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Love Compatibility between a Leo man and an Aquarius woman

Updated on February 6, 2015
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The Leo man can be very aggressive,daring,generous and he's the type of man who would really get jealous over silly things if he really and truly loves his girl.
There's no doubt for this attractive Leo man to get attracted to an Aquarius female, in fact most people born in the Aquarius sign period are considered to be the most beautiful people ever, they're special for the great and perfect features that they have.

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In love, both can really get attracted to each other in a very special way, although both can spill their anger on each other sometimes but they do believe that every relationship have the good and the bad, you would actually find them closer and closer after a certain argument.

When they fight, people should stay away from them, they can set fire real quick with their madness,both are moody and can be very mean to each other, the Aquarius female would never let him humiliate her as she would give every single bad thing back to him, she never shuts up about something that might be annoying her, they should,however,learn how to solve their problems without having to scream and create a whole big argument full of screaming and stress, the most surprising thing would be that they might actually get close to each other directly after an argument, just let five minutes pass and see how they would start acting as if nothing happened.

Leo And Aquarius

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They can love each other deeply even if they get to have hundreds of problems together they just work on fixing everything with time and you might always find them loving each other no matter what, their romance together can be perfect and the Leo man can be the best match for an Aquarius woman!

Their matching percentage in love can reach 99%.

The Aquarius woman in general is very soft-hearted, she can forgive the ones that she loves easily and quickly because she would really appreciate it if the person she loves admit of his mistake and just take her hands to kiss them and apologize in a soft way.

She mostly loves to get surrounded by people who loves her and show her this, she's very sociable but the bad thing in her is that she might sometimes not understand someone's right and need for space and so she would start on nagging why she's being left alone and ignored, although this wouldn't be the case but she just tends to understand things in a wrong way sometimes, even if you try to explain to her what you need she would still blame you and that's the negative side of her, you need to always show her that you care, she's a very sensitive lady and she loves it when someone close to her hugs her, it just makes her feel so good and she just literally starts to act like an angel.

This lady just needs someone to love,take care of her and understand her so show and give her what she needs to see and feel.

In general

In general, they should both try to understand each others needs and the Leo man should try and learn how not to be very bossy with her because she really hates being controlled and that what would make her experience stress and get her very mad, because if let's say he invited her to dinner he won't like it if she gets late and so he would just keep on telling her to rush up and that would make her stress out so her mood would get ruined so try to be gentle with this woman.

If you've dealt with a Leo man before

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