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Love Comes From Within

Updated on October 31, 2012


It’s the most complex of human emotions. Joy, sorrow, anger – they’re pretty straight forward. No real mistaking them.


We love shoes. We love a song. We love a car. Places things, ideas, feelings – see it, touch it, experience it – someone loves it.

And then there’s the love we have for people. We love friends. We love teams – which are types of love different from each other.

We love a certain someone (and that love is different than the other types of love)... until that person somehow becomes someone we no longer love.

And yet our children can do anything – literally – and though we may not like them or even want to associate with them, we still love them.

Love makes us giddy.

Love makes us scared.

Love makes us confused.

Love is hard for us to put a finger on.

All of us.

Love is also everywhere... because everywhere, everything is created through love.

Love is the core of creation for creation is the ultimate expression of love.

We are a part of creation. We were created by Love...which means we are never without it.

Love is not dependent on another person. It is not dependent on circumstance. It is not dependent on anything outside of us.

It is within us, a part of us. It can never be taken from us.

To believe otherwise is to believe a lie.

Love does not flow from the outside in. It’s not some force we must create, catch, chase, coax or coerce.

We are Love.

Love is us.

There is no separation.

All we need do is realize this, embrace this, rejoice in this.

It isn’t even a gift. Gifts can be revoked.

It just is.

Love is.

We are.



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