • Tamarajo profile image


      5 years ago

      inspiring Skye! We seem sometimes to forget that without Jesus we all carry the potential for horrific evil if we give ourselves to it. We also forget that no one gets by with anything. All are accountable to God. When we live with the attitude of unforgiveness or wishful vengeance we leave no room for God to respond. God has a court we will all answer to one day which leaves us free to not have to make it right in our own ways. I liked your conclusion that says just that to trust His faithfulness and entrust them into God's hands.

    • skye2day profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      fslovenec Thank you so much for stopping in for a read. I am touched by your words of inspiration. May God bless you for it!! He knows His timing perfect you came at just the right time. Keep going my friend. You are right in Christ we are covered His hand is on the head of the righteous. I have forgiven and the grief has changed to heartfelt prayer for the family. I know God works all things for the good. I thank Him for His promises. Amen. I am so grateful. My Love, Skye

    • FSlovenec profile image

      Frank Slovenec 

      5 years ago from San Francisco, CA

      It is inspiring to hear your words how you wrestle with the real grief that you are experiencing is definitely hard to forgive, Jesus commands it so in this take heart where He commands and leads He will feed and the Holy Spirit will be present to guide and help you through, you are not alone..Abundant Grace is flowing for your faithfulness and trust in the Lord. Thank you for your Heart and your Hub..

    • skye2day profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      DeBorrah K Ogins My precious sista we are online at the same moment in time. I am touched to see you. Truly I am so grateful you came over. I was hoping to see you. I just knew that your words would be healing truth. Your heart is the Holy Spirit speaking to me.

      This was a life changing event for sure and something I would never have thought would come to this. This is why God gives us today and does not tell us what tomorrow may bring. We do not know. Salvation is today girl.

      In all of this deb I have peace. At first by the grace of God I was numbed out. The prayers and concern was for my sister and her daughter and grand daughter. I was at the hospital allot. It was heart wrenching. I knew God has His reasons. Wages of sin is death. The family was chained to one another. They are separated now. Maybe God had to do that to break the codependency so He could reach each heart. I do not know His Higher thoughts but He is good and speaks to me. We talk allot. I so love Jesus. This has brought me nearer to Jesus sister. God just knows our weeping and is here now.

      I love and trust and keep on in Him. When we are weak HE is strong. He has us in His big huge arms of Love.

      Jesus wants none to perish and has pulled the family from the pits. I think most of all for right now I love more only because He loved me first. Abba Father cares deeply. He sends along a hug at just the right time. Like now.

      My heart goes out to the lost sister more then ever. I am led to be bold in the truth more then ever. The signs point to the return of Jesus soon and prophecy is unfolding in front of us. God has His HANDS on the head of the righteous, Amen. We have nothing to fear.

      I have a peace that transcends all understanding God is faithful and true!! His promises are for us!! The enemy may have tried to bring this family down but he is DEFEATED. Jesus goes after His people. Amen.

      My sister needs prayer thank you. I see her heart softening to Jesus. She comes and goes with anger. It is difficult but not so with Jesus. Please pray for her husband and son for their salvation. Thank you. I love you in Christ Jesus.

      I pray all is well with you and yours. Our Sept babies just shared a lost birthday. Alleluia. You had another grand child right? Girl talk about a life line Christ has so Blessed your family. Have u made world book of Guinness yet on the most beautiful and youngest youthful grandma with the most grandchildren?

      Mt comment could have been a hub. ((((( Hugs Galore your way DeBorrah my sister.


    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

      DeBorrah K Ogans 

      5 years ago

      Dear Skye, Mercy Lord! No doubt this has been a difficult time. It is during times like this you must continue to draw closer to our Heavenly Father for strength. As you so wonderfully stated: “Because Gods word is true I know He is going to use this horrific, senseless, evil and wicked crime for His good purpose and for His Glory, for all eternity.(Romans 8:28)” Amen! Even in the most dreadful times we can TRUST that GOD is going to work all out for GOOD!

      The story of Joseph is a marvelous story of the power of God’s love and faithfulness despite any situation! I am glad that you have found comfort and encouragement. Your transparency is overwhelming, heart wrenching, powerful & touching. God's Word is alive and true! Skye you are such a dear! Your testimony demonstrates that He can keep you even in the most tragic situations… My prayers are with your sister! The Lord’s mercy endures forever! Truly she is a miracle in progress… May the Joy of our Heavenly Father continue to keep you and yours and give you strength through this life changing tumultuous journey, In His Love, Grace, Mercy, Joy, Peace & Blessings! Hugs! & God Bless You! Jesus truly is the Healer!

