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Lost Light

Updated on January 12, 2012

Every once in a while you will encounter someone who seems so strong, so impervious to any opposing threat, that they look invincible. This is true for most cases, but once in a while you will find one of these great and mighty juggernauts is not as strong as they project themselves to be. If you get that close to them, you have probably noticed that their personality has changed a bit. You have found the break in the armor, the vent in the death star, the kryptonite they hide and hold so deep.

This kryptonite was built over time like a pearl is in clam. It started as some dumb ass kid saying "You're Gay" to him in 3rd grade and ended with him being a lying selfish ass hole that NEEDS the attention and admiration of all that is around him and will stop at nothing to get it. This isn't entirely their fault (99:1 = their fault: not their fault) It starts with an insecurity and ends with a monster.

I'm going to change the name from kryptonite to demons. It's easier to visualize and I don’t like the superman story too much. Although their demons are pain personified, they worship these scars and use them as a motivator for actions. These painful demons they blame and praise are the very demons that bind them to the pride and selfish nature. Armed with their book of "A Thousand Scars" in one hand and the sword of "everyone owes me" in the other, they can tear though the masses and never, in their eye, be responsible for their actions and decisions. When the sword of "everyone owes me" fails to penetrate someone and they are questioned about their motives, their book of a thousand scars is thrown on the table and referenced repeatedly for justifications of all actions.

Narcissistic is what some would call it, and they are right. However, we are all narcissistic to some degree. If you have any pride in your work, your family, or any pride at all that would be Narcissistic to caliber...I know you’re thinking "But I'm not, that guy is"...Look it up. I would consider myself a little more narcissistic than most, but that's what sets me apart from others...did you get that. If you didn't, you probably didn't look it up and don't look it up won’t be as funny. It wasn't funny anyway so don't worry about it.

You can't change a Narcissist because they become what believe they are. It's like downloading AOL on a will never get it off without drastic measures. I have known a lot of these kind of people in my life...again I'm up there with the best, however I'm aware of what damage I can cause and try my best to not affect the people around me.

Tonight I met someone surrounding himself with only people who will not oppose him or his will. It seems I have met a new friend and he and I are going to be closer than he will ever realize. I am an exploiter of weaknesses myself, the weaknesses of those who gain from the exploitation of the weak. That sounds confusing because I made that as wordy and intelligent as possible so you guys would think I'm smart and like me more. Better put...His name is “Jay” and he has no idea what is about to happen. The kink in his armor showed bright to me tonight, and as I keep pushing this pin under his finger nail he will soon know someone can see who he really is.

To conclude I will just leave you with this...Christians have a bad enough name as it is, and it's people like him who gives us this name. It makes me sick to think about people like him standing on a pulpit speaking words of “truth” to good people only to use the same “truth” as justification for their egocentric appetite.


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    • profile image

      SanXuary 6 years ago

      Just ask him lots of questions he can not answer and see how fast his so called Christian values drop towards you afterwards. Remember we are all messengers here to open everyone's eyes.