    • skye2day profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Blossom58 Thank you for coming over for a read and your words of encouragement,. This was very difficult to write then publish. If one heart is prompted to take action Praise to God. He knows what HE does, Amen.

      It is through Christ I am strong. On my own I am weak!!. I will go to visit your neighborhood and read your forgiveness hub. Look forward to the read blossom. Keep going in Aussie land. Keep shining the light!! Phil 4:13

      Gods Blessings to you and yours! Hugs, Skye

    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 

      5 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      I, too, have written about forgiveness, but this hub is truly powerful. I pray that your sister will continue to recover. God bless you for having the strength to write about the incident and your forgiveness.

    • skye2day profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      teaches12345 Sista you are so dear. I just love you. Thank you so much for your precious words they lift me. I am touched, truly

      In each and every situation all of life each day and moment God is in control. God knows the enemy is out to devour. One day He will be in the pits of hell with his followers. Jesus already defeated Him. Amen!! Mighty is God for HIS large hands on are on the head of the righteous in Him. I pray many come to Jesus before it is too late. I hope any abused step out and seek the help they deserve.

      He will work this for His good purpose, amen. Romans 8:31 For me I keep wrapped up in Him and He is my strength. In Him I have all I need. He works through His people and He shines in you. Hugs, skye

    • skye2day profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      lifegate My bro. I am always blessed with your visits. The Lord works mighty in you lifegate. Yes this was difficult to write but in that I found healing. God has His arms around the situation. I can only pray that all come to repentance, amen.

      It is in the trails that Christ builds us for His purpose and good works so we can count it joy and rejoice that we are in Him and confident of His word and promises. I pray many come to Jesus before it is to late. To know we have eternity with Christ is the most wonderful glorious gift. You keep shining that light of yours bro. I hope to be around more often. I will see you soon in your neck of the woods. Love ya bro in Christ. Blessings to you and yours.

    • skye2day profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      Minnetonka Twin Bless you precious one. Thank you for stopping in. I realize this is a hard one to read and digest. Abuse is ramped and I pray to God that any abused who may read take heed and get away and receive help. The enemy of this world is out to devour and if we look out the windows it is obvious, amen.

      The good news is God can turn ALL things around that is my prayer and salvation for the lost. I am so very grateful to know Jesus He loved me first I too can love. He is the way truth and life. I am honored and touched by your words. Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts. My Love sista, Skye

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 

      5 years ago from Minnesota

      I am choked up reading of your painful experience but I am inspired by your faith in our Lord. Forgiveness sets us free and keeps us from getting sick, physically and spiritually. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Thank you for spreading God's word through the sharing of your difficult times. Blessings friend.

    • lifegate profile image

      William Kovacic 

      5 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA

      Hey Sista,

      Thank you for sharing this. I'm sure it was not easy to write about, but we needed to hear. I'm sure that so many lives were touched (as was mine) by the grace God was able to give you. All things truly do work together for good even though we often wish we could do without the bad and the ugly. Anyway, I've said enough. Thank you for following Christ in the hard times as well as the good times.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      5 years ago

      Wow, I am so sorry to hear of this tragic incident in your life. I would have felt the same way. I am still shaken by the sharing of the events. Your turning to our Lord is what we all need to do in these circumstances. You are a strong woman and I send prayers and hugs towards you today. Forgiveness is healing and allows us freedom to love ourselves, others and to move forward.

    • skye2day profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Rocky Mountains

      McKenzie my sisra, God Bless you precious one. Thank you for your prayers. I am touched with your words of love and compassion. Truly this has been life altering. I trust Jesus. How much freedom is that? I am so grateful to know Jesus. Let us continue to shine the Light for our Savior dear one. Pointing the way. I love you mek. You really are a special gem in the chest of Gods treasures. In Christ, Skye Awesome you linked to ur page. I will be over soon for a read. Hugs

    • Mekenzie profile image

      Susan Ream 

      5 years ago from Michigan

      Oh dear Sister Skye, I am so sorry for what happened to your sister. My heart broke and I cried as I read the account. I understand the struggle you had to go through after seeing your sister in this condition. I wanted to pummel that boy and his Dad and I don't even know them. The boy was obviously left without consequences so the abuse escalated out of control.

      Your love for God and truth won out and this hub is a testimony to the healing power (in our hearts) when we choose forgiveness.

      I also wrote a hub on the power of forgiveness. I'd like to add this hub to that article as it is POWERFUL!!!

      I love your heart dear Sista' and God is surely walking with you. I pray your sister will heal and that her eyes will be opened to God's will for her life.

      As for your brother-in-law and their son ... may God open the eyes of their hearts so they can 'see' Him and His forgiveness and amazing grace.

      Hugs and Love,



